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Unexpected Awakening of Impassive Mass/Frailty of the Human Condition

"Unexpected Awakening of Impassive Mass/Frailty of the Human Condition" (2002 Split)

1. Fibroid Embolism
2. Profitable Extinction
3. Rotten Seed
4. Post Fetal Depression
5. Mortality Weakness
6. Abortion by Muriatic Acid
7. Disfigured Sculpture
8. Raped Serenity
9. Incomprehensible Movements
10. Walking Corpse (Brutal Truth cover)

1. Fibroid Embolism

Immense clusters manifest in the muscular wall
Benign in nature, fibroma spread
Size increase strangles the womb from within
Uterine cavity blockage prohibits pregnancy
Menstruation excels, intense bleeding out

Intercourse painful from abrasives
Tumorous attachments ingurgitate foreskin
Growths circulate to hinder copulation
Outward swelling distorts organ
Bulbous member congested with fluid
Internal blisters leak from vaginal hemorrhages

Soft tissue hardens
Causing vulva to bloat
Lining degeneration
Absorbing the sores, fragile life-giving
system murdered

Reproductive muscle froth trickles from tip
Dribbling rotten juice discharge
Hematomas accumulate
Gelafied mass encased in erectile tissue

Urethra obstruction
Blood clotting severes circulation
Genital paralysis, overflowing fibroids
Surgical procedure, total removal

2. Profitable Extinction

Backwards thinking, prevalent throughout the ages
Harvesting the waters in the name of slaughter
Gutting the sea of all its creatures
We declare our dominance over the inhabitants

Evolved to survived, lurks evil that instills primal fear in man
An eating machine, with eyes so black, pain is unseen
Human fatalities pollute the water with their blood
We convict this predator for acting on instinct

Insatiable lust for death, the thirst could never be satisfied
The hands of mankind are rotting with perversion
Justified killing, destroying all that we fear

Butchered in the name of industry
Selfishly used to promote longevity
Dissection eternally, free from malignancy
Exploiting insides, to further humanity
The ultimate hypocrisy

3. Rotten Seed

From vaginal sores seep fetid secretions
Entering the urethra of my engorged cock
Vile juices spread throughout erectile tissue
Veins bulge from flaking foreskin

Embolisms deaden tissue clotted arteries rupture
Lack of blood cause involuntary muscle spasms
Twitching limbs incapacitate
Introduction of foreign enzymes cause implosion
Leukocytes weaken uterine lamprey to feed

Corpuscles are drained for their nutrients
Viral enzymes break down insides
Transforming live tissue into desiccated chunks
Carnivorous eel draws dehydrated matter through genitals

Swollen member spurts bloated bits of viscera
Testicles shrivel until they are non-existent
Penis provides leech with sustenance
Host is stripped of organs

4. Post Fetal Depression

Suffocate our own offspring
A mirror image of ourselves
Precious life, taken for granted
Caved in skull


Bruised and bloody open wounds
Crushing brittle bones
Gnawing on softened skin
Blackened eyes, broken nose

Abandoned with a dented head
Air choked out with a plastic bag
Helpless infant frost-bitten
Unwanted innocent, left for dead

Strangled throat, punctured skin
Organs bleeding from within
Sick and dying malnutrition
Decrepit body, hunger affliction

Sodomized, penetration, orifice distortion
Violated with father's love

5. Mortality Weakness

Slender muscle adheres to the frame
Fragile form development
Ligature mends system together
Tender flesh surrounds

A collection of parts distributes your ancestry
Hereditary patterns make up being
Physical perfection absurdity
Apparent weakness reality

Susceptible to nature’s onslaught
Defending against us, the bacterium
A body absolute by design
Frailty of the human condition

Defective chromosomes achieve completeness
Nucleus threads pumping illness throughout
Helpless dispersal of cells to encompass
Rapid aging within, engrossed infirmity

A body absolute by design
Physical perfection absurdity
Apparent weakness reality

Premature mind resides in a decrepit shell
Enlarged cranium, bulging eyes, frail body
Ravaged by the pain of the elderly
Frailty of the human condition

Juvenile ages before their time
Wrinkled, weak, exist as the dead
Rapid progression, devitalize
Engrossed infirmity

6. Abortion by Muriatic Acid

I'm dying in the place of my conception, my future - genetic scum, what
corrodes my home, injected in the uterus, pain all over my surface, they don't
want my life, do they, I'm a negative element in their life, the negative
element which will be killed, by muriatic acid, I feel blood, I feel blood in
my liquid, I don't know why,they want my death, I pucker up my face, who will
help me, in my future - ash, who feels the unborn tears, in mixture of blood
and the foetic liquid, it's so sinister to me, I'm a fetus bringer of sorrow
and pain, they feel antipathy for me, my tissue is corroded by muriatic acid,
who knows that I feel pain - science, my life draws to an end, who killed me?

7. Disfigured Sculpture

8. Raped Serenity

A lying existence, opens the eyes of slime, destiny has dismembered your
innards, what transformed your interior, I know that your guts change the
position, only blood can help you, you need a transfusion, you must get on the
street, and get hold of some pain, it'll help, forever and wherever, cocktail
made of Coca-Cola, and dog's or cat's blood, will not be enough, that young
woman had to have perfect blood corpuscles, it will help your rotting liver,
your last victim couldn't stop you, I swear, you are so gluttonous - I know,
there has been so little blood, where the young family lives, there are four
people in the house, two children, they are six years and twenty-two months
old, the woman and the man are very strong, but the gun will assist you,
policemen stand in front of the door, what will you do, O.K. they left, you
have to escape away, they seized you, they will damn you, you'll get some
punishment, or they will put you to death, it's not a good situation, got the
cap! ital punishment, don't cry, you can't be afraid of it, you must commit
suicide, otherwise they put you to death, tablettes, tablettes, tablettes,
you ??? it all, you'll die, it will not hurt, they'll never kill you, raped
serenity, I feel my bloodlessness, I don't feel my liver, I'm inside a gut war

9. Incomprehensible Movements

10. Walking Corpse (Brutal Truth cover)


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