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Of Shape And Balance

"Of Shape And Balance" (1999)

1. We Become One
2. Static Progress
3. Someone Else
4. Again & Again
5. Groundfrost
6. The Remembrance
7. Clouds
8. Farewell
9. In Shallow Waters

1. We Become One

I never thought that it would hurt
Now I know that it was a delusion
The secret I have kept inside
Since I was a child
I ignored it had happened
The childhood fear
I've tried to conceal

But now you're coming back again
Familiar face from the past
The face that would haunt me forever

It is this feeling that bewilders me again
It's something I look back in awe
Within myself I struggle hard to ease the pain
It's something that won't relent at all

I'm trying hard to understand
The letter you once wrote
Those words will never leave me alone
But now I'm a man
And I'm still in confusion
By your words of hate and deceit

Now here I go again
Through pages filled with writing
But they're not the ones with importance
I can read between the lines
Straight into your evil mind
As we slowly intertwine

We become one

2. Static Progress

Running 'round in circles
Never really moving
Waiting for a miracle
To give us cultivation
Up and down the spiral
Drifting back and forth
Avoiding the perimeter
At the edge of awareness

We're placing Darwin under question
Yet we don't even know who we are
We're rising to the occasion
And think we're the one called God

Static progress accidental reflex
Static progress displays our strength and weakness

In and out of focus
Perspective gets twisted
Looking from the inside
Dying to be let out

We disagree with the truth
We deny the matter of course
We are parasites in bloom
We are feasting on our host

In our prayers we ask for understanding
We get a glimpse of what's to come
In our clouds there's no more silver lining
It's turned to black and hides the sun

3. Someone Else

The words are led astray
My pride has gone away
Once closer to the one you fear
Surrender let your thoughts wander

I can make you rule me
Cause you can't take me to lie

I am born narrow minded
I am always misleaded
I am turning into someone else

Oblivion my dreams are faded
Disillusion I am bitter jaded
Now forever you'll drown in sin
Forgiveness what you're longing for

Once I was self-assertive
I had my future so prepaired
Didn't know that I was dying
I was dying inside out
No more future, no more people
I am losing, I am drowning
I can't cry now, I can't laugh now
I have gone now
Into the dark hole

4. Again & Again

I have crossed the bridge of sighs
A thousand times before
I have seen what lies behind
The hangman's eyes before

Now I know the secret
Now I know the game
Everything is gone now
Everything's the same
I never asked to be born again and again

When the light of day is gone
Forever I am one
Last rays from the soon dead sun
No time for last goodbyes
Everything inside me dies
I feel sorry for the sun

I have walked the trail of tears
A hundred years before
I have felt the burning fear
The ending near before

I'm not the one to cry for
I'm gonna be alright
Whatever will happen I will survive
I'm not the one to die for
I'm gonna stay alive
Whatever will happen I will survive

Again and again

5. Groundfrost

Sparkles of dawn
Washes the ground
Fearless faces
Watch from the underground
The gates of mist
Open up their eyes
The new day has arrived
With lust in it's hands

And the children of dawn scream phrases
The groundfrost got them on their knees
On their way to the forgotten kingdom
Drowning along with trivial wisdom
Seemingly timeless is their journey

Disbelief living
Among their crowd
Groundfrost collect its
Victims one by one

Got to find the way out of this nightmare
Got to get into the valley of warmth
But we don't know how

Used to live in peace and never had any wars
Got to get into the valley of warmth
But we don't know when

And the children of dawn
Held phrases
The groundfrost
Got all their lives
On their way to
Forgotten wasteland
Wasting the greatest might
In sand buried within
Their desert grave
And the groundfrost got
It's eternal silence
Maybe it was ment to be
This way...

6. The Remembrance

Distant thunder breaks the silence
Dark clouds bring the rain
Birdsong ceases before the storm
I get this feeling again

Darkness wraps me in its veil
I can feel it 'roud my throat
I'm standing naked in rain
Just teardrops for my coat

I feel I've been here a lifetime ago
Why do I still remember
Still remember it all
The feeling I get is so strong yet so sore
You promised I wouldn't remember
Wouldn't remember at all

The storm is over and I'm alone
Kneeling on the grass
I raise my head and look up high
Watch the dark clouds pass

I feel the wind dry up my skin
And listen to the roar
As it slowly rolls away
And leaves me wanting more

These cynic eyes have seen through lies
And so much more
When the knot unties there's paradise
I can afford

Suddenly I feel refreshed and warm
Suddenly I feel depressed and so cold
Suddenly there's nothing I can feel
I realize I'm alone in the field

7. Clouds

By the rising sun I vaporize
Like the icy morning dew
I scratch myself together
For another day so blue
My thoughts are few and far between
By the mountainside I wander
What I am what I've become
I am the clouds I'm under

I roll with the punches
And roll with the clouds
I drift with the tide
And hide in my shroud

As the final curtain falls
I'm the wind the evening breeze
And maybe you will hear my call
As I whisper in the trees
After all is said and done
And you have found your peace
You will know I am the one
Who lives within your dreams

High above the mountain peak
I roll among the clouds
And far beyound the snowbound dirt
I sleep within the ground
I'm everything in nothingness
I am the air you breathe
My image expressionless
I'm your dream when you're asleep

8. Farewell

She was the light in my life that night
Looking so innocent
Such a pretty sight
I never thought I could end up being like that
Taking my life away
Taking everything she had

I felt the guilt for the tears I made her cry
I felt the guilt for those cries

I'm made of clay
I'm made of bitter fright
How could I put an end to our life in that night
Wandering round confused with a gun in my hand
Swallowing it all the way
Too tired to stand

This world was too hard for me
This world was too cruel for me
By the time she understands
These words are all I ever wanted to say
Please don't let your tears fall down
Cause this is the only good thing I've ever done

Something lives inside me
Something breath my air
Something using my thougts
That something was my pride

9. In Shallow Waters

Please come to me
I have begun to see
The truth behind this all
Everything is false

Part of me died with sunset
Second brought my pain
Now I'm listening strange voices
And I'm lost again

Once I had a dream
Being better than I have been
What went wrong
I'm stuck in the tide
It's not what it seems
I'm losing my dreams
Drowning along in shallow waters

I need something to believe in
Concrete lies or happiness
Something to paint the picture
Something to realize for sure

I know what lies beneath the surface
Faceless nameless in the crowd I am
Drowning in shallow water
Losing faith
Losing everything I hoped for
Seething without air
Desperately seeking for something real
One with the waves
I blend in the crowd and lose identity

Betrayed by dreams and unsaid words
The tide is trying to find
Its shape and balance
Swallowing pride
Restless inside

Drowning in shallow water


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