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"Maligno" (2006)

1. devildrive
2. insano
3. lies
4. walk on shadows
5. at last
6. buried alive
7. slowburn
8. the never in ice
9. macabra
10. beyond the eye

1. devildrive

I,ll show you the way
you havent listened at all
that devildrive
donít leave me alone

donít cry no more for what you´ve done
what i have won what i have lost
i´m by myself, but not alone
this universe is not my home

all bastards glory
all the enemys within
every broken promise
every broken dreams

2. insano

This is all what your looking for
its this fear what you can explain
donít try to escape
i know you are there
i came from heaven i live in hell

you want the reason this is your mission
go to the surface

you have the power its your decision
go to the surface

eternal pain
that made you insane
you lost the game

donít run to fast donít be to late
go to the surface
you cross the line that never ends
go to the surface

loosing your mind and youíre praying for your soul
into the cavern of thy unholy ghost
desperate screaming falling black hole
into the madness i cant take control

3. lies


Donít believe anyone anything
emotions, a symptom of total insanity
devotion, of everything that you can not feel
confusion, the devil is whispering behind your ears
deception, your future is blinded with walls of dreams

lies, lies your soul its full of lies

temptation, of all of your sins your flesh is so weak
religion, that build you castles of cryptic morality
damnation, you dirty soul has been stolen by me!
going nowhere, traveling in spiral of the deepest sea

4. walk on shadows

haunted by the ghost
of a broken dream
crawling through an endless
line of memories
guided by the darkness
of the lost soul
suddenly realized
that thereís no one

this emptiness
is getting me
this can be real
all that its left
got to get out
this can be real

under the grand sadness
of the growls of lust
black horizons all around
erasing of past thoughts
a howling wind that knows
that i journey alone
all the rest is sorrow
in silence i will mourn

sudden fire burns
whatís holding me
consuming all the fear
that used to be
looking through the shards
of a broken glass
walk on shadows
for all my life

5. at last

you run, you cry, you donít belong
the earth its all about to explode
this is the end of human race

you grow you live you donít belong
your heart its full of emptiness

sinner, looser, corrupted, betrayed
flesh, blood, weak, broke
cynic, sadist, sodomized, realize.
lucífugo, satanaca, putanesca, oh ladrona!

6. buried alive

increasing the fury
touched by the demon
so tired to fight
corrupted obliviion

dismembered fate
destroy all illusions
are burning my brain
because of confusion

your silent lies for your life
your silent life for your lies
the truth is just before your eyes
betrayed by fear buried alive

your silent lies
before your eyes
betrayed by fear
buried alive

this way of survive
its wrong without future
shaking and hidding
carrying the cross
where is my sheppard
where is my lordÖ

7. slowburn

as the dying messiah
as the stardust vision came to me
cross down
with the desperate minds
pissing me of , blowing away
without care about life
with no reason to die
what you did to yourself
just a matter of time
till you pay your crime

trying to breathe
but you lost your own
i beat myself with no control
your stupid face Ö iím not blind.

donít try to forget
your life isnít hell
your god donít regret

8. the never in ice

The neverborn has arrive
they saw it riding in the sky
so wonderful spitting fire
looking for something they never found

with a shout full of blood
bury the never in ice
bury the never in ice

his anger without fear
pieces of a non understood crime
deathbell of an invisible land
time has come for you to die

talk about the never
far beyond the time
time has come for you to die
far beyond the time

9. macabra

10. beyond the eye

Refuse to your reality
relapse into mortality
living your decadent duality

far away fromÖ..
people sleeping awake
do this, do that
never the first never
the last

you cant see beyond those eyes
feeling free my wings are high


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