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"Demo" (1986 Demo)

1. Another Won
2. Your Majesty
3. A Vision
4. Two Far
5. March Of The Tyrant
6. Vital Star

1. Another Won

It was the mortal passion
The flame that lit the fire
the beauty of the starlight
brought the cruelty of desire

A lover's link was broken
Another's vengeful plan
was contrived through jealous hatred
for a cross of god and man

'I hope it will turn out so
but I can't help being afraid
Perception is hindered by lust
to be sure of the choice you have made.'

'Grant me this request, please
Just promise me your word
Attest to the mighty river
Let the truth be heard!'

She asked to see the power
His realm of life and love
His godly immortality
the thunder roared above

Her words were so quickly spoken
Lest he stop her from the deed
'I gave you my word, now my love
Your grim request I shall heed!'

Leaving his maiden
he rose to the sky
Returning in splendors
to earth he did fly

Subject to presence
too brilliant to face
Another had killed passion's grace

2. Your Majesty

Do you need the walls to spread apart?
Something's been sent here,
to free you, I am told.
A rising power that will break you,
Break you out you'll see,
Your fantasy unfold.

It can be won.
We will be one.

So many eyes that never open.
too many chains that bind
the dreams that make us see.
There are no prisons in our kingdom.
Will you give your hand?
Say "yes, Your Majesty!"

It can be won.
We will be one.
Always go on,
Never saying you are done.

We're always looking for
A place where magic passion soars.
You'll find that if you're with us,
the magic's in your heart!

It can be won.
We will be one.
Now can you see
The gift we bring...
Your Majesty!

3. A Vision

A place within your eyes
Forever I wear
this second hand disguise

In time to find your world
this lifetime disappears
yes we understand
In space but not in time
my guardian is here
I can't understand

Imagine wanting nothing more
The angel you've been sending for
Now just don't turn away...

Reaching in and finding out
A Vision
I must capture it somehow

The first light
that cast a spell to later cry
Will always remain
This force of life
It's power in a look of fire
Was calling your name

Don't you feel it?
Yes, Believe it
It's time to set emotions straight
this space is wasting a dream
And it can't wait

Here I am
Cross this bridge and come my way
The answer to a prayer
A light for us to share
In all our Glory
We will hold our lives as one
And I will carry you
Until our Kingdom Come
Can't you hear me?

is why the spirit falls below
One to One
is all the faith one needs to grow

This tension I feel
Is it really fair?
One of you will have to leave here
these words will break the line
that ties our worlds together
And I will never go

Remember having dreams to share?
We've been taught to hide our fear
But now you can't turn away...


4. Two Far

Too far away
Distance control
No contact today

Empty again
Leaving me here
Is there no end?


Wait for me
Can't you see it's only time?
Here for you
Hearts combined can only climb

Emotions on trial
We close our eyes
transcending miles...

Wait for me
Can't you see it's only time?
Here for you
Hearts combined can only climb

Wait for me
Pour your heart inside of mine
Here for you
Love must stand this test of time.

5. March Of The Tyrant

The God of Emperor deliverer of rakis
Stages his royal ascent
for the time has come for the tyrant
to unleash the golden path
The Lease of their lives has been spent

Revealing shadows of his past
Taking charge of his own life
distant to all mortal eyes
Never again the tyrant
the shock, the awe, the elation

There is no time, no distance ahead to continue
The fixity of visions determined
As God of emperor seizes thy Infinite grace
Transcending mystic worlds and time

Rage and confusion...War for supremacy
Valuable insight producing effect
As he marches down the royal road
his entourage embraces
never again
The shock!
The awe!
The elation!

As Arrakis undergoes a ghostly shift
The lessons now learned
Capturing reality
As the long awaited sacrifice unfolds
The march of the tyrant will end.


6. Vital Star

Leaving the lives that have made us
A wish in our eyes as we go
tomorrow will speak for us
wanting today
Finding strength as we take hold

When time comes to reach for a star
How seemingly endless
and dark space can be
Look straight ahead through the blackness
So brilliant the light you will see!

We've already chosen our direction
Standing our ground
while the clouds take us high
Some not as fortunate
hearts still asleep
Can we stir their blood?
Can we teach them to fly?

Our elders have seen us grow strong
A wish of the past
has proven to be
Us, Vital,
We keep them alive
As we remain loyal
to our destiny

Vital Star
A sanctum deep within our souls
lights the way
Reach within
You're not alone
This lifeblood flows inside us all

Infant dreams need full attention
half a heart beats half as fast
half as fast


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