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True Black Metal

"True Black Metal" (2006)

1. Ego sum Sathanas
2. Kill for Satan
3. Ex oriente lux ...ex oriente tenebrae
4. True Black Metal!!!!
5. Misanthropic luciferian madness
6. Hail the wolfthrone
7. Impii Irreligiosi Carnivoribus Immortalibus

1. Ego sum Sathanas

I. Ego sum Sathanas

Tears of hell return me to this place in a grim cocoon
With the black winters within
While I was endless bleeding I realized that the shadow I worship was of blackest gold
My only treasure given from ancient courage for years and years in agony
I lived forever in that unholy isolation with darkness embracing me hard
I aflame in the moonfog to won from beneath desolation
I am the sorrow forsaken beyond infinity
I am the adversary

2. Kill for Satan

II. Kill for Satan

Die you all in the name of Satan !!!!!!!
Will never understand the mighty thou art of our kingdom
We have seen the dawn of the world and have led civilizations to their doom
Nephelims with singed wings, veterans of assaults upon heaven
Sub humans and our enemies must die by our claws
In the infernal passion of our clean fire
We must defend the throne of darkness
Fucking Jews, fucking Christians die forever die
Drown all finally in this demonic terror
This hellraised palace will defeat you all
Hail Satan! Hail Victory! Hail Chaos

From ancient wisdom baphomet�s black horns high up
We are vengeance from the ultimate satanic warfare
An everlasting way of murder and conquering
To destroy the weak and the fool instinct of man
"Azza Uzza Azziel Tuval-Qayin Azazel!
Kill for Satan Azerate
Anti human
Leviathan desecrator wrath

Your time pass by my knife
Cannot stop us
Our time has come
We are the predators and you are the prey
The wolves among the lambs
We are the black trees where you will hang
We are the high buildings from where you will fall
The death that stalks the land with hunger
The obscene labyrinth full of crows

We are - Serpent piercing the universe
Provoke to us and hate us from your fear
Of that we feed every second
Humiliate ourselves all you want
Your life has no value
Your life is dead as we always wanted
We will offer your soul to Satan

Kill for Satan Azoth
Anti human
Luciferian misanthropic spirit

Forever demons control
Our creation and blaspheme memory
Engraved with blood on pale sky
Illuminated of red diabolic
To put the human world at the feet of Satan
Immortal glory in the dark majestic star of our reign
And absolute love for Evil
666 stabs with no mercy against humans and life
We keep our devotion to Hell
In the name of Satanas the all universe fucking die�die�die�.die�..and dieeeeee!!!!!!

3. Ex oriente lux ...ex oriente tenebrae

III. Ex oriente Lux�..Ex oriente tenebrae

Dicto Diabolo�
I am the warslaughter child from the old death and next holocausts
I am the attack from the strong serpent lord
Unleashed is the ravenous black beast tonight for me
My raining steel invoke hellish genocide on earth
In nomine magni Satan
Magni Satanas
Stormtroopers of Hades let no one alive

Oh! Black star
My sworn, my lusting madness
My everlasting pride and sister
Bless my nights again and again
Sulphur this assassin blood
The legends have remained only due to our generosity alone
Keep this heart and wounds forever seared and insane
Nox Irae Nox Illa
Solvet Saeclum in favilla

To the Dark memory of Mind and Missy dedicated.
To their courage, sincerity and honour
Taninsam Lilith and Tanin'iver

I see phoenix flies midnight bringing down hypocrisy shrines
For the only church that only illuminates is the one that burns by night
Machines revolt in hatred cum on divine ruins
Perfect silver ablaze and in the harmed flesh I feel the call free
The deep sentimental satanic dominion is here

Come here and taste my heavy oxidized armory of cult
See how forsaken lore consume it all and rules
As my eyes behold the clouds of ashes I know
Satanic victory is complete hardest than I thought
Summoning the prince of killers
Sinister surround the world
Satan my indestructible sword
Satan is the end and beginning
Mankind love has fail
We are all deads
Dark unholy side approaches to embrace us
As triumphant death coagulates
Gloria Satanas domine magnum inferios
Magnificat Satanae regno

Qemetiel "Crown of Gods"
Emptiness: Beliaal "Without God"
Chasek Darkness: Aathiel "Uncertainty"

4. True Black Metal!!!!

VI. TRUE BLACK METAL!!!!!! ( Absolutist hymn to the true black metal maniacs and no whores )

Hail true black metal
Real black spirit resistance
This is our battle hymn for new Satan�s era
Mad hellfire embraces the legion forces by misanthropy
Total strength, blood, honour, carnage and hate is forged
On inverted crosses swines burn crucified
We have no heart only this scars that are reads as true fucking black metal
This is not music this is war against all that lives and breaths
My tribute to the unique ancient horned force
Worship black demoniac metal in my very sick vein
True black metal don�t knows fear, has no weak point
True black metal rides death to slay your fucking world once and again

Fuck you all in the name of true black metal
Fuck you all in the name of Satan

As the sacrificial notes of hellish empire flows through the chosen ones
The weight of mountains and seas fall upon mankind as we rejoice
Our crosses get burn with anger in the cold sweat of the night
Tanks form in black star position ready to attack
For the apocalyptic crusade we are servants from the imperial steel of Satan�s sword

