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When The Evil Rises

"When The Evil Rises" (2003 Demo)

1. Manthra
2. The Dead Rise
3. Eyes That Reflect Fear
4. Black Goat Reign

1. Manthra


Who´s know the mean, this isn’t song
This is our song full of brutallity
Guitars from hell, drums with deadly bits
Bass like a storm, now you know the mean.
Pulverize, with our song
And destroy the altars
Kick his ass, kick his face
Because we’re the one

2. The Dead Rise


I found the absolute power
In the dark of universe
With nasty ceremonies
And sacrifice to get free
The older powers of time
Domain the destiny
But when the spells are
Broken the dead will rise
Fear its seems to be over the sky
Eternity, the dead will
Arise in all humanity

3. Eyes That Reflect Fear

Eye That Reflect Fear

Her head rolls down stairs
Her blood is spilled by all the floor
I think that she's surprised
'cause her brain is spillin' blood
I'm so tired to clean the floor
But I need remove the blood
Her head, my preciuos love
I won’t get bored to see her

The eyes...
That reflects fear
I see...

Every where I go with her
I take her head in my hands
Her beauty corpse it's so sweet
Pleasure, to taste it
Then I cut the best parts
'cause I don’t want ruin her shine
Once a week I eat some parts
But I keep the best ones


[Solo Javier]

I cut her head 'cause she's mine
I love her beautiful eyes
Doctor, can you change her face??
With our fear


The expression of her face
It’s like hate to myself
How more time she will be like that?
But she seems like don't trust me
I said that I love her
She follow me with her eyes
The eyes that reflect fear
Doctor, can you help her?


4. Black Goat Reign


Follow the priest to the hill
Goat waits for your life

Baptism your new life in hell
With black fire in your chest

God, you’ll fall and you’ll dream this
The black goat fall into the throne
Pain in lust begin
Kill for the dark lord
Now you‘re slave for the black goat reign

Satan is now your eyes
Satan is now your arms
Take the knife and kill
Kill for the black goat!


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