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For Rats And Plague

"For Rats And Plague" (2006)

1. Envenomation
2. Praising the Whore... On the Altar of Darkness
3. Liturgical Desecration
4. Unveiling the Ascension
5. Those Who Covet This Earth
6. For Rats and Plague
7. The Art of Possession
8. Rise of the Black Moon (Archgoat cover)
9. Sodomy in the Womb of Paradise
10. Bleeding the Leeches

1. Envenomation

I am the sin in the body of dog
Poisoning the whore of the wandering Jews
Sent from below to destroy all that is pure
Destruction of the holy all in hell bear my seal

Plunging deep the spear
Destruction of your dog
The potion of the damned
Envenomate the weak

Withered body crumpled
Rotting off the cross
Disease of breathless sheep
To follow the dying thief

Inject the hate into the mind unformed
Release the pain that has fought for years
To claim its place as the force of life
That rules the planes where the mortal dwell

Cancer rotting in the body
Slowly poisons the helpless one
Coursing through the veins constricting
Pushing death into the host
Collapsing lungs steal the last breath
Rotting eyes see no more life
Blood-drained heart ceaseds to beat
Envenomate the chosen ones

2. Praising the Whore... On the Altar of Darkness

Before me lay the whore who
Diseased the Earth with child
Borne of Beast, no father
She will pay for her sin

Virgin beast defiled by legions-filthy whore deserving death
Raped on altars stained by rituals-temptations of her tainted flesh
Mass perversions of the litany-benedictions called in tongues
Incantations spewed forth from me-my mind is given to my lords

Violations of the virgin continue on-for days on end
Destroying any thoughts of purity-left within the wanton whore
Cries of pain soon turn to joy-the Jew cannot reject our hate
Her ragged body strewn before us-rejoicing in her greatest pains

Lying in the darkness of the chamber
Where the life shall terminate
When the command is given
By the higher planes of Hell
Only then shall life be taken
In the service of my lord

Now arisen to the answers given to me by the dark
End this mortal take her blood condemn her to her final rest
Birthing lies upon the weak deriving pleasure through her son
Plunging downward with my dagger this final act has cleansed my mind

Taking this life does cleanse me
Ending of lies my hand does
Left to bleed for my gods
On the Altar of Darkness

3. Liturgical Desecration

Trampled underfoot
Crush the Host, fetid body of
Dog for the rites we shall feast
On rotting flesh of Christian....

Values and the hopes
Of the weak feeble children
Of Lies taste the sins
That will lead you to revel in the


Under skies of black
Streaked with silver fire
Joyous rites of black
Reversed in blasphemy

Dagger slicing deep through the flesh
Release the blood of the priests
Into the chalice filled with urine
Defile the blood, unholy host

Desecration of the body and blood of the
Crucified servant crying in pain from the
Wounds-feast on the tainted flesh and
Rejoice in the summoning now to commence

Come forth, O Darkest One
I call upon your service
Accept this gift, the fallen dog
His body and blood I offer

4. Unveiling the Ascension

The Dark of night, a time unholy
Under light of moon my time arisen
Thru piercing howls my life emerges
Only then shall mankind truly suffer

Born of the Jackal, son of Satan
The prophecy of death shall soon be fulfilled
The fate of the world lies in my hands
The power to rule, my hatred rises
The deaths unleashed upon the masses
My demons plague the earth with disease

Watching as the weak fall dying on the knees
Watching as the skies erupt with flame
Followers of dog united are they
Knowing that their death shall be by my hand

Antichrist walks among those who shall die
Born to rule this hell with immoral views

Upon my skin - Lies the mark
Born to claim - Then destroy
Lead the sheep - To their death
Hand of power - Life denied

From my throne of skin I rule my kingdom
Lording over man for time eternal
Feasting on the flesh of a thousand young
Drinking from the skulls of the holy fathers

Pleasuring the flesh of the virgin nuns
Bathing in the blood of the dead believers
Rejoicing in the filth on the grounds of heaven
Defiling the host my time has risen

Upon my skin - Lies the mark
Born to claim - Then destroy
Lead the sheep - To their death
Hand of power - Life denied

5. Those Who Covet This Earth

The Abyss cries out to me
The shadows call my name
I am alone no longer
Each vein I have now opened
Releasing the illness inside
The foremost gift of the razor
An offering to Those Who Wait
Devoted, I bleed...

