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Oral Lessons For...A Fast Degree

"Oral Lessons For...A Fast Degree" (2003 Demo)

1. Today's Special Offer
2. The Sad Princess
3. Beyond The Fatal Tragedy
4. The Unexpected Assfuck

1. Today's Special Offer

This show is mine
I feel so fine
just a little compromise to make me realized
a physical reaction
gives me satisfaction
the penis on my hands

for a little aid

It's difficult to begin
this pleasant dirty work
then becomes my meat drug
that makes more generous your profs

I make you play with my body
for some safety
I wanna buy my future
with a fist of pink notes

2. The Sad Princess

When I was young
my life was so serious
to study was the most important thing
my true friends were
the book's pages
many smiles, many glorious wishes
this ain't not my wonderland

I'm falling down in a obscure world
I'm no control - please fuck me
I'll arrive I'll try to win
I'll be the one

Give me convenience
and I'll be your little servant
no inibition, no frustration
lick my wet passion
and my sweet happiness
I've promised...

There's no sin to build a case
full of latex love
this is an existence where
your longing for power makes you
a mounting cow

3. Beyond The Fatal Tragedy

C'mon worship me
I am your lost desire
I am what you've always
searching for

Wont you come near me
and taste again
the meaning of being alive?
I'm asking you just a cheap price
for an endless pleasure

I'm not a filthy cunt
I can stop whenever I want
I gift you the strongest fuck
for a miserable ordinary smack

4. The Unexpected Assfuck

I did it all just for this
It's time to harvest what i sowed
after all, I'm tired of this job
I want a family
some children, a beautiful house

"We don't think so..."

"Shut up slut"
what the hell?!?
"We are the leaders"
I deserve respect
"You have just to obey"
I've my morality
"So c'mon and swallow

"You've to stay here another year
we need a place where pour out
our fluid perversions
You can't leave us now"


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