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"Memorial" (1996 EP)

1. The Outcast
2. Bind
3. My Memories
4. Mind Museum

1. The Outcast

I feel like all is slipping away
It doesn't bother me anymore
Caught in this broken old machine
Feels like this is my last day
Covered in hate and shattered nerves
Don't think you're having all the fun
I know that help will never arrive
Still I'm hard as fuckin' steel

Blood and fire everywhere
They left me here all alone
Help me I've got no soul to sell
I'm just on my way to hell

Full of broken thoughts
He cannot repair
Everyone he knows
Goes away in the end

Trying to alleviate his loneliness
A forfeit will be his deficient life
He pushed the gun into his mouth
Maybe problems don't have no solutions

2. Bind

Created as an image of God
To be tall-standing and perfect
An outstanding paragon
Of cute furry animal
But the lure of the left-hand path
Had it's way with mankind
Our narrow sighted ways
Have finally turned against us
In front of our eyes
We find things so good
But our rotten attitude
Make 'em have their end

We go
How low we can go
Aren't we indeed so fow
Yes of course we do mind
Our primitive minds
Oh no
Reflections do not flow
Show us
The direction to go
Yes of course we do mind
Our primitive minds

We are unspeakable
We are bad
We are unreliable
We are sad
We are losers
We are sinners
We are no good
We are not winners

3. My Memories

I feel no sorrow as I go
Down my stream of tomorrow
I see you coming towards me
You've never seen me before
I feel your presence around me
Don't dare to ignore
You turn around and try to flee
You're scared of my face
I'm destitute of eyes you see
You tighten your pace

I am the masterpiece fade to grey
I saw tomorrow as just another day
I saw reflections my memories
I fought infection with desperate remedies

I feel no sorrow as you go
Down my stream of tomorrow
I am perpetual I'll never die
Forever I will reign
I am aggression I am lie
I'll reign in pain
Your scream for mercy I'll ignore
I am hatred and disgust
My abscessed face you abhor
I am the lie you must trust

4. Mind Museum

Somewhere in a time to come
There's nothing left from our generation
Except this last asylum
Where they've captured some of our thoughts

Step inside and I'd like to show you something
Choose a thought and it will come to you
Unknown events unknown faces haunting
They fill find your mind and finally you think it's true

Welcome to mind museum
Warehouse of ancient thoughts
Take a round-trip
Then you'll see 'em
But only in your mind

Inside this placid building
There's nothing we can see or touch
Entities of memories
Exhibition of long gone thoughts

Visions spinning in your head
Caleidoscopic scenery
Someone else's thoughts instead
Logical refinery
An enemy within your mind
This strangest kind of registery
Now there's thousand more inside
Your life becomes a memory


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