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"Myriad" (1999)

1. Rapture's Embrace
2. The Hunt
3. Hope Lingers yet
4. Nightfall
5. What Magick Falls Here?
6. Masquerade
7. Blood Velvet Dance
8. Veiled
9. My Darkness
10. Dawn
11. One Final Kiss
12. The Journey
13. Infinitude
14. Aftermath
15. Severance

1. Rapture's Embrace

To stroll the corridors
Of a maze of darkness

To find meaning to my wasted life
In the infinite chaotic dreams

The swirling colours of rapture embrace me
With their cold, shrivelled claws cutting my soft flesh
To escape is to condemn my soul
But to remain is an eternity of pain

Oh, what to do, shall I wait to die?
Should I fight and face the pain?
Try not to move in this personal hell
Constructed from the flames of superstitious ignorance
As my life is wasted in these foolish dreams
From which nothing lasted

To live a wasted life is to suffer
To live a full life is to die satisfied

2. The Hunt

3. Hope Lingers yet

Set me free
From this cage that holds my mind
Let me be as I once was
To live, to breathe
To feel, to hear your voice
Stop this pain
That binds and tears my soul

Show me the way out
From this despair
Tell me
That the world is still alive
Not burnt by the misery I see

Let me hold the embers
of a dying life
And know hope lingers yet

Look into my eyes
And see the flames
The distant fire of forgotten dreams
And tell me they are real

Oh sweet lucidity
I held it once
I crushed it, as all beauty died

Now despair surrounds me
Now despair consumes me

I want to see the sun
To feel the warmth
And know
Even as you turn away
I may one day be again

4. Nightfall

5. What Magick Falls Here?

Entwined in our passionate embrace,
Eons may come and go,
But will we ever know it,

Lost in lust as we are now,

But with lust sated ..
Lay, as one still, but with loins satisfied,
What magick falls here?
On a bed of passion,
To make our lust seem like so much more.

Love is not real,
Love is not true,
Lust and passion are the gods I serve.
And yet my heart stirs
As if with wings to fly.

The need to be free,
Near tears it from my chest
In its striving and yearning to plunge and die

And I know
So much I feel.

Love is more than what it seems
And strikes even the most gnarled of hearts
To revel in its beauty and its darkness

6. Masquerade

7. Blood Velvet Dance

Breathless I wait
For you to appear
My devil-god lover
Then, as soft as the night
You are here
I have chosen my fate
Seduced by your ethereal beauty

You come to me
Translucent white flesh
Resplendent in moonlight
I stare into your eyes and I'm lost
You kiss my lips
I dance with chains of stars
In the dark womb of night

The first kiss of your tongue
Slithers sharp
Across my neck
The honeyed stab -
A taste of blood wine

I surrender to you
And you draw me under
Down into black velvet sleep
You are perfect, divine
Yet heartless and cruel
My celestial demon
Let me dance with you, forever

Take me with you
To the Crystal Ring
That we may never part
Lest your love destroy me

8. Veiled

9. My Darkness

Oh my precious one
You are eternity to me
You are my life, you are my death
I breathe only for you.

I would slay a thousand men
Just to touch your sacred skin
You own my dreams, you own my soul
I would die at your command

As you gaze into my eyes
The world could die nearby
But you, my only god
Would eclipse the mortal pain

As I lie with you entwined
All existence matters not
And so I let you draw me down
Into the darkness that is you

I have no regrets, all life must die

10. Dawn

11. One Final Kiss

My soul reaches out
To the boundary of my consciousness
I fly beyond and further
To the dimension of my innermost dreams
I see you and I kiss you

One final kiss before death
I will miss you
Still further I must go
To the point from where existence can not return
The colours, the red of desire, the purple of sanity
Fly by in a psychotic rainbow
I see myself
I am no longer me
I spin out
You catch me
You should have let me fall

12. The Journey

13. Infinitude

The old man sits alone
Philosophising upon the stars
Life's beauty fades
And time is not kind

But the hermit cares not

Stooped on his rock stool
Back bent with strain
From holding his frail figure from falling

The old man cries out to the gods
Why must I live on?
But deep inside he knows
Many winters he has seen
More than that of natural gift
Vampire's blood he holds
And the curse will not end him
But as he denies it and does not drink
Nor will the curse mend him

So upon a rocky cairn sits he
And patiently waits to die
For his curse shall not release him
And his will shall not cave in
So on that hill stoops he
Even now........

Old man, why wish you to die?
Why hide your wisdom?
Come share your knowledge
Let us learn the secrets you know

14. Aftermath

15. Severance


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