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The Dust of the Real Path

"The Dust of the Real Path" (1994 Demo)

1. Nocturnal Whispers
2. Bastard Messiah
3. The Unholy Falldown of Christianism
4. Kingdom of Darkness
5. The coldest Dark
6. Maleficarum
7. Incubus of death
8. Sacrifice
9. Doom
10. Blood Lust
11. ....Salve.....

1. Nocturnal Whispers

2. Bastard Messiah

The farce begun two thousand years ago
With a false prophet who lied at all
Inventing a lie named christianism
And forged errors with it

Thirthy three years of deception had rotten in the cross
The vultures, his bleedly corpse to prowl around
While his lips continued telling words, lies and deceptions
And his church fallen down with him

A mother who gave a birth to a wrathchild
That his father never known
A bastard messiah created by god
And the fools who believed
In the cross his life and his lies had ceased
His body was rotten like the fools who obey christian's way

The unholy fall down of christianism
There's no god to hear your last pray

Christum mortis obiere et sao fraudationis - mater te orat ut fillio
Ignoscias suo - ho!!! Magisterque... - sed etiam ille torturum in inferno est...!
In sacro seremonia nocturnus vita - sacrilegis sacerdos implorati
Dominus obscurita advoco a te - sacrificum tibi recivio - unique deum agnosco et credo
Luzbel in terra... Gloria - Luzbel in caelum... Gloria - Luzbel in a ternum vita gloria

The bastard messiah is dead
It was the sign of the god
The christians blood has forgotten

The unholy fall down of christianism

3. The Unholy Falldown of Christianism

Scenes of death shows before my eyes
The darkness overcomes myself
That just go for the true path

You're so present and live than ever
and accompany them in the darkest shadows
On them mortal corpses
That surround at you to kill in your name
Oh my master!!

The christianism was your curtain
But you painted it in black forever

You're behind the light
Opaqueting this lie
The blood of the bastard
In the hell it's

4. Kingdom of Darkness

In the forest, in the top of a hill side
Calling the frozen full moon to rise
The time is right to change my life
The wind rise the dust on the road

Invocating to the torrents of power
Destination lies only in dreams
The time shows the perfect moment
When the kingdom should come...

Kingdom of darkness will rise
Looking deep beyond the gates to
The lord of the morbid priest
In the realm of evil gods

Kingdom of darkness
Wins the eternal battle against the light
Kingdom of darkness
The christianism has been your victims

Making images to burn by the moon fire
Darkness rips the land
Spreading pure hell
Passing the river of death
Screams in vain the hellfires shall burn...

5. The coldest Dark

6. Maleficarum

7. Incubus of death

Climb to the mountain side
In special moon night
It's snowlight shows the path
Where you ought to go on

On the nocturnal mist
On the cold winds of nightmare
Over dark forest and freezing lakes
A demon floats in flames...

...Incubus of death in her mind
Possession of lust her dark desire...

He glimpses to a maiden
Crazy for love sleeping
Laughing he settles in her breast
Uneasy between sights
She immerses in the death...

8. Sacrifice

Calls the queen of hell
Reciting the words of spell
She grasped the sword
And surpassed the voice of nazarene

Crying in ancient tongues
Imploring for the hell's commands
Making the pentagram in fire
Where the holy images are burning

Spitting on the virging with lambs blood
Obeying the words that listening
Upon of his throne of lust
All of terrestial pleasures has given
Sacrifice ancient cult

Recite the words of spell
Pray when blood flows
Hear my pleas
Oh father euronymous...
This is my sacrifice for you

...Obey my commands!!
I've burned the holy images
And recited the words of spell
And prayed when the blood flows
And sacrificed the lamb in your name...

9. Doom

Damnation of the world
Mayhem destination
Armageddin is here
In infernal doom

Blasting horror and misery
Black sunset dies
Slowly silence of agony
Comes with tormentor doom

Wicked warriors are riding
Proclaiming the eternal destruction
In cold winter storms where
Winter shadows wait the sign of the horns
To take the blasphemous mortals souls
With blasting doom winds

10. Blood Lust

11. ....Salve.....


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