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"Our Chalice of Blood and Semen" (2002 Live album)

1. Neo necro barroca Kulta
2. Undead lovers letany
3. Vampiric Majesty
4. Making the Love with the Death

1. Neo necro barroca Kulta

Neo necro barroca kulta
Lyrics: NLRAM Alemsahim / March 2003

Curtains of dusk descends
As a hunger black pitch devouring dawn
My sanguine journey finally begins
Looking for the beats that my lust get frost
In the melancholy of tender shades I warm with sweetness my preys
Enslaved by the dark beauty within my sensual power in so evil embrace they fell

I behold infinite nightskies grow old and watched winters die and rebirth beneath me
In infernal kiss my desire has opened the harm of time
Wich eternal tears spread to feed me with sin

As bleeding streams
The secret treasure and monument of this mortuary scenario I forever script
His languid passionate for eternity
In this quest for set the mark of vampiric supremacy
The warfare of immortals in campaign involves the man
By my lips all wounds of mortal fears shall open wide
Prophesising grave land�s enