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"Snefald" (2006 EP)

1. Standing Before Helgrind
2. Deities of Vengeance

1. Standing Before Helgrind

The fullmoon casts its eye
Of pale crystals on the ground
The darkened sky provides a backdrop
Of frozen black spilling silvery tears
Death lingers here among the dying, decaying branches
Of ancient trees framed by snow
Once this was home to heathen rituals of old
Once this was home to their gods
Untamed, northern nature ruled by beast and winternight
Birthplace of all strenght and honour

Everything comes to an end
All life withers and goes away

Within us burns the icy flame of the
Mighty winter night
A majestic call from the black lakes and dark forests
Behold the truth in their timeless beauty

Du mærker end ikke livet forlade din krop
Når du vender dig bort
Og vandrer i evighed mod
Fortabelse og knuste håb

You do not even see the meaning before your eyes
Revealed to you by her face

Mare Crisium

How can you live your lives knowing you will all die
Die alone and isolated
Your brief second of breath on this decaying earth
Existence devoid of meaning

What was lost is not forgotten
We shall rise to claim it all once more

2. Deities of Vengeance

Frost and cold are gathering
At the howling call of northwinds
You walk upon the earth at night
Drawn out by an evil spell
To satiate your lust in wounds of sorrow
Hordes of defilers arise at night
And scream out their praise like beasts

Slaughterer of the virtuous
Breaker of the ancient laws of honour
When you gaze into our hateful eyes
You will be condemned to die

Forever locked in pain

We weep for them - your victims
Daugthers and sisters of our blood

Lightning breaks across the sky
Reveals your shape unto the prey
A terrifying form of evil shadows
You revel in her helplessness
Fixate her in a violent embrace
And feast upon her utter lack of power
Perform your perverted act of animalistic horror
But know that this foul abuse of our kind we shall tolerate no more

To bring you to justice
And answer for your beastly nature
We call upon them, the deities of vengeance

Violater of the innocent
The wrath of our combined strenght will hunt you
When our paths intertwine
The night will be your final resting place


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