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"Postnatal Transparence" (2001 Demo)

1. Every Morning Entrada
2. Perishable Transparence Chapter One : Expiration Of Existence
3. Like The Last Beam
4. Camera Obscura

1. Every Morning Entrada

Entrance to a new day again,
sequel to my every morning entrada.
First fumble steps towards the twilight,
through the suspicious veil of tranquillity.

As I scramble in the dim greyness,
watching my each careful pace.
These lonesome trails of abandoned,
dispersing deeper without a trace.

Again vanished what I craved inside,
the obscure landed to cover the tracks.
So I couldn't even find the way back,
not to mention the path towards...

Strolling around the never-ending circle,
trying to escape the inevitable truth.
Full of sadness this perpetual moment,
after previous ends a new era begins.

I hope tomorrow today is yesterday...

written: 3.-4.1.2001

2. Perishable Transparence Chapter One : Expiration Of Existence

As today withers to past,
my present is still present.
In a second future is deceased,
the captured moment unleashed.

Picturing the coming beforehand,
reality is always less exciting,
Still dreams remain as dreams...
Nothing making 'em into real.

No intention to scape the world,
into perfect sleepy space.
Exit the current before entering next,
after the present ceases to exist.

The crumbled fortress' once built,
to protect the weak mind and soul.
Now proceed to the next level of eternity,
pass the bounds of identity.

Float through the unreal life,
skip they greyness called reality.
The entry to the completeness,
after the expiration of existence.

Pictured the coming beforehand,
yes, reality is always less exciting.
And dreams, they remained as dreams...
None of mine became into reality.

Relevance still left unfound,
to this peculiar stretch between.
These two worlds of mine,
which make me travel in time...

...a traveller of time...

written: 15.1.2001

3. Like The Last Beam

No longer darkness bothers within me,
I've learned to live with blindfolded eyes.
One day as I woke and couldn't see,
knew I'd spend the rest of my life in disguise.

Only seeing the thorns which took my sight,
If you thought a blindman can't see.
Each day mourning : "This is not right",
who would have thought it'll fall on me.

It's not easy yet it's not so hard either,
sometimes it's lesspainful to live behind a veil.
It's not that dark atmosphere neither,
all the shapes just seem so pale.

With bitter im my empty gaze around,
yet accepted my lonesome dark destiny.
Blindness for me in it's self is no bound,
Just the cold dripping tears day after day.

If someone only know how desperate,
is my lust for the light out there.
Thought I know I'll never gonna get it,
but in the end of my journey I'll stop to stare.

Again back to unconsciousness,
to the everlasting dream...
Again back to unconsciousness,
light changed to obscurity...

Once more I closed my eyes and slept,
n longer will I wake up from this dream.
This departure from here made made me weep,
I'm suddenly gone like the last beam.

written: 12.-13.1 2001

4. Camera Obscura


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