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Ruminations of Debauchery

"Ruminations of Debauchery" (1997)

1. Debauchery
2. Icons of Gods
3. Rumination (...of Nature)
4. The Magus
5. Reflections of the Dark
6. Hexacles (outro)

1. Debauchery

Words by RRG

Suit of Water

Lack of balance
The fire arises
Introduce external splendour
And show me the internal extortion

Morass carries out
The same idea with fatal ease
The Sacrament is profane
Indolence brings a guilty conscience
Satiety is the conflicting arrangement

The Lotus
The Path
Psychopathology ensures a green mire
Soil was venomed by masmatics
Water is dismal and turbid
Venus redoubles the influence of the number

Underlying cause of the Baphomet
Echelons of the Magus saw the Tree of Life
The roots are very tenuous
Fantastic forms of the dementia

Twin serpents are going to crown your personal globe

Human manifest that will exalt death on Mars

2. Icons of Gods

Words by Raymond Barrera

Icons of Gods
In alters made from sands

Pyramids of excavation
Dwell the resting soul
The Pharaohs mummified carcass
Enchanted for infinity

Seal the crytic vault
Ensnared within the spell
Inclined horns remain
Sanity I cannot evoke
Anathematize all who enter

Relics of deadened priests
Wall the dungeons bleeding with
Torches lit with fleames light
The pathway to the sared shrine
Crowned in jewels and precious
Ornament the Noachian ones
Frozen in their caskets
The screams break the serentiy

As a prisoner of desecration
We shall not elude this tomb of

3. Rumination (...of Nature)

Words by Russey Randel Givens

Ivy seeping through my window
With winewarm blood you bring to me
Skies that Scraphim has gathered
Having you share the rue with me

The classic shrine
Which saw the priestess
With the guile

Her artful trickery
Of the book
Suffice the view
With the angry Victor

The ghost of hoax is an anguished tale
Which was told in an era where spirits oppress
A primative soul that you will face
I commence this mystery for you to solve
Seasons exchange before each dawn
Mournful gloom of supernal light
Stygian floods while the Gods recover
Damnation larked lost Archangels

The cherished tales
Hath thee Almightiy
Hells ambition to reign

Torn from the Pelorus
Proned the floor
Resolution is
Not from this despair

Stop and stare at ironed gates of fate
Where life is the age of resurrection

What was execution by sceptism
The wisodm of Yantra set the fire
Of all the glowing embers
To exclude without thoughts of rumination

Nature is moribund life
And to name the ghost of a chord
Between the sound of its colour
To the light of the Sigh

4. The Magus

Words by Russley Randel Givens

As I became the Lord of Illusion
The eminence of flames blaze upward
When I declare to from the Hexagram
The lines are myths of iniquity

The veil is casted fourth
Attribution of this planet
Caduceus will be the conductor
Solar rays are applied to heal me

The King of Blasphemy
the system foresees a ritual of kindle
The Disk ensures time warped thorugh
Winters solstice

My Pagan system is circular
When the wheel meets the axis of Zero

And the reason for all the confusion was
A doctrine where the ancient tone conceived fire

The Tree of LIfe is a universal aspect
Its interest is the future for human renaissance

To scribe a ritual when old times went black
Respect the accident in the Empire of Time

The journey has come to an end
Eliminates the source to the Earth
Science of the Sun and the Magus
Both find the Sign of its rebirth

5. Reflections of the Dark

6. Hexacles (outro)


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