Those Who Covet This Earth
They Who Poison All That Breathes
Ceaselessly vile, gloriously cruel
Heralding the ruin of all living things

No child left alive to inherit
An earthly kingdom decayed
No god or lord left to govern
A land defiled and raped
Content with the visions I've seen
Of an end that shall come to pass
I will not fear my own death
If it means the rest shall die too

Ceaselessly vile, gloriously cruel
Heralding the ruin of all living things
Those Who Covet This Earth
They Who Poison All That Breathes

All that is mortal and virtuous
Left to bleed among the endless wastes
The infants of this world will come to know exquisite pain
As our purification is only a start

6. For Rats and Plague

Bow before my faithful servant
Of the truth heed your calling

Prepare for battles through the lands
For torture and for death
The blood will flow from wounds
Delivered by our hands
Disease overtakes the weak
A feast for rats and plague
Man succumbs to death
A cleansing born of Hell

Now is the time
Rise from the dark

Rejoice the rape of flesh and soul
Destroying all who live
The bodies lay deformed
Delights before my eyes
Torture the weak, succumb to pain
Their flesh I rip from bone
Feasting on their lives
I taste the blood so warm

Pain and suffering my child
Thru these the strong shall rule
Power thru force the weak shall die
Forever entombed in slavery
Visions unleashed thru acts of hatred
Destruction of purity disease the minds
Collecting the souls of dog's vile mortals
Preparing the world for my return

Now the truth lies before you
Thru my eyes see the answers

Bathed in the blood of the dead
The world awash with fire
My eyes burn with desire
The pain I feel empowers
This hell I rule before me
I stand in burning pride
Forever have I longed
My presence is now known

Burn for my life
Death sets me free

7. The Art of Possession

From the pits I shall rise through the forms of the sheep
Blessed in fire, cleansed in blood, born of pain, I arrive
Attack the will, curse the gods, foul the mind, poison the soul
Through the veins my hate burns, through the weak I take form
Mocking dog with the truth, infernal control I've won

Infestation of the helpless
Holy child by plagues from hell
Rejecting morals, hatred boiling
Destroy the host in vulgar ways

Perversions of the holy sacraments
Defilement of the body hosting my form
Embodying all that mocks the catholic faith
Rejection of all morals held dear to man
Affirmation of the forces of pure evil
Entity risen from the dark pits of hell

Useless men of cloth are helpless
Their darkest fears realized through me
Upon my sights I set their demise
Forever haunted by my voice

Within this form appealing to the ways of evil
Set upon the helpless child and her savior
Mocking dog, his ways destroyed by my hatred
Dethroned priest, his place now forged before my left hand

Fallen sheep from the flock of the weak sent from heaven
Left to die by your dog, mortal Jew of no power
Now once more shall my claws drive thru the souls so pure

8. Rise of the Black Moon (Archgoat cover)

9. Sodomy in the Womb of Paradise

Defiling the host of dog
Insemination by the obscene
Unholy violation of the whore
Bestial domination of the pure

Ritualistic devourment
Holy virgin torn apart
Untouched loins smeared in blood
Sadistic rape of holy world

Desecrating for the goat
Unholy visions becoming true
Excessive torment of peace
Ultimate rejection of lies

Replusive act of hatred
Upon the weak humanity
Devour the whore
In unholy pride

Dominate, penetrate, inseminate
The devil, antichrist, false prophet
Sodomy in the womb of paradise

Lying in holy disbelief
Demonic penetration now complete
Unheard of violations on mankind
Possession of the earth is underway

Antichristian hordes reborn
Conceived through rape of holiness
Unleashed in legions born unpure
From virgin whore the world destroyed

Dominate, penetrate, inseminate
The devil, antichrist, false prophet
Sodomy in the womb of paradise

10. Bleeding the Leeches

And all things will come in circles
As the dogs return to their vomit
Reeking with the stench of their pride
They refuse their crown of failure

And no one is fooled by their words
Their claims to be so devout and true
A pious leech preaching to the flock
Accept your crown of failure, now!

Begging and moaning like whores
At the feet of your impotent gods
Betraying all that you claim
And still cunting for the love of your "lords"

The feeblest of lambs
Ranting their hallowed nonsense
To the thoughtless masses they gloat
Still refusing their crown of failure

Espousing the virtues
Of their latest shit laced with piss
Entranced by the sound of their own voice
Wash your tongue of the semen, now!

We defecate on your idols
The icons you worship in vain
Your "ideals" to us are an amusement
A reminder of your frailty
And the day when come when all such vermin
Are cast out with the refuse

You may raise your chalice of nothing
And salute the leech that you are
Be certain and assured in the knowledge
You've been counted among Christ's flock
Be wary of all your days ahead
Your time will end sooner than thought
Expelled among the feces you've fed on
And buried in a liar's grave

We mock you!


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