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Born To Hate

"Born To Hate" (2005 EP)

1. A Lamment Before Dying (Intro)
2. Eyes That Reflect Fear
3. Manthra
4. The Dead Rise
5. Predator
6. I Wanna Kill
7. Dark Reing
8. Hell Is Beginning

1. A Lamment Before Dying (Intro)

2. Eyes That Reflect Fear

Eye That Reflect Fear

Her head rolls down stairs
Her blood is spilled by all the floor
I think that she's surprised
'cause her brain is spillin' blood
I'm so tired to clean the floor
But I need remove the blood
Her head, my preciuos love
I wonít get bored to see her

The eyes...
That reflects fear
I see...

Every where I go with her
I take her head in my hands
Her beauty corpse it's so sweet
Pleasure, to taste it
Then I cut the best parts
'cause I donít want ruin her shine
Once a week I eat some parts
But I keep the best ones


[Solo Javier]

I cut her head 'cause she's mine
I love her beautiful eyes
Doctor, can you change her face??
With our fear


The expression of her face
Itís like hate to myself
How more time she will be like that?
But she seems like don't trust me
I said that I love her
She follow me with her eyes
The eyes that reflect fear
Doctor, can you help her?


3. Manthra


Who knows the meaniní? Itís not a simple song
Itís our song full of brutally
Guitars from hell, drums with mortal rythms
Bass like a storm and the scream of my soul through my voice

With our song
That destroy the universe
Kickin' ass
Breakin' all
Thatís because we are....


Now, you know the meaning, what do you think about?
Itís our song that everything destroy
With dirty sounds, ominous lyrics
Itís not only music, it's a our hymn

Kill your self
With this song
And go out to profane
And obey
Thatís because we are

[Solo: Daniel]

4. The Dead Rise

The Dead Rise

I found the absolute power
In the dark of universe
With nasty ceremonies
And sacrifice to get free
The older powers of time
Domain the destiny
But when the spells are broken
Will be the dead rise

Fear itís seems to be over the sky
Eternity, the dead will arise in
All humanity

Pestilence and evil
Are the law more than gods word
Creepy bodies suffer with unknow pain
Because the spells are broken
The darkness will fall
Above our souls in pain
And evil will arise

Fear its seems to be over the sky
Eternity, the dead will arise in
All humanity

[Solo: Daniel]

[Solo: Javier]

5. Predator


From the darkness I appear, your fears feed to me
They call me red devil
Thirsty of blood I choose my victims
I approach cautiously

Watchin' you
I kill for pleasure, your body and bones are my trophy
To my step you feel the pain
And the laments of the victims that I left behind

You can feel the fear, the panic to know that I'm there
You can feel my knifes that slowly slice your flesh
What the hell am I?

[Solo: Javier]

Now I walk into a dark jungle taking lifes
Nobody is safe to my step, who cross it, die
Iím a killer machine, predator of the human race

[Solo: Daniel]

You can see bodies hanging on a tree
Your frightened face encourages me
You can see the blood that paint my body in red
And the laments of the victims that I left behind


6. I Wanna Kill

I Wanna Kill

They pay for keeping me behind that wall
I never lost my mind, I thought every act.
Everyday my knife whisper in my ears
ďI need blood, I need a victim to killĒ

My blood is boiling whit a knife in hand
Screams and sweat, there are after kill
The dark abuse of my mind every night
Drugs and alcohol make me kill their selfs

I wanna kill

Fucking people who think can change the things
But is better when you kill this problems
Take the knife and see how the fear feels
Take their throat and see how the blood explodes

I wanna kill

Stabs in your body, blood in my hands
Are you scare now?, to see your collapse
Yes, I did this bullshit
Without remorse

Let me out, I need freedom
I need some blood to tranquilize me
The cell is dark, the air is cold
Iím a good man, I donít want to be here!

[Solos: Daniel]

7. Dark Reing

Dark Reign

Follow the priest to the mountain
Satan waits for his life

Now your life is a hell
With black fire in your chest

God, your time comes to end
The biggest evil will claime the throne
Kill for your dark master
Now you're the slave of the Dark Reign

Take your soul and
Give it to me

Obtein victims for the sacrifice
The cities fall down in ruines
Our enemy is God
The fear it feels in the dark reign

Satan are your eyes
Satan is your mind
Take a knife and kill
I take your life for him

The fear invade you
Kill without mercy
Youíre the slave of evil
Kill for the dark reign

[Solo: Daniel]

[Solo: Javier]

With black fire in your brain
Now you're the slave of the Dark Reign

8. Hell Is Beginning

Hell Is Beginning

Crucifixion through the evil
To the edge of the most dark
In human mind and diabolic creatures
Truly crucifix created by Satan
Used in bloody rites of hell

Comes the time to the evil
The hour is near to the damn humans
Existencial destruction
Hell is beginning

Morbid and satanic creatures
Destroying all to their step
Creatures thirsty of blood
Looking for victims to sacrifice
Appear from the most diabolic depths of hell

Covers by the dark of night
Leds by the king
Of darkness
Hell is beginning

Greatest battles begin
The earth is flood of evil
The day of final judgement has come
Descomposed corpses over the ground
Horror, devastation and cry

Creatures mutilating inocent humans
Destroying their rotten flesh
Their souls are taken by Satan

[Solo: Daniel]

He takes them to the eternal kingdom of darkness and pain
Death and destruction for everywhere

[Solo: Javier]

The time has come, there's no way out
Hell beginn, death and pain
Reign on Satanís domains
Zombies cry-out for their king
For the rest of eternity

Malevolent creatures domain
Every single place of this earth
Because the reign of Satan
Has begun


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