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Hateful Preachings

"Hateful Preachings" (2003)

1. Malice
2. Sheep
3. Farcey
4. Lay Down & Die
5. Ashes of Genocide
6. Crimson King
7. Hard to Swallow
8. I'll Take you Down
9. Rape the World

1. Malice

2. Sheep

3. Farcey

Every single day, in every fucking way.
Youíve held me down, tried to make me drown.
In your bullshit thoughts, you make my brain rot.
Now I know your plan, youíre not the fucking man.

What I think of you / youíll never fucking know.
Dismissed from hell / watch me fucking go.
Propaganda's words, is all I ever heard.
You tried to make me feel something so unreal.
Taste this drink I take, ideas are all a fake.
On this dope I smoke, youíre a fucking joke.
Chorus:In this pill I swallow, your feelings are so hallow.
Iíll never tap the vein, your shallow life remains.
When phil said I saw, now I say fuck you all.
Determination never quit, and on your farcey I give spit.

-On this farcey I give spit, watch me fucking go.

4. Lay Down & Die

I still remember the day we met
You were so beautiful to me
You caught my eyes with captivating grace
It felt like we were meant to me
We used to sit and talk for hours
content in conversation happily
I never wanted anything in life but you
You showed me love, You made me believe
Then we were wed, and life seemed so grand
but now with open eyes I can see
My love now gone and new feelings found
with hatred and anger my heart bleeds

So why donít you just die
All youíve done is lie
Youíre an evil psycho cunt and I mean this to be blunt
A hacksaw to your face, your blood I want to taste
I want to say good-bye so why donít you just lay down and die.

Verse 2:
I want you to go in ways that are slow, I want to lick the tears from your face, I want to smell the fear
I want to put you in your fucked up place if I could only hear
Your heart cry out, see you lie there in your pain, Itís you who made this happen
Youíre the one, The one who made me insane
Youíve acted like you didnít see this coming, itís like you donít know what you have done
Now itís your turn to suffer and all I want is for you to die

Lay down and die, I want you to die, lay down and die
Why donít you just die.

5. Ashes of Genocide

You, seem surprised, to see me here
To see Iíve found my way home
You cut the strings, and cut my hair
Assuming Iíd just stay gone
And I donít feel the way I used to feel
And I donít look the way I used to look
Struggling to breath, submerged in your assimilation
Yet my desperation has allowed for me to swim to shore

Chorus 1
I can breathe again
I can see again
I was living then
I cannot remember when
I am finally me again
I am fucking free again
Ashes rising form the wind
Watch me walk the earth again
You, thought Iíd drown, your will held me under
Bloodís creeping in its circulating pace
You slowed my heart, and slowed my breath
Hoping that youíd never see my face
And I donít love the way I used to love
And I donít show my feelings anymore
Challenged by your eyes, choked by all your aspirations
Feeling numb and blinded, but somehow stronger than before

Chorus 1

As I fall, down to the floor,
I cry out, but you just give me more

Chorus 2
I canít breath
And I canít see
Iím not living now
I cannot remember how
I will no more be me
No Iím not fucking free
Ashes fall and thereís no more wind
Watch me walk the earth again

6. Crimson King

7. Hard to Swallow

8. I'll Take you Down

You know who I am, You see my size
You see the hate and the anger in my eyes
Iím the man, that you want to be
Youíll never see this, why canít you see
Iím one of a kind, but your just like the rest
You want to tangle with me, well then be my guest
but know this now, Itíll be your end
Because this is what I'll do

Iíll take you down, down, down son
So fuckin down, down, down
You just donít have the balls.2nd verse:
Iíve cracked more skulls and packed more bowls,
And taken more souls, I live all your goals
So why do you feel the need to fuck with me
cause Iíll make you bleed
Walking this world with your head up your ass
Well when you see me you better pass
Iím just waiting to loose my mind on you
and you know just what Iíll do

Chorus: Get ready to fall

3rd verse:
Iíll take you down, In blood youíll drown,
In hell youíll be, and soon youíll see me there too

9. Rape the World

I canít describe just how I feel
The torment burns inside
But if you saw the caged aggression
You would run and hide
It builds and builds up everyday
Just how long can I hold
The fire burning deep within me
Yet my skinís so fuckin cold

Why am I behind these bars
All this does is make more scars
Being torn in every way,
Hate grows in me every day
Pissed and crazed Iím unfurled
When Iím out Iíll rape the world

Iíll rape the world
Iíll conquer all
Stay out of the way, Iíll rape you all

2nd Verse:
No one knows just what theyíve done, or
what theyíve made of me.
I guess Iíll have to fuckin crack before they all can see.
Fear and shock would spill from faces,
and so would all their blood.
But I wonít give them the pleasure,
Iíll laugh when theyíve released the flood.

Bridge, Chorus, Bridge


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