Kill, fuck and die in the name of true black metal
Kill, fuck and die in the name of Saithan

Anti-human melodies of tyranny rises
As below burns in the eternal night my unholy oath is listened
Through these veins blasphemy and power runs within and spills pure hate
Tormenting god�s land no one is save here
Welcome the absolute black mass
Here iron goat skulls of black mafia bath in red
Where all life is exterminate
We have opening the gates to summon underworld battlefields
With despotic infernal rage
Thus wants a Man,
Satanas Vult
Satanic terrorist command

Fuck you all in the name of true black metal
Fuck you all in the name of Satan

Only true black metal maniacs enter here no whores like you
True black metal warriors out of control rising storming blackness
Hail to absolute true fucking black metal

5. Misanthropic luciferian madness

V. Misanthropic Luciferian madness

Black drama and painful miracles
Drama of elapsing time does seethe
For years of wasted sad times Hesperion
Zum Angriff
We are going to see the enchanting sight � the first stage of War
The swamps in flames
All lost humankind, blind humankind �
Is our prey by law

Spare this world of evil trees in fucked up mirage
Where branches pierced me slowly and demons kissed me
While my cum was spilling through mud ashes
My kingdom
Here I love to stay rotting in malicious innocence
Many winters I have pass hanged in this place
I never go out, I have no friends who gives a fuck
Many crows have tasted my flesh but not kill me yet
The funeral mist and I as brothers of arcane wrath only stills
Prince Sorath, I invoke thee!
Horned, black Lion-Demon of the sun
Sorath, Liftoach Kliffot!

Depressive here lies a piece of hell ready to burn
Dead but dreaming, a dead masturbating in the cold desolation
Here grows a thorn from the saddest guts of damned woods
I behold the nude black space with pride
Naamah Nahemoth Nahema, Liftoach Shaari Sitra Ahra!
As I got wargasmic erection, post mortem ejaculation by nocturnal solitude
I�m making the love with the death all I am misanthropic sex
Isheth Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffot!
Ama Lilith Liftoach Shaari-Gamaliel!
Are nailed my bones to the corpses of animals
As I feel dying my blood through my eyes flows endless
I dedicate my death, pain and cum to Satan
As I cry the darkest gates open wide
And make me a place to join the eternal fire of ever lighting stars�

6. Hail the wolfthrone

VI. Hail the wolfthrone

Magnificent brotherhood from winters of time
Become in me one
In sweet black wings of gathered pagan magic
The perfume of angered moons seduce the forests paths
Lies all our essence and the poetry for the mighty in the crying night
Shall we behind the sun possess this planet with abysmal thunders
Over the cross that oppressed so much
That cross from that we devoured once with no mercy the flesh of Christ
In velvet lighting phantoms of diabolical howling doom
In the world of the dreamers the awakened ones are gods
The brilliant Light of Lucifer will always remain darkness in the eyes of the blind
The mist reborn as our army of assault

Thy tongue is fulfilled of the knowing brother wolf
Thy claws of our immortality hate and packs command
Against weak humanity pandimensional massacre
Hail chao-sophia
Eternally the wolfthrone as oldest nights transform in us

The caverns pronounce our secret names
The sky rains of our secret blood
On the woodlands the speak of lycanthropic communion grows
Triumphant eerie children of war
Our breed shall domain eternal
As this earth is cursed for the eye of wolfen warrior madness
Nothing purifies the strong so well as the spilt blood of our enemies

7. Impii Irreligiosi Carnivoribus Immortalibus

VII. Impii Irreligiosi Carnivoribus Immortalibus

Impii Irreligiosi Carnivoribus Immortalibus

Moon slaughter march from the pendragon
The kiss of the goat on virgin�s cunt
Manipulated flesh in the horns of our glory
May agonizing screams will tear this winds now
Triumph of death comes tonight
The Three Dark Veils Before Satan

Destruction and sex holocausts summon in the forest
Wrath of sinister will dictate the norms now
Ancient baphometic order re arise to lick the harm of nude sky
Reptiles have made their nests in basilicas and enrich the poison stocks,
Scooping it from the cloacas

We desolates ones
Thus we increase, and do transform
Everything in whole of all
In to Evil
"Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas!"

Last attack from the grave
Choronzon, great ruler of the darkness inbetween the worlds
Blood is the color of our flag
Antichristian infinity from pagan daggers wash the land
As we cum in the guts of Christ

Blasphemic war, total brutal fucking disaster
An altar of carnage and cum
Shed the wine of bloody divine fuck complex
Cut the throat sadness pandemonia
Satan lives Satan lives
He is dreaming in twilight. He is waiting for�
We are your ultimate command
Arise my lord

The soul of the slave � just the key to the heart of his master
Sickness prevail
Pure ancestral demonized anger
The passion Lucifer
We die at dawn to revive in dusk...
We know why we die...
Abyss shall kill humans inside them
People will ruin angels inside them
We have turned your sisters and mothers a whores
Have we made of this planet your universal tomb
Your god suck our cocks while cries as a slut


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