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Bowels Of The Holy Anoint Us In Evil

"Bowels Of The Holy Anoint Us In Evil" (2003)

1. Our Will Is His
2. In Bloodshed Rejoice
3. Feast of the Beast
4. Unholy Awakenings
5. To Serve the Master of Hell
6. When Fire Strikes the Blackened Skies
7. Urine Flowing Through the Veins of Christ
8. The Gate of Nanna (Beherit cover)
9. Rebirth of Creation
10. Demonic Rites

1. Our Will Is His

Hail Satan...Father Of All Lies
Perverser of the word of weakend men
Destroyer of all good and humankind
Bringer of the plague tat rot the earth
Darkest Father help us on this night
O Guadrdian of the fires burning bright

Hear our pleas

Darkend...forms blessings
Are screamed towards hell
Abominations ...defying god
Hate possessed...beasts of hell

Our will is yours

Pleading...for the lives..of the true
Hidden from the light
In darkest nights...with burning fires
When Satan calls...our will is his

2. In Bloodshed Rejoice

Upon the rocks, under the moon, hidden in slivers
Of darkness
Awaiting the order, with weapon in hand
The release of the offering impending

Begining with chants, to long asleep Gods,
Asking for wisdom infernal
To plunge deep the blade, and let the blood free
Eternally cleansing the body

Await the word
Before my lords
Sacrifice of the innocents

Eternal life for devotion
Torment awaits those
Chosen for death
Eternal pain for their meekness
To satisfy mankinds darkness

Blood flows free
From wounds deep
Releasing life from sacrifice
Destroying this once pathetic life
Awash in power
From gods who once again live
Restoring order to the chaotic ones
Instilling hope in the fall of man

Before my eyes I now see, the ones
Who will give the powers of darkness, to those
Who feel, the night
In hate filled chants of blasphemy, the gods
Shall return to the earth by bloodshed
And force, unknown

Here is the one
Chosen for you
Feast on the life
Gorge on the soul

Rise from the bowels
To once rule again
I give you in honor
The flesh of this whore

Feast upon the flesh that is offered in honor
To appease the ones who now awake, to lay
Their clam, to man
Bow before the ones who have risen to slay
The fallen prophet who shall die in vain, once more
To rise, no more

3. Feast of the Beast

Now before me I hold here the infernal
Names to call, to bring forth the master
Of hell in the flesh to command us in unholyness
For the years to come numbered twenty seven
For the feast of the beast is upon us
Once more we will bow to the unholy master of hell

In the name of all knowing Satan
Hear me call forth the names Satan
Upon the earth you shall once again walk
For the days of your oppressor are dying

Abaddon-the destroyer, hear me Satan
Azazel-bringer of war, hear me Satan
In the names of the unholiest father
I command thee to rise and obey me
From the depts of the furnace Satan
I shall call forth for your resurrection
Answer me and obey that which I ask
In return, my soul shall be eternal

A meeting by moonlight
To answer the calling
Appearing in blackend form
The anti-christ risen
Abominations perverse
Now occurring in heaven

The future laid before me plans for the uprising
Plotting the war on the flocks of Jehova
Prepare me with unholy thoughts of deception
Weve prepared for you master,
The Feast of the Beast

4. Unholy Awakenings

Betryed by the ones who brought me
forth unto life
Forever filled with the lies to bind me to their blind servitude
A life lived in chains tying me to their dead savior
Waiting for my life to be delivered into eternal

Never...peace betrayed by thoughts of hate
My future...destroyer of the Christian faith
Their lies...not passed onward anymore
Truth...the power which unchains us all

Destroy the church and all who come to serve
Feeble men who live on submissive bended knee
Slaughter of the sheep and of the flock in which
They breathe
Plagues of demons unleashed upon the dieseased

Father...he who leads me down the path
Of dark...the way in which the truths do lie
For deeds are done with solemn pride
The light...that I have stricken from my eyes

Now I call to seek of my lord
Before my eyes the sight of fires burning bright
As the blood flows ever dark from deepening
Brought to the skin by my rejection of Jehovah

In dark I call upon the legions of Hell's demons
In servitude to their Lord I request my soul's damnation

5. To Serve the Master of Hell

6. When Fire Strikes the Blackened Skies

7. Urine Flowing Through the Veins of Christ

Befouled by the breath of diesease
Immersed in the waste of worship
An unholy pact with the dark
A prayer for possession by the black...

...Fallen angels host

Feast on the shit of our lord
Embrace the stench of his vision
Denial and mockery of virtue
Urine flowing through the veins of christ

...Thou unclean spirit

8. The Gate of Nanna (Beherit cover)

The dream descends to the region of moon
To the land, the sphere of eternal sin
A half light, dark the realm of Nanna
The realm of spirits and the father of the gods
Oh, shine of moon, of the astral gods
It ravishes, it calls us to sin...

Lord Nanna, of the race of Anu
Lord Nanna, called sin
Lord Nanna, o hero of the gods
Lord Nanna, the gate of sin...

Ave Satan, Ave Lucifer, Ave Satan, Alla Xul
Ave Satan, Ave Lucifer, Ave Satan, Gigim Xul


9. Rebirth of Creation

10. Demonic Rites

My flesh...the body craves such pain
Torment...the strength behind my thoughts
Death...released into the abyss
Of burn eternally

My skin...ripped from the gleaming blade
My blood...spilling for all thats impure
My soul...dying slowly with each drop
Of life...thats recieved by the infernal ones

Those who rule the mortal plane
Before those chosen I shall kneel
Rejoicing in the pains of hell
To destroy the life with in this shell

Welcoming my mortal end
Choosing to ignore the force
That holds my thoughts within myself
My soul consumed by the hate

Now I shall die
By my own hand
Shredding my flesh
In the name of Hell

Reborn...a form inhuman I now roam the planes between the
Worlds...never to rest my wandering
Soul...untill a life I steal from him

Consumed...the sheep now devoid of
Life...its blood to never again
Spill...the gods have accepted my serve the Masters Of Hell


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