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Clashing Of The Swords

"Clashing Of The Swords" (2004)

1. Going To War
2. M.D.K.
3. Clashing Of The Swords
4. We'll Be Waiting
5. The Rise And Fall
6. Bulletproof
7. Awaited Hell
8. Hit The Bricks

1. Going To War

Propaganda starts to fly, training intensifies,
government is full of lies, the powerful will arise,
the rumors soar, fight for what's yours,
artillery roars, it's all out war,

Dispatching Planes, Spreading Flames,
As blood rains, unstoppable cries of pain,
machine gun cracks, ambush attacks,
hidden breath, here comes Death,

Lock n' load troops, invading in a swarm,
tie up your boots, fresh flowing blood is warm,
infrared sight, snipers take aim,
it's your last flight, you'll never be the same,


Blood stained letters from home, off the stretcher bearer,
Going to war this is intense terror,
Just like world war 2 the red army will spread,
The innocent will die and blood will be shed,
it's just me and my C7 that's all that matters,
Spraying bullets, creating enemy splatters,
Skull n' bones shatter over the thunder of the guns,
Trampling those who've fallen, as Everybody Runs!


2. M.D.K.

Death knights lurkin' in the dark, our intention is only to kill,
the weak, sick, rich and poor, we smash heads at will,
others have tried, in the end have failed, the death knights have risen,
to live or to die, mercy or none, we make the decision,

Do you want to live or die, we are here to crucify,
in god you trust in death you lie,
in mdk we justify

Mandatory Death Knights!

Soldiers marching off to war in a battlefield of death
life flows from you slowly as you grasp for one last breath,
the slug rips through your body and you start to lose your site,
Mandatory Death Knights!

3. Clashing Of The Swords

The Clashing of the Swords, Themes to the morgues,
gut wrenching slaughter, over territory wars,
Riding into battle, on a jet black stallion,
Riding into battle, witness massacres in the thousands,

Shining in the Rays of Light,
piercing pains of deadly fright,
steed in my left, steel in my right,
mandatory pain on my victims death knight,

The thunder of the guns, pounding in the sun,
marvel at the chaos, as everybody runs,
ride into the storm, with your weapon in hand,
ride into the storm, blood stains paint the land

4. We'll Be Waiting

Stare into the face of death,
one by one your put to rest,
we'll be waiting when you die,
kiss your fucking life goodbye,

Terror reigns deep in your head, panic dwells inside,
chemicals inside your brain, are betraying your own mind,
contemplate the best way to die, unlike all the rest,
your blood is warm, but slowly dries like milk from mothers breast,

After death nothing's left, but corpus in the soil,
it isn't long before you rot away as your body starts to spoil,
watch your last thoughts fly by, before you hit the dirt,
watch your last thoughts fly by, we'll be waiting when you die,

We'll be waiting when you fucking DIE

5. The Rise And Fall

6. Bulletproof

Piercing bullets fly feel them flying past your head,
none of them will stop until everybody's dead,
Teflon on your body feeling safe in it's protection,
dreams of hearing bullets being shot through your intestin,
Penetrate my Skin it will never be done,
I am bulletproof so you know you better run,
into the night where you cannot be seen,
as the stars overhead watch the bone chilling scene,

Live by the gun or die by the sword,
get shot down for the price of the lord,
25 cents for the bullet it will cost,
put one through the middle of the cross,
standing in line to await all the news,
listen very closely to the story that ensues,
police say they seen him escaping on the roof,
the man must have fucking been bulletproof,

from the moment your born good and evil collide
how will you choose to live your life?
Live by the gun, or die by the sword,
or stab your enemies with a knife,
never be afraid and don't ever be found,
or there might be a lot of your blood on the ground,
you think I'm lying I'm fucking telling the truth,
mandatory death is bulletproof

7. Awaited Hell

rip into your skull with fury if you look at me,
step into my line of sight and feel insanity,
hungry eyes look to devour everything they see,
spreading of the plague of death on humanity,

Rising up in smoke,
to the ringing of the bells,
eternity of torture,
in my awaited hell

crucify the sinners all the millions who should die,
stand before the gates of hell with fire in your eye,
killing fields of death, and eternity to fry,
awaiting all the millions more who're living the same lie,

always craving violence,
start to pave the way,
killing me in silence,
endless to this day,
rising up in smoke,
to the ringing of the bells,
eternity of torture,
in my awaited hell

8. Hit The Bricks

Light you on fire, time to retire, green fades to black to grey, gravel to your sire, i heard you say, you disrespect my way, who the fuck are you, you're always on your knees to pray,

You swirl, up into my brain, and i don't even know if i can feel pain, i took a hit right in the face, and now my eyes are red....she gave birth to the light under my bed,

pressures on to take the dive
burying myself alive,

hit from the mafia,
hit from the underground,
hit with my shank,
hit with my fist,
Spit in their faces,
spit in their path,
I'm gunna smoke and I'm gunna pass!

The strength of the sativa is unbearable and it has brainwashed me,
indicate movement in my head,
head on collision, hit the bricks,
in the end it's all for kicks!


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