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"Kings of Taste" (1997 Demo)

1. W.S.W.
2. Cokeman
3. Holy Bitches
4. 24
5. Cypis
6. Madhouse
7. M.I.C.K.Y.
8. Clearance Sale

1. W.S.W.

In the space today
In my mind tomorrow
Blood and tears of a virgin
Eyes and tongue of a shake

Blades in your piss
Venom in my dick
Every night together
Killing, nightmare comes

Green and grey inside my hand
And waiting for a little warm
For everyone big man and cry.

2. Cokeman

You aren’t the first, who’s coming to my bed
You aren’t the first, who kisses me in my mouth
But you are the first who touches me
deep inside, in my mind
I’m sitting alone and thinking about our life

I’m sure that nothing will ever be
when we make the first step to die

Psychopatic love, wich shakes our bodies every night
Your glitter skin is just like a lizard’s trunk
I kiss your thighs and come in deep inside your ass
You kiss my feet and die.

3. Holy Bitches

Every evening on your knees
In church, in front of your Master
Sinking on the prayer, people looking
Almost holy, almost beautiful

Why isn’t your live pure like a tear
Why isn’t your live an example for me
Is your faith stronger than my faith
Go home, suck your husband’s dick!

Later stupid gossip you spread
About everything what you saw around
Listen bitch! I wanna close your fucking mouth
But when I see you my hands are going down

Everytime when I see you
Your rage against the world
Piece in my mind, sense is gone
Yes, I hate You ! Holy bitches!

Everything somebody says
Everything somebody does
Your fucking ears, your fucking eyes
Record, that all the world know about this

Remember some day storm ‘ll come here
Inside that every bitch will die
And no-one should say word
About me, the girl and our sinful love.

4. 24

When I die no-one will cry
The Earth will turn around
Night and day, air and water
Smoke and slime will last

I think my home will stay here
With my father - martyr
My room can’t be a chapel
A Lodging, everybody needs cash

Life is to short to lie
pain is not for God
Rain is going through the world
Everywhere killing and fucking !

Memory of my face
Will be swallowed by time fast
Once a year we will meet
On a rainy November day

When I die ...

5. Cypis

He was born as a son of a man and a woman
Walked to school, learnt some life
Later got to know the taste of alcohol
Seventh heaven !

Everyday he spent in bar
Drink beer and smoked cigarettes
Earring, jeans, beast from AK
King of taste !

Because you know him
So often you drink with him

Someday, muthafucker, coming killing news
Life in army, a year and half of shit
Uniform, gun, shoes, army-pants.

6. Madhouse

Living in the city corridors, rats and fogs
Running through full space and fucking time
Falling in our faith
drinking Always wine
Waiting for tomorrow - a brighter day

We’re been living in this town
And we’re walking cross those streets
We’re been living in this town
We are living in a Madhouse

Condemned to the grey, we can’t win a game
Nevermind. We’ll never stop this play
So it’s our game. Puppets on the air
Syndicate of holiness is insensible.

7. M.I.C.K.Y.

So often you stay on my way
And always you look into my eyes
Sometimes I think I should come to you
I hear inside myself: maybe I’ll kill you

I wanna kick you in your ass
I wanna break your fucking neck
If you again come to my home tonight
No one will stop my hate to you

You come to my home
You come to my life
You come to my girls
You come to my kitchen
I think that I’m fed up with it!
People hear screaming in the air

So keep your hands away from me
Someday my aggression will arise
Your eyes in the street, head in the sewer
Then I’ll become such a happy man.

8. Clearance Sale

Come out of sadness
Come into darkness
Collect the applause
Sleep on the cash

Another day is going to end
Another day is going to die
Another girl was raped in the street
Another boy became a man

A New Order in state’s government
Old rubbish under the bridge
A Black Crow fell down today
Near my feet when I walked

I’m going to my crippledom
You can’t be with me
Go! If you must go
I can’t keep your body for me

Someday I’ll kill you in the morning
I think that it is easy for me
Nobody, never, nothing, nowhere
There is no time to cry.


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