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Beyond The Moon

"Beyond The Moon" (2005)

1. One Journey
2. The Great Eternity
3. Emotions Of A Picture
4. Beyond The Moon
5. Tears In Neverland
6. The Angels Dance (instrumental)
7. Donít Want To Be An Actor
8. Take Me Home
9. Footprints
10. Mystic Eye

1. One Journey

2. The Great Eternity

A wind of denial
comes over the sea
Itís falling down
under the rainbow
protected by memories

The valleys behind you
a truth to deceive
Find your way
The angels are calling
a journey of great believes

So thereís time to be home again
Is this the way for me

Thereís so much to see
inside the great eternity
Come and feel,
the Lamb will set you free
For the lonely heart
thereís a flame in the dark,
in the great eternity of light

The way to an answer
is gone by the wind
Believe the way
Your heart will be free
in the great eternity

In days of tomorrow
youíre leaving the past
Once you will find
the dream is now over,
through God you are free at last

So thereís time to be home again
This is the way for me

3. Emotions Of A Picture

If one day remains
and the truth is to end the glory,
What picture will you paint this day
If you fall into sleep, endless pain
Wake up the sirens will scream your name

You will lose your soul
and self-control
Not even pictures can cover that pain

The scene on the screen
temptations of healing ages
The witch has now become your mate
But the light in her eye is a fake
One day she will burn and receive her fate

You must make a choice
to which cross will you bow,
only you can decide your own fate

Hail to the King
Hail the keeper of the key
Hail to the King
Hail to the King

I know a place,
with You I belong
Let the millennium come
The shine will be
a journey to see
In the morning days
I wonít be afraid

In the morning days
when the sun arises
I will see your face
and my life will never die

You travel in time
to temples of death and glory
In which temple will you pray one day
Canít you see victory pays a price
Stop trembling and listen to my advice

I have made my choice
I will pray to the cross,
with the sign of a wounded lamb

So just listen to me
through Christ youíll be free
Paint your picture in Gods holy hand

4. Beyond The Moon

In a garden beyond the rainbows foreign land,
there was a Man dressed in white

Rainbow colors in this beauty arise
True time whispers clear my eyes
Beyond the moon we seek the kingdom

Poor walls of burning souls,
emperor falls when theyíre sinking their goals
Systems down now the demons are bound

Freedom in the slaughtered Lamb,
redemption as we reach the end
I saw His face, a silent touch
The night will never see
that the meeting must proceed
when Love became a blood red name

Endless lightness will follow Him through
Stronghold fate captured my truth,
Visions dance with mighty winds forever

Lost deep eyes in a sea of cries,
ice-cold lies in a world of advise,
treasure found when we worship the crown our
The living God

The Man whoís dressed in white
has an endless love in sight,
and His name will the king of lies proclaim

Proceed the meeting soon
so we can fly beyond the moon
The treasure found, when we worship the

5. Tears In Neverland

How many years have floated down the
how many tears in Neverland
The broken words inside your head,
you left behind your dream instead
The broken words are crossing through
the gates of truth

Take the time
The knights are screaming
Take the time

Neverland is all the same
Youíve been touched by an angelís heart
Whereís the way,
where is the guided way
There is hope in the Morning star
Await the call,
the angels on the wall

Await the dawn,
in the rising morn
With shining swords they cross the gate
My deepest fear will lose its fate
The lonely years will end this day
when they come to say

Take the time
The knights are screaming
Hear the call

6. The Angels Dance (instrumental)

7. Donít Want To Be An Actor

I wonder and I search
Who is the man I always show,
at my home or in the church
Help me I want to know

Could there be a difference
that depends on where I am
What I do will make sense,
IĎll show them what I can

I donít want to wear a religious mask
Prepare me to perform your task

I donít want to be an actor
What I want is to be real
I donít want to be an actor
Clean my heart so I can feel
your presence

Iíll be the one they expect me to be,
I do the things I always do,
but now I will be free
Send me I want to go

8. Take Me Home

I know a place
inside my broken heart,
forever You and I in a park

I know a place
where You and I become
united in the sun

Two thousand years ago
a child came to this world,
with a mission to divine our lives
You took our sins away,
and left this crazy place,
with a promise to come back again
God help me see
the garden of my own
So I can breathe and sail away
I want to follow your Words today
but shadows are distracting my way

The servant must he shine
to cross the border line,
or design the secret key
when he sail upon the sea

Take me home please God (x2)
Let this journey of light
be my sunrise tonight.
Take me home please God (x2)
On your wings I will ride
through the night

Inside our wicked souls
he nailed a secret place
Bow for the altar, seek those days
The desert speaks the same:
Receive the simple truth
Drink from the well with the king of Jews
Father bless my soul,
Wisdom hear my goal,
so I can leave this raging cave
Top-secret memories explain my grief
I turn to my Father, my Chief

The world has left me cold
Pollutions make me old
I will see your face one day,
when I walk on your golden way

9. Footprints

Heavy wounds are bleeding,
when you leave your empty soul
Search to breath the lightness,
but shadows only see the dawn

So many fortunetellers
have put your faith in a harmless stone
Youíre lost in endless voices
and fight your way into hidden storms

There is a dreamland,
a land by gold,
a brand new kingdom stands,
a dream so old,
a land of gold sand
itís made for you and me
I pray to see the land

Oh Father of might...
Give me!
... a sign up in the air
See the footprints in the golden sand
When you cross the river, feel no pain
Just take His hand,
Heíll lead you to the Promised Land

See my footprints on the golden sand
when I cross the river there is no pain
I take His hand and
we enter the Promised Land

When the scenes from lifetime
flash in front your haunted eyes,
you see a Man from dreamland,
who guides your footsteps in the sand

I feel His mighty hand,
the footprints in the sand

10. Mystic Eye

Deep in a forest
a dungeon prepare mystic eye,
Mystic eye, mystic eye...
to change the reality,
just to control all the wise

The eye of the wolf
hunts foolish sense to the grave
In the end he shall not succeed
with this way to behave

Do not choose the blind way
The dungeon gate
wonít help your fate,
wonít help your fate

Mystic eye,
gives my pain in my sorrow
Mystic eye,
yesterday is tomorrow
Mystic eye,
has its heart full of lies
Rob and steal in disguise
in this Mystic eye

Oh Father, oh Father
please take this sign of my hand
Forgive me, forgive me
free all the bounds where I stand
So many people have lost their lives
into the night

Dry to go
youíre hiding from strangers
High and low
youíre looking for danger
Time to go
and search for the Saviour
Die for gold
the eye of a prayer

Disguised as an angel
he tries to deceive human race
Not even a costume
can cover the death in his face

The dark empty forest
has paralysed and bound many names
Beware of the sinful lifestyle
Your life is no game

Oooh the Mystic eye
Gives me pain in my sorrow
Oooh the Mystic eye
Gives me pain in my sorrow


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