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Live in Kotlownia

"Live in Kotlownia" (2003 Demo)

1. Crusade
2. Maze of Manipulation
3. Soldier of Extermination
4. The Prophets
5. Condemnation
6. Crusade (bis)

1. Crusade

Let's fight from unfaithful!
Let's regain holy ground.
Let these whores burn on heap!
The murder and massacre in name of gospel.
Christian pest destroys behind messiah curtain.
The satan overfilled euphoria begins his victorious dance.
Let's fight from unfaithful...
The murder and massacre in name of gospel!
Christian pest destroys behind night curtain.
Crying deplorable creator begs about death.

2. Maze of Manipulation

You know nothing,you get lost,
left alone on the path to infinity.
The labirynth of Manipulation waits for you...
start your manipulation.
They wanít to control everything under the shelter of the creator.
The labyrinth of manipulation has already
captured everyone but we save you.
Look through it,
take a guess and look at the shavelings take the resistance...
You defianced Christians infatuated with their belief.

3. Soldier of Extermination

The great majestic,soldier of extermination,
approaches as it turned out it condemns for them Christian pigs -
idolatrous behaviours,
it leaves near life only these really good though little is them very.
Knowledge now fools that they were in mistake,
blind created with their belief blind existences.
They accumulated their fuckin' wealths unnecessarily,
they will lose all about what us they cheated.
whereupon you this now greedy pigs.
It it it world was perished in darkness ,end comes,
all perishes even-Stephen ,both holy shaveling how and usual atheist.
Everywhere emptiness...silence...loneliness...

4. The Prophets

We - hollow prophets - sons of the night and darkness.
Sentenced for damnation pay homage to primaeval beast.
Crimson line of life vomited on by sin, infected by desire of success is ending.
Christian mind surrounded by death cold is realizing what happened.
The moment of truth has come, time to know the creatorís will.
Palsied with fear youíre suffocating with mephitic smoke of beistings.
This smell rips your bowels. Your faith is weakening, Godís anger grows.
Unconsciously you fall in madness. Mad will of revenge and thirst of saintís blood captured you.
Now youíre satans property. We arenot afraid to look at primaeval ghosts face...

5. Condemnation

Christians gather in the temple to take part in the mass in the morning.
Priest comes - emaciated after amusing, goes to confessional.
Faithful waits in line to obtain absolution.
Observe the law of God or Youíll be damned.
Bull Shit!!
Cult of evil, horror feeds with fear and naivety of people mind.
Cult of evil, cult of justice, cult of purity, cult of freedom.
Observe the law of God, suckers - death will catch you anyway.
Cult of evil, cult of justice, cult of purity, cult of freedom.
No god give pain to my soul.

6. Crusade (bis)


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