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Cross Species Transmutation

"Cross Species Transmutation" (2003 EP)

1. Virulent Contagion
2. Cross Species Transmutation
3. Fibroid Embolism
4. Postmortem Perception
5. Congenital Decadence
6. Mortality Weakness
7. Ovarian Incubation

1. Virulent Contagion

Contagious agent, virus contaminates
Decay induced bacteria propagates
Crippled torsos bludgeoned smashed in face
Disease produced exhibiting virulent trait

Environment ideal incubation
Conditions viable for evolution
Harboring the sickness, ravaged from within

Trunk encrusted in gore
Blistering surface, pus seeps from pores
Infection escapes the body
Leaking cavity expels impurity

Deprivation extrudes poison out
Nutrients stripped from decomposed
Emerging death, waiting to consume
Pestilence transmission

Direct contact will infest
Pathogenic germs will taint
Ghastly product erosion
Carnage that should inter
Survival will not occur
Bacteria propagates
Spreading poison culminates

Contagious agent, exhibiting virulent trait
Decay induced, virus contaminates
Body consumed, infected with the strain
Internal feasting, increase death rate
Harbor sickness

2. Cross Species Transmutation

Transgenic subject designed for mutation
Reluctant servant, disposable life form
Changeling bred for tissue engineering
Anatomically incorrect, interspecie mixture
Collections of foreign cells incubate

Quarantine essential for proper development
Unnatural habitat entombs victim
Forced regeneration, heightened metabolic rate
Intravenous infusion engrosses
Construct this abomination

Scientific breakthrough accomplished
Inhumane entanglement, conjoined hybrid
Donor potential realized
Humanoid characteristics evident
Implantation successful, execute cultivation
Abundant supply ready for harvest

Changeling bred for tissue engineering
Reluctant servant, disposable life form

Selfish experiments that prolong human life
Inhumane entanglement
Procreation of organisms to benefit man
Interspecie mixture
Transforming creatures through science
Humanoid abomination

3. Fibroid Embolism

Immense clusters manifest in the muscular wall
Benign in nature, fibroma spread
Size increase strangles the womb from within
Uterine cavity blockage prohibits pregnancy
Menstruation excels, intense bleeding out

Intercourse painful from abrasives
Tumorous attachments ingurgitate foreskin
Growths circulate to hinder copulation
Outward swelling distorts organ
Bulbous member congested with fluid
Internal blisters leak from vaginal hemorrhages

Soft tissue hardens
Causing vulva to bloat
Lining degeneration
Absorbing the sores, fragile life-giving
system murdered

Reproductive muscle froth trickles from tip
Dribbling rotten juice discharge
Hematomas accumulate
Gelafied mass encased in erectile tissue

Urethra obstruction
Blood clotting severes circulation
Genital paralysis, overflowing fibroids
Surgical procedure, total removal

4. Postmortem Perception

Organic disease tears through your vitality
Transplantation of donor parts impending
Careful attachment of new prosthesis
Inner rejection without proper transfusion
Procedure completion, stabilized patient

Momentary flashes during healing process
Visions of violence cloud your thoughts
Images not recognized, delusions of dying
Inherent memories on a cellular level
Subconscious torture becomes reality
Discomfort centered around new organ
Trauma to the limbs and torso
Immeasurable distress, the pain of extinction
Recipient experiences demise of donor
Decadence brought to repaired living system
Tissue rejection not the origin
Death impressions vivid, felt throughout
Repression of agony before shock sets in
Reliving the horror of dying someone elseís death

5. Congenital Decadence

Onset of epilepsy clouds awareness
Hallucinations disrupt temporal lobe
Disease infected cortex
Congenital malformations manifest
Calcium deposits develop in the brain

Vision impaired by melanoma
Skin afflictions cover epidermis
Innards attacked by spreading fibroma
Attaching tumors cling to the host
Merging tissue will ensue
Physical and mental deformities

Illusions accelerate negative reaction
Self-mutilation the catalyst for decadence
Ineffective treatments debilitate
Facial contortions, medication failure

Senile dementia enfeebles the weak
Disposition multiplies

Regression of ailments solidify
Congenital malformations
Vulnerable consciousness putrefies
Seeing nothing, staring through blank eyes
Fragmented psyche, ineffective treatments
Debilitating condition
Senile dementia enfeebles the weak
Functioning body with devoid inside
Recovery inoperable

6. Mortality Weakness

Slender muscle adheres to the frame
Fragile form development
Ligature mends system together
Tender flesh surrounds

A collection of parts distributes your ancestry
Hereditary patterns make up being
Physical perfection absurdity
Apparent weakness reality

Susceptible to natureís onslaught
Defending against us, the bacterium
A body absolute by design
Frailty of the human condition

Defective chromosomes achieve completeness
Nucleus threads pumping illness throughout
Helpless dispersal of cells to encompass
Rapid aging within, engrossed infirmity

A body absolute by design
Physical perfection absurdity
Apparent weakness reality

Premature mind resides in a decrepit shell
Enlarged cranium, bulging eyes, frail body
Ravaged by the pain of the elderly
Frailty of the human condition

Juvenile ages before their time
Wrinkled, weak, exist as the dead
Rapid progression, devitalize
Engrossed infirmity

7. Ovarian Incubation

Unresponsive stimulus
Influx deters ovum production
Corruption of blood supply
Corpuscles can not carry
Nutrient rich oxygen

Sustaining infantile cells
Impossible to flourish
Vagina not equipped for incubation
Alternate means necessary to procreate
Subject prepared for vitro fertilization

Grotesque misuse of another species
Impregnate suitable host
Conception through a test tube
Gestating a foreign embryo
Made to carry unwanted pregnancy
Observing while nature runs itís course

Leukocytes attack unborn
Pumping forth mutagen
Weak fetus absorbs agent

Spreading throughout premature unborn
Overcome by cellular changes
Corruption of blood supply
Under developed cannot survive

Induced labor, stimulation
Uterine contractions
Rupturing interior membranes
Facilitate artificial birth
Freakish thing spills forth
Creation of new genus species


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