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Brief Magic Story

"Brief Magic Story" (2002 Demo)

1. Intro: Let the Spell Begin
2. Prime Evil
3. Terminal Day
4. Crossing the Last Gate
5. Finale: Let the Harmony Endure

1. Intro: Let the Spell Begin

2. Prime Evil

Unholy one imprisoned by wise Zhaldor
Inside a soulstone
Was set free by hellish power
And will challenge me
Could it be the reason of my existence,
my toughest fight?
The demon crumbled
And vanished into the magic stone

I have a whole life to live
I've got much more to give
But since the day I found this evil one
I try to run away
This force so strong to hide
I must keep deep inside
That's the curse that is torturing me
Every single day

When the stone has lost all its glow
Its essence merged with my soul
In sacrifice
And an inner battle just begun

In my dreams I stare at his eyes
All I see is hell in disguise
My only hope is to escape
Before I may no more



I won't get desperate
I'm not a slave to fate
And no prime evil will control
My destiny again
I'm waiting day and night
The time to turn the tide
My name will be remembered
All over the land

3. Terminal Day

I swear
tonight I've heard about them
Some magic words
That have been used in their spells
Walking in caravans
Settle in places where they're never been
They gazed in the way people dream
They are living for our deepest sins

And I want to see
The show they have to prepare for me
I am been searching for another life
Another way to see things right
Without any pestilent beast

It's my terminal day
The dark will cover the light
For my surprise
You were not invited

For centuries
Mankind has seen
All kind of brutalities

Nothing's getting clear in my mind
It's obscured at all
Jump in the hollow on the wall
And you'll see your next fall
The force beyond the portal's calling me

You accept - to control your evil
Time still lost - you know how it can be
Contradiction - the side of the wisdom
I can't believe - just set me free
The force beyond the portal's calling me

(chorus 1)
But I don't care if I choose wrong ways
I choose the way to paradise
I draw the simple line of my days
Before the signs

(chorus 2)
Oh, just a moment
You had the chance to be my only friend
Dreams that you forget
On the holy hand, and again
Almost unreal is what that you felt
Cast your magic spell
To hide away from hell


(chorus 2)
(chorus 1)
... before I die...

4. Crossing the Last Gate

Lost in the way
Alone in the dark
My body is weak
and old although
my mind is clear
But I will never understand
the voices within
It seems just like a heaven's call
suddenly on every shore
There's magic in the air
Can feel it everywhere
But I feel these last times
it's getting stronger
As prophets told before
The last of every hope
It lies beyond the gate
You may not hesitate

(Chorus 1)
Take me to higher spheres
Take me to the place
where I once lived in peace and joy
But if I fall into
everlasting sleep
Let my power carry on

When I felt the enchantment
couldn't be enough for us I was scared
It's time to try again
Let the portal open up - but see
that time is running out
Don't forget it 'cause
If the portal closes after you
You never will return

I hear the inner voice
"You have no other choice
You must pass through the gate
Before it is too late"

(Chorus 2)
And then sorcerers gather their force
They speak forbidden and ancient words
Fulfill the prophecy
Let the spell begin
That's the moment I was born for

Nobody knows
what lies beyond this gate
Maybe I never return
Maybe my wisdom and strength
can grow forevermore
But that's a risk I must take


All alone
as my body pass through the void
I hear the silence filling all around
But in the deep of my mind
I fear I fade away and die
I start to cry
Will I never see the light again?
Were all my efforts in vain?
But then I realize
How much I was wrong
this time


Struggle of spells
Battle of lights
My power increased
My magic is stronger than ever before
So I was glad the time I saw
the fall of Mahlebor
My land is cleansed
My work is done
I see the portal
sucking demons back to hell

(Final chorus)
Take me back to the land I was born
We found what we were looking for
Rejoice - an age of gold now begins
Because the harmony was finally restored
Live in peace until the end of time

5. Finale: Let the Harmony Endure


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