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"Suicide" (2002)

1. Dead and Alive
2. Epilogue - The Tale of the Psychotic
3. The Whisperers
4. Sanctity in Murder
5. Language of Disloyalty
6. Bringer of Silence
7. To Distance Death From Life
8. Measurement of Discipline
9. Concluding Act of Violence
10. Broken Dreams of Death

1. Dead and Alive

1. Dead And Alive


2. Epilogue - The Tale of the Psychotic

2. Epilogue-The Tale Of The Psychotic

An in fallible prodigy standing in veneratioan a psychotic suprem as minion righteousness
wander the grand damnation long awaited pearly gates carry the burden of sinful covet glorify
the servant of deception experiencing the power of testosterone as nuanced throgh obituary of
the damned ravenous for salvation betaryad by desire
wanting to feel the scape form freedome
end postponed despaire is synthesized becoming death,as eyes are closed destoyer of the
constellations fragrant stesh from wounds of lust euphonic screams of benediction prosper
the egoistic a chorus of redemtion a tracebla act of insanity staring in eyes of panic
smellint the odour of consternation indifrence having the upper hand nourishing the
pandemonium the psychotic escale death tale of the psychotic

3. The Whisperers

3. The Whisperers

stalked by the benefactors are brute bestial figures in mind the whisperer dispersing
uncertainy a savage provoked by mankindpenetration of virginity as verses spoken we would
like to se obliteration exercicised on humanity cursing the spine of existence the ultimate
tool of conspiracy take pride in afflickting suffering a possession of medieval cause
distortersof cerebal carnageassassinate with sacrificcial intent corrupted sanity
lack of vision dehumanizing the means altenating the prey sowing the seed of condemnation
urigin the victim to self
inflicted demise facing the selection of vanity vanity created by corruption the
whisperes dispersing uncertainty a savage provoked by mankind the ultimate tool of
conspiracy assigned by a mind deceit

4. Sanctity in Murder

4. Sanctity In Murdere

Annihilation of eg slaughter-
crushing once constraint torture-add to suicidal instinct
worshipnig the path of death reshape the day of reckonig forwarding to kill be reborn as a
serenade under the eyes of wrath crawl to the reunification murder-
increasing once pride slaughter-
withdrawal of restraint suicide
the way to abandonment an assembly of the chaos pattern creator of secklusion and apostasy the
coulisse of deadending saints marauders
carving at the sickening guilt complex succeeding in deprivation of vitality murder
calling upon self
destruction slaughter
seduced to crave fulfilment suicide
the only way out stumbling to deprassion as a stagegering prey of agony lust is the key to
destruction envy
the beholder of wrath gaining whilst inflicting mourning suicide
calling upon self
destruction suicide
seduced to crave fulfilment suicide
the ending chapter

5. Language of Disloyalty

5. Language Of Disloyalty

As flickering nightmare grazing a druid of pai and caught in between the greatness and the end
driven by prosals from darkness and mist spoken by the language of disloyalty pulling to pieces
the resoults wrath on one side th dominion of inferiority granting petty and disgrace on the
other the empire of nothing sharing the illusion of the beholder to awake memories of erotic
slaying the sexuality in scaring the years of monstosity dimness from the eyes of immense
bleeding the deceas the begining of the end is the greatness in death shimering nebula of blood
lifted from sights spoken by language of disloylty delighted of being alive and waiting to die

6. Bringer of Silence

6. Bringer Of Silence

walking against time
reliving decay and despair inheriting the sensitivity of absolution a leap of faith bringing
forth vulnerability battle cries from tha above
bringer of silence relice from the living scared from the dead in form of sheep,wandering with
the wolves giving place for anxiety in a world of no fear escalator of pain
bringer of silence opening the gates where life is undone inspired by miraculus life glow and
the fluid leaking frome the chosen singled out as absured
bringer of silence a dead of kindness in depriving man of death by an out cast cheated from
years worth of hate enduring as a slave of innocence apparnetly the longing for benefaction
disintegration the blackness of bleeding eyes eyes that have senn craetion of destruction the
bringer it self walkes amongst all bringer of silence
endorer of the dying

7. To Distance Death From Life

7. To Distance Death From Life

one chooses the fade towards death with honour or vanity the essence comes from with in and
beholds the distinction let after decades of disintegration blackness a frail foundation build
upon an ending life and a never
ending death pay the ultimate sacrifice for fitting in suffer the consequence seduced by
curiosity admist the haven of laughter cloned by the sacrilegious holder of distinction to
distance death from life blinded by hologram
a picture of your dead bringing to your knees kissing curtains of deception
with bleeding lips caressing the flesh of murder holding the hand of decay to distance death
from life alter the mani festation beyond reasonable comprehension opening for doubt and
betrayal betrothal tp the decency of darkness once again stagnation within the shel no way
to prosper and distance death frome life

8. Measurement of Discipline

8. Measurment Of Discipline

with burning eyes a glance to darkness the countour beast is rising consolation in the
figureine of discipline caught between thoughtlessness and reason wanting to fell life flow
decreasing executing orders given by deathlike conjurers analysing the means anddimensions
expirmenting with demise a passage through the distorted mirror
seeking the the consent of balance discipline of mind and matter the spine of childhood is
crumbling a momentary loss of insight scolding the brath of punishment modular componenet of
pandemonium carving with black at refrence zero being the grey of darkness a shadow of
redundancy a spiteful disciple blood flow
the measurment of disciple with burning eyes a glance to darkness the contour of beast
is rising consolation in the figurine odf disciple caught between thoughtlessnes and
reason wanting to fell life flow decreasing

9. Concluding Act of Violence

9. Concluding Act Of Violence

left man a fear of and anger despising the beauty of losing the derning context self
reproach and chaos no longer walking towards clarity yet not surrendering to the guilt complex
sanction from the disorder called for
retrospect no remorse or obligation deeds are done and completed the unisightly dignified
with iniquity mutilated by the sword of sense and stability lost in the cave of spite gorging
oneself in the pit of indulgence whilst others whimper of appetite the hunger for sacrifice
the starvation for trauma distant from the origin of violence vortices the karma of rapture
hysteria as an element of death the animated fixtures of your enemies taking shape as the worst
of of the all left a man of fear and anger despising the beauty of losing the context self
reproach and chaos no longer walking towards clarity yet not surrending to the guilt complex
sanction from the disorder called for

10. Broken Dreams of Death

10. Broken Dreams Of Death

flashing memories burning into minds psychotic iam echoes of morbid thoughts it speaks to me
loud and clear ican now see it in front of me medicallydestructed
deperssive and sick not of this world any longer self
destructedsuicidal and mental weakness, frustration,angerand pain
please fre my soul listen ,do what you have to
free your mind,do it! iwait for you on the other side,you and me,foreternal time
empty eyes are gazing throgh the glass of pills frstration as shadow of it
condemned to be ,a slave of this game
what sustains my existence?
the broken dream's everything is gone
take the step,one foot infront of the othe
now! listen! trust and follow into game
everythink is clear now
can't they see it?
it easy,come on do it!
are they here?
try to scream!
can you hear it?
just oopen the door
your death is here!!!!!


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