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Whirling Dementia

"Whirling Dementia" (2004 Demo)

1. Whirling Dementia
2. Dark Conscious Gleams
3. Innermost Commotion
4. Abstract Inanition
5. Mind Excess

1. Whirling Dementia

2. Dark Conscious Gleams

1) Ripe awakening

Carried by the dark conscious gleams : asepticized and striped feelings
Great tumults of unreason : internal deshumanisation

Far from this coveted reason, falling away froms this promised ground
Wedged in this crowned seaweed, I sink in unnamable one

That is not dead, which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons, even death may die.
thus (are) the sentences, which resound in the night
make me have, an extrapolated sight

The veil of reason is defaced, leaving me with my free will
In front of this withered world, I turn-in my mindís inland

Carried by the dark concious gleams : I am even locked up on me
Great tumults of unreason : perfect (mysanthropia) sensibility

2) Dialogue with Dementia

Dementiaís talking: Welcome to my dimension
My name is Dementia
Why do you stand up hereeeee?

To flee far from this wicked world
And this dark human plague
To reach this vacant place

Youíre in an inmost quit place
Where you can leave realty
And fulfill all your dreams

Thank to you I will be free
Libarated from society
clumsy of subscequent mysan- tho-py!!!

3) Inhuman being ( the way to escape reality)

Secluded far from former being, something different is growing up
Utter abomination is lurking inside, setted up to come and lay waste

You have to felt inside a new perseption,
A new inner sight eager for knowledge,

growing up and seeking might throught your mind
Urge on crying for insanity, alone

Impel you to go on this forbidden way
You will hit this forgotten muddy mood

excavate from your mind the way to subdue
this lurking dark and putrifyed (intern) twin

Carried by dark conscious gleams : something has changed in me
Now I can escape reality, wating for her cold crowned kiss

I can feel inhuman pleasures, when I close my eyes in the dark
Indulge the hope for me to live, indulge the hope for me to die.

3. Innermost Commotion

Part I : (descent amidst the maelstrom)

As we sink into oblivion
Misanthropia as a healing
A bitter fluid running through me
thus far, it grows

Part II : (darkness enthral)

Down into the shade of dawn
Deep into the woods of enthral
Yet the sun will die again
For our souls to Rise

Down into the bliss of night
Deep into the shrine of delight
Yet the moon will fall again
For our souls to Rise

Part III: (forthcoming intentions)

You will die as you turn aside
Ear the truth that you cast aside

Restless shape with a narrow mind
Embody the peak Of Lie

Youíre so proud of your deep weakness
Youíre so proud so you gonna die

Part IV : ( woeful dirge )

*Each time we withhold our inmost commotion, a tear dieÖ and darkens the becoming of our aspirations *

Youíll have to crawl, beg and cry
In a swarm of corpses you will lie

All your deeds are to be pitied
The abode you dwell (in) looks a sorry sight
Youíre still in quest for your insight

Let me show you my hatred
This woeful dirge that never ends

Inequity of life starts to be rife
the throes of desire defies utopia

4. Abstract Inanition

*Here it comes, the flawless vision,
A shapeless entity that lurk inside us all*

Wandering, Beyond, the Night, To Die
Churning, Beside, The shores, of Lie
Wandering, Beyond, the Night, To Die
Churning, Beside, the Shores, Of Ö Lie

This glowing Eye, Staring
This growing Seed, Rising
This Tamed land, dying
The hour is yet to come

And another day, ending
And another night, smiling
And another man, dying
Yet the Might awaits

Abstract inanition, away, from purity
This night, a tragedy, Umbra, upon us
You will, cry for mercy, when the, horror will be
Again, flawless vision, a strength, still awaits

Canít you see this bright light?
Reaching out, for glory
But we canít, hope to follow.

Emptiness, Iím drowning
Flawless, Iím staring
For this death, Iím awaiting

5. Mind Excess


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