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Motivated By Hunger

"Motivated By Hunger" (2000 EP)

1. Motivated By Hunger
2. Vaginal Incisors
3. Separated Anxiety
4. Atmosphere Of Decay
5. Cystic Fibrosis
6. Intrauterine Cannibalism [Live]

1. Motivated By Hunger

Depletion of food supply
Over fishing due to greed and population increase
Apex predator ripped from natural feeding grounds
Forced into the shallows, hunger motivation
Survival of the superior creature

Humanity the new prey
Heightened sensory targets victim
Distress impulses entice the appetite
Aggravated aggressor, attack postures

Tail thrusts beast forward
Lunge forth to claim food surrogate

Unknown horror awaits this casualty
Body ejected above the surface
Fears stains your face white
Serrated teeth separate flesh from bone

Lower half maimed beyond repair
Ignorant to this new pain
Endorphins attempt to suppress discomfort
Shallow breathing, saltwater eats at sinew
Preying this torture does not continue

Bitten in half, no longer buoyant
Thrashing arms to keep from drowning
Face down in the water
Blood bubbles in the throat
Surrounded by human debris
The last thing that is seen
Is your attacker coming to consume you

2. Vaginal Incisors

Predisposed genetic code, metabolic mutagen
Sex organs mutate to prevent incestuous rape
Teeth rooted to the vaginal wall
Canine points with no mandible
Uterine muscles constrict around erect invader
Incisors penetrate and rake across tender skin

Blood caverns breached
Bacteria pumped into inflamed muscle
Penile prosthesis engulfs tainted tissue
Prostate gland carries genital corruption

Poison distributes through testicles
Scrotum blackened with impurities
Accelerated infection hardens soft foreskin
Muscle contractions worsen with pollutes progression

Urethra corrodes with bacteria ejaculation
With each orgasmic thrust, penis compresses
Size decreases as genitalia dries up
Useless manhood withers and is discarded

Sexually deviant personality punished
Never to impregnate daughters again

3. Separated Anxiety

Missing without a trace, stricken with grief
Confined at home in case they call
Immersed in regret for things not said
Fearing the worst, they must be dead

Question why this is happening to you
Family tries to console

Deaf to their words of comfort
Distraught over potential loss
Only alternative is to check the morgue

Unclaimed bodies waiting to be identified
Hoping you don't find them

Uncover the first sheet, burned beyond recognition
Dental records needed to decide
Accident victim, crushed cranium, pulverized inside
Try to keep composure, person not recognized

Next cause of death, murder through dissection
Body parts placed together on a slab
Half eaten, skinless torso, vomit burns your throat
Untouched head reveals, this is not the one

Remains uncovered, the body is discovered
Skin turns cold as the drama unfolds
Loved one taken so brutality
No one could survive this cruelty
Legs feel weak, pull over the sheet

Absent loved one, immersed in regret
for things never said
Human remains identified, wishing you would have died

4. Atmosphere Of Decay

Deterioration of the protective layer
Radiation clouds dispensing toxic bacteria
Atmospheric pressure spawns a new epidemic
Imbalance in nature

Mutation, genetic structure altered
Seepage of cancerous spores, pustule discharge from pores
Tumorous secretions, tissue inflammation
Spreading neoplasms, causing convulsive spasms

Mucopus is crusted in the corners of the mouth
Boils swell to the bursting point
Entrails puked up, innards get stuck
Caught in the esophagus

Stomach acids burn through the throat
Dangling intestines dripping with excrement
Ulcers eat through the abdomen
Leaking impurities

Organs spoil turning black with rot
Parasites extract marrow from bone causing brittleness

Leg bones collapse, trunk falls in a pool filled with muscle and blood
Submerged in a gore drenched puddle, melting away
Disintegration, total cell breakdown
All that is left are powdered remnants of a once functioning being

5. Cystic Fibrosis

Inherited disorder manifests with no cure
Defective genes carry this abnormality
Cell clusters fail to create necessary juices
Deficient pancreatic enzymes prohibit the digestive process

Weakling newborn not capable of fending for itself
Clogged passages instill upper lung infection
Obstruction of intestinal glands
Foul smelling stool blocks the bowel
Gradual liver atrophy impairs insulin production

Infant ravaged with diabetes
Medicine administered to stabilize blood sugar
Thick mucus blocks the exocrine glands
Respiratory contamination spreads within
Debilitating illness cuts chance of survival
Innocent life ended in the name of disease

6. Intrauterine Cannibalism [Live]

Fertilization of malformed ovaries
Miracle or modern medicine
Deformed fetal development
Coupled with drug addiction
Propitiate nature's law of selection

Embryos incubate in this diseased womb
Fertility drugs mutate the stronger of the two
Fraternal twins vie for more nutrients

Grotesque umbilical cord emerges
Ridged needles puncture the soft epidermis
Meticulous and precise, this living extension
pumps stimulus into the unwilling recipient
Drainage of vital fluids

Accelerated growth patterns facilitate the hunger
Complete absorption, causes sibling to crumble inward
Shriveled body floats lifeless
Awaiting to be born dead


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