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Almost Like Something Completely Sinister

"Almost Like Something Completely Sinister" (1998 Demo)

1. Too Slow to Die
2. Vengeance
3. I'm the One
4. Vampire's Kiss
5. Blut und Liebe
6. Suburban Execution
7. The Cage of the Insane
8. Riding on the Bus

1. Too Slow to Die

Too slow to die...Too slow to die
Blood seeping...Torn Body sleeping...
Shallow breathing...Die...Dying...Dead

2. Vengeance

Crucify...Desecrate...Another dies...Asphyxiate

I'll fuck your Mother's still warm corpse...I'll Sodomise
While Father sees it all through now lifeless eyes
No tears shall fall the blood will rain, Death's glassy stare
Mutilation, Uncreation of those you hold dear

Scream, Cry no one will come...I'm cloaked in fear
Bleed and die maggot, writhe in pain, no one will

Disfigured...Brutalise...Atrocity...In your eyes
Stygian...I decimate...Mangled...I seal your fate
Your life...I despise...Immolation...Hear your cries
Jugulation...Pain and fear...Trucidation...Your end is here

Crushing your head under my boot, insecticide
Stillborn ripped from your mother's womb, Aborticide
My vengeance upon hated life shall never tire
'Til my thirst for blood is sated, Man has expired

3. I'm the One

Mental? Me? What do you mean?

I'm the one who's gone insane? I'm the cause of all your pain?

Men and Me? We're all the same?

I'm the scapegoat for your blame. I take the drugs escape reality? Oh no!

Take your pills and try to hide you can't escape the hurt inside

Mood swings count the hours in the day

And when you run the pain runs too, Its always been inside of you

One day you'll find the truth its too late



I'm the one who caused the pain? I'm the one who went away?

I'm the one who's gone insane? I'm the one for you to blame!

I'm the one it was all me! I'm the one who couldn't see?

I'm the one I'm so unkind? I'm the one am I so Blind?

4. Vampire's Kiss

Once again they rule the land, Shadow's sent from hell's domain
Spirits overlooked by death, They stalk the land undead

Cloaked in myth, life denied, defying god who fears them so
Immortal though their souls have died, instinct drives them, hunger grows

Hunt and kill, and hunt they must, feed the hunger sate bloodlust
A land enclosed in pale fists ... Two marks from hell the Vampire's Kiss

In hell they spawn to kill at night and hide in their tombs through daylight
Warm fresh blood is what they need, they take lifeblood upon to feed

Fear no cross nor water blessed, for myths mean nothing to the undead
Sunlight burns and stakes vanquish ... Two marks from hell the Vampire's Kiss

Satan's slaves do his request, spreading evil without rest
A curse has come upon you now, therefore we must die!

5. Blut und Liebe

Blood foaming from her compressed lips, I kiss her slowly fading face
And hold her crumpled bleeding form, in the mortice of our last embrace

Pale when I met her, as the ghost she shall be, for the rest of our lives, again haunting me
But she had to die, there was no other way, for our lives to begin no more tears, no more pain

In disbelief she sits, staring at the holes, slowly taking in reality
The blood on her lips, the hunger inside, The two holes Immortality

The blood queen and king on wings glide sweet death, forever young so strong so refreshed
Nourished on blood on fear and desire, More alive than in life their senses afire

Wolfen and drawn, teeth bared no remorse, No regrets for their passing no wish for recourse
Eternal ages, love that never dies, but for the emptiness caught in their eyes

In their eyes (ad Lib)

Doomed to the exile of eternal life
The deathless ... love

6. Suburban Execution

Nightfall, my family sleeps, safe at home or so they think
But I'm awake and since I'm so full of hatred, they don't know
Little things, day by day, build up inside I seem okay
One day I'll snap and then they'll see
The rage and death inside of me

Sun comes in, invades the room, testimony of my doom
Glistens red on drying blood, Scarlet pieces of my love
Feels so strange embrace the cold and sticky forms of those I hold
I know you may not understand, My love is dead by my own hand

Lie there my infant son, Head flat the brain is gone
Daughter lies by his side, Dark gore replaced her eyes
My wife now sprawled and stiff, Empty joins the abyss
Corpse like with trembling hand, Striving to understand

Undressing the razor. its sticky red coat
With soft flowing strokes now I open my throat
My life Ebbs away now, so gently I choke
My vision is blurring...

I just want to die (Ad Lib)

7. The Cage of the Insane

8. Riding on the Bus


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