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"4 Song Advance" (1998 Demo)

1. Dead To The World
2. Fuckers Like You
3. Breeding Impurity
4. Bless Me Father

1. Dead To The World

I have brought you to your knees
Stop your crying, there's no effect on me
Dead, is what you will become
Nailed high, to be laughed upon
You will die
I will make sure, that it's with pain
Treasure, your very life
Because, You’re about to be killed

Filled with fear
You try to escape
But, you've been betrayed
From the one that you trusted
Not perfect, Repent
For your souls condemned

You’re already dead
You deserve, That, I myself

Will kill, and spare you no life
Your guilt of sin, won't be, forgiving

Crying from pain
Shut up, I don't want to hear your mouth
Blood soaking
From the nail that binds thee

Damn it, you will stop moving
Can't you just lie still, or die?
Hanging, you drown in your blood
To see you scared is what I love

Cut the dead
To be sure they’re not alive
Kill the weeping
What few, believed your lies

Your tears, your eyes, I want to see
Be the man, you said you are, to me
Ready for, your life to season
Open up your fist and expose your palm

Never to escape
You’re nailed with my hate
Have you changed your mind?
About your mistake

You got something to tell me?
Whisper it, into my ear
All you loved, you now hate
And all your people, you now forsake

2. Fuckers Like You

Time and time, you want to obligate
Yourself to imitate
Can't free your own mind
Your only thoughts are blind
You force on me
Your own
Worst enemy

You’re a day late and a dollar too short
Can you respect, what is not yours?

Carry on, you followers
On my back, for the ride
That's what, you think!

Criticize, those who know
You piece of shit
Why don't you, get fucked!

Are you incompetent?
You pitiful fuck, you are worthless
Your lack of originality
Has killed what we believed in
You ruined your chance for friendship
And you have lost our respect

It’s Fuckers Like You, who killed our scene!
Leeching on to all of our leads
You fucked it for all to enjoy
You'll get what you deserve in time

Stay away from me!
Don't consider what I thought
You fuckers take credit, for what?
You want to make enemies?
So much for loyalty

I have your number
You'll fear me, when you sleep
Back stabbing me
For popularity

3. Breeding Impurity

4. Bless Me Father


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