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"Beyond Eternity" (2004)

1. Divine War
2. The Hunter
3. Conversion
4. Beyond Eternity
5. Graveyard
6. Buried Alive
7. The Haunting

1. Divine War

Flash floods wash out the angelic race
While immortals set sail for his fiery embrace

Tagged for an eternity this is why they're pissed
Imbibing all the human blood floating in the mist
Require what I desire this is why they kill
Crucified by all mankind while hell awaits their soul
Our holy way under way dedicate your life
And reign in the flames of a scorching hell

I screamed "Kill for the holy souls!"

His kingdom weakened by the presence of the fog

Behold their souls with his eyes see your real maker
Detect their screams with his ears hear your real maker
Sense their grasp with his skin feel your real maker
Savor their blood with his tongue taste your real maker

Plunge down to earth as we surge
In purgatory our worlds will merge
We will burn you to the ground And we will sift through your carnage
Tear the flesh off your bones
Killed all the archangels
And crucified the misbegotten Truth
Now I am enthroned forever

And all that follow shall suffer!

His kingdom torn asunder our fires burning strong
The reign of your lord didn't last long
The holy burned away by the devil's flames
All the rebel angels are eluding God's wrath
The pure of heart exhaunted death evoked this storm
Arising from his deadly flames not among the pure

2. The Hunter

As he walks through the shadows of death
A certain fate awaits him
Lurking in the shadow of killer prey
Has now become the hunter

Hate and anger fill his face
Death and demise his only desire
Suffer has changed the one who is pure
Now there's no stopping his revenge

The hunt goes on there is no end
But the other killer knows the message he sends
He will never stop until his killing is done
He will never stop until his battles are won

He's getting closer now tension is high
The killer is nervous 'cause he knows he will die
He doesn't know whether to run or to hide
Hearing footsteps now he wishes he had died

The hunter sees his prey the killer runs
Both of them draw their arms
The adrenaline flows their hearts race
Soon they will meet face to face

The hunter knows he's close
He can smell the fear of the hunted
The killer's blood runs cold
For the hunter's dirty dee to be done

Now the time has come
The hunter can almost taste the blood
The killer has stood his ground
The hunter crept in silently without making a sound

The final standoff didn't last long
Now the hunter sings his victory song
Then he stops and thinks to himself
His fire still burns he wants to kill someone else

3. Conversion

Bound to the chair blood in your eyes
There's no hope as you plead for your life
Your will is gone your soul begins to fade
Sent from his savior to change what you believe

Conversion the sadist screams at you
Conversion there's nothing you can do

Scalding oil dissipates your flesh
Punishment for faiths that don't except his words
No longer can you see now lying on your back
The cranking of wheels you're crying out for death

He will not come

Hypocrites you screamed
For your life a savior's
Words twisted You're dead

Whips crack tearing away
Your flesh the blood runs from
Your veins into the hands
Of your executioner

Never again will you see
Your faith will lead you to death
Change your beliefs or face my God
You're no longer existent

Chained to the wall as the torches die
The darkness creeps you hear their silent cries
Entrapped in this hell there's no escape
Except for your death but the reaper will not come
For you

4. Beyond Eternity

5. Graveyard

Clench your fist and open your eyes while you're alive (wake up)
A murderer is in your room stabbing you with his knife (wake up)
Your unconscious mind can't detect the pain of a bloodbath in its reign
A psychotic killer is having a ball as he watches you decease

Is he dead
Should I shoot him instead
What if he wakes up
I'll just take him to the graveyard
I'll just take him to the graveyard

The perfect crime
At the right time
No one can save you now
They wouldn't interfere
'Cause if thy gave it a try
They might just die

Awake from your slumber before you're down under your time is ticking away (wake up)
Put a fight this could be your last night let's see some signs of life (wake up)
We know you're alive so just open your eyes you'll be in for a big surprise
This guy's trying to kill as you lie there still and there's nothing you can feel

He's stuffing you in a body bag covered in your blood (wake up)
As he drags you down a flight of stairs I'm starting to lose sight (wake up)
Hear a noise coming from your front door I'm hoping you'll escape I guess it's too late you're in the trunk of his car and you're heading towards the graveyard

6. Buried Alive

There's blood on my grave
Wipe it off stare at it
Tells a story of forgotten death
Say a prayer for me
It's not too late they think I'm dead
God take these thoughts out of my head
It's getting dark in here
What the fuck is wrong with you
You think that I disappeared
I saw the dirt on my face
I'm buried six feet underground
Is there any way to break out of hell

The maggots are here
Eating my skin
Clawing the lid I can't escape
It's hard to breathe in this dark tomb
Let me see the light
Before I see death

I'm losing my breath
Mother fucker ground is thick
My infested mind makes me sick
Instincts tell me I'm going to die just give up
No one hears me I'm out of luck
Where is God now?
He's up high I'm down low
Where's the sympathy I was promised he'd show?
I know the end is near
My time is low
My final words to God are fuck you

7. The Haunting

Evil torments me
That bastard lurked from his grave
I see him everyday
Massacred and decayed
Silent screams in my head
Telling me he's not dead
Illusions confusions or is it in my head

He's tearing me apart
He's fucking with my head
As the dark night passed with misery
I lost the sense of sanity

Why can't the demons stay dead and buried?
I left him in the graveyard dead and buried
Drawn insane from the voices of the dead and buried
My agony will end when I'm dead and buried

Repress these images
There is hope I will cope
One day he'll disappear
And I won't have to fear of
Dying anymore
Trying to escape this horror
As I take my last breath
I start to think of death

His ghost haunts me
Will never leave me be
Deprived of all my dreams
Ripped life apart at the seams
Release the breath I held
Knowing now that I have failed
It's time now that I died
Standing before the noose I tied


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