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"Mare" (2004 EP)

1. Anisette
2. They sent you
3. Tropics
4. Palaces
5. Sun for miles

1. Anisette

Saved by last night
When we lived
All I know is last night
We almost lost you for good

Let's hear what she has to say

It's an intricate fold
It's the cure
For us trying to speak
And it works
Look at the overcast people
Then look at their overcast sons

2. They sent you

Join hands and sing
Sing, sing, sing
When their horns are too loud
One day they'll send more
To drown me out

3. Tropics

You had it coming
And I think you know why
Your face lights up
But so do hers
Watered drinks are fine for my girl
And I never sleep beside my girl
I'll fall for her again
To sit through
Countless minutes of countless cynics
I sure hope that they've got it right

4. Palaces

I answer to fists full of armed fingers
Waiting for command
Sons of sons who answer one
Afraid to lead an open hand
They've found a flaw
They'll find a hundred more
You see you're all a mistake
But all in all you'll save face
So please don't point your finger
When this is where you're meant to be
Cause this is where you are
Get out of bed
We need you

So aren't you glad you know now?
No not since we found out
Do you know what this means now?

We are swimming on our backs
Too tired to explain ourselves
Crying arched spines
Arms reaching for home
She won't drop us

5. Sun for miles

Look down
Tens upon tens won't forget your name for awhile
Tens upon tens will cry themselves to sleep for awhile
Be quiet for a second
I hope to see you again
I hope


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