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Provenance of Cruelty

"Provenance of Cruelty" (1999)

1. Draped in Shadows of Satanís Pride
2. King of the Dark Side
3. Sleepless Souls
4. The Emperorís Trail
5. En Trone Vevd av Tid
6. Sønn av Torden
7. Dark Journey
8. Provenance of Cruelty

1. Draped in Shadows of Satanís Pride

"In Blasphemy I rise
For the burning hell to come
Father Satan
Almighty god
Draped in the shadows of Satan's pride
Let the infernal war begin"*

To be the right hand of the devil
To see sights too morbid and grim
For mortals to bear
To guide vast hordes of religious bastards
Through the gate to the valley of death

To rest by the greatest sites, in the kingdom of pain
Always hear our master, breed fear and panic through the masses
The millennium to come, will be the greatest
For souleating demons
Feast upon christian carcass

To be the right hand of the Devil
My vision till I die
Transfer blasphemy to battlefield

To whom it may concern:
Fight in the shadow of Satan's pride
Drain lifeforce out of religious swines
Spread the word, we intend to win the fight
Commit suicide at our command

2. King of the Dark Side

Under the dark night Shine the twisted moonlight
Blessed by Satan I dwell in the depths of hell
Force from the devil in struggle with the light
Soon the throne of god will disappear

The earth will be a kingdom of evil
Where sickness and chaos will rule
They who not worship the evil will be doomed
The christian believers suffer
In the flames of hell for eternity
A black star will shine over the mighty new throne
The lord of chaos will rule

A satanic war is under my command
The gate to hell is clear
Join our dark army and fight till the end
The bringer of wisdom has spoken

Blood will flow in our time when everything is ruin

"Under the dark night shine the twisted moonlight
Blessed by Satan I dwell in the depths of hell
Force from the devil in struggle with the light"

I am one of those who are burning your souls
Flesh will burn and corpses will crawl into the night of anger
We are of those who make you suffer for eternity
For our lord Satan we will sacrifice our soul
In the dark night of evil

3. Sleepless Souls

I am the voice

Midnight shimmering
Why can't you just open your mind
I'm tired of listening to the screams
Which comes from inside
Try to sleep now in solitude you shall awake
Sleep as a child all I feel is he's shattering gaze
Come with me I'll protect you from the voices within
I can't I wish I was close to you I can't bear this pain

Adrian please wake me...

Screams are shattering your vains
Promises only pain shall remain
Why do you struggle your fear
My gaze shall shatter your stear
Why do you petty yourself
Why can't you reach out instead
Why won't you trust me I am your voice you shall see...

There's no sleep tonight
Flashing memories fills my mind
I fell so close to you
Can't you stay with me until eternity

Screams shall forever reach your mind
Why, cause only one day you shall be mine
Creation of souls I make them blind
Eternal, soon they shall all be mine...

4. The Emperorís Trail

A dark tower in the twilight mist
A sorcerer that call upon his raven
The night that never comes to an end
Children of the Devil dancing over a dead child of christ

Tears of crystal falling from god's blind eyes
Which is paralysed by laughter from the night
Where only demons and dragons are ravaging

Lost souls on nightslaughter over everdead highlands
Where the emperor of darkness has left his trail
Towers that rise on each side of the kingdom

And the night will never come to an end
And the unholy wizards will put a spell on me
I'm possessed by Satan

5. En Trone Vevd av Tid

I en regntung kveld fylt av tåke og dis
Jeg så en svartkledd kvinne
Hennes ord lød så fagert, hennes røst så fin
Da hun lokket meg til skogen

Hun sang mag gamle sanger
Hun fortalte meg mangt et sagn

Ved et tjern i den trolske skogen
På en trone vevd av tid
Sitter hun den fagre volve
Og lokker meg til sitt rike

Hun synger sanger så fagre
I nattens kalde mørke

Hennes sanger om Ôre river min sjel
Hennes ord om strid skaper lengsel
Jeg kjenner nattens kulde svøpe meg
En søvn til neste storhetstid

6. Sønn av Torden

Jeg sønn av torden som vandrer blant alver of troll
Hersker over denne skog
Der hvor intet menneske har satt sitt spor

Der hvor trollmen og drager har rådet i all sin tid
Og de høyeste slottstårn berører himmelriket
Der hvor dragene driver sine blot

Der hvor fjelltrollet holder
Sin offerfest med sine kjemper
Rister jorden som torden
Og alle da små alver gjemmer seg
I sine trygge små hjem
Mens andre taper sitt liv blant de store

Skogens lyseste slette er slik som mørkets mørke dal
Hvor kun dragene skaper lys
Og nattens krigere trer frem
Mens trollmenn sprer sin trolldom
Og i enden av skogen kan man skimte fandens
sorte kappe...

7. Dark Journey

I am the master of your dreams
I am your worst nightmare
I am the core of hell
Come to me and deserve your place

I am the seasons I am your lust
I am the key to the secret
Infernal lust to the gate of suffering

In the darkest night, and from the deepest woods
I stand in flames and the sun is no longer there...

In snowless moorland I search for the glutton
And see its enjoyment to kill

I have my damnation I am the master of this world
My pleasures will come to reality. My anger will appear
And my victory will come

"In front of me, I can see thy hell fire
burning in the darkness
My body shivers from the presence of thy almighty power
I am under thy command"

I am the seasons I am your lust
I am the key to the secret Infernal lust to the gate of suffering
I am the winterwolf I am the spirits of evil
I am eternity Into the delicate of malice

8. Provenance of Cruelty

Oh... darkness inside me, please let me out of here
I can't feel anything any more
You can't hide yourself from me, I am inside you
Oh god, what is this
Wher am i and where is my god
I have taken your fucking soul
Come with me to the ultimate hell

I call the fallen angle to praise my soul

Kneel for my feet
Your convulsive body shall be in pain
For me... you are nothing... nothing
Just a rotting corpse

My hell is here and will be with me for eternity, pray for me

I'm condemned in hell Condemned in hell

I see the macabre dancers unfolding themselves
The sexless dogs await me

My immortal flames stand in front of you
Here shall you be
And here shall you be in pain

Sing your last Te Deum and pray for you sin
Welcome to the provenance of cruelty


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