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"Frozen" (1996 EP)

1. Frozen (Intro)
2. Silence
3. Icicle
4. Rain
5. Will
6. Fall

1. Frozen (Intro)

2. Silence

I'm tired of your excuses
I've heard them all before
I' don't want you to come around here
Knocking at my door
I'm alone in my silent room
Pacing 'round the floor
Don't try to call me 'cause
You're not my friend anymore

All he ever wanted was his silence
All he ever got was that silence
Not to last from the rest of his life
Not to last forever

I don't need your sympathy
I'm doing fine without you
In this room I've got all I need
Me myself and I too
I locked the door to keep everyone out
But after all what I knew
Was that I locked myself inside
Inside the silence of this room

3. Icicle

It's so cold I am freezing
So much snow it's so wonderful

Up to my neck
I can't move
I can't feel
I can't see
The wind so cold
It's all I hear
It's all I feel
It's all I love

Like a monument
Standing still
Statue in snow
January chill

Ice surrounds me
Snow comforts me
Cold warms me
Frost melts me

4. Rain

Like a friendly ghost
I will return
Into that place I love
Place of memories
That same old face
Smiling at me
Looking so deep inside
Deep into my soul

No time for this world
Rain will come
No room for empty words
Rain will wash away

Clocks stop at midnight
Only sky above us
All is turning blue
All is pointing at us

5. Will

There was a little boy
Looking right through me
Memories nightmares
Standing in the main entrance of my life
All I was thinking
Gotta face my fears
All my darkest scars run along with my tears

With this sense of will
I will seek for a better
With this sense of will
I will look for a better way

There were these people
Pointing fingers at me
Laughter horror
Kicking dirt into these eyes of mine
All I saw was
Last of my gone fears
All my wasted time for the rest of my life

6. Fall

Did I figure it out did I realize
How deep is my fear
So much to say nothing to tell
I thought I needed to tell

I don't remember eye don't remember

Fall fall fall
Fall of my season
Fall fall fall
Fall of my season

It was so real as the movies
As the stories I held inside
In this killing heat my thoughts begin
To revolve back to rain

Rain will fall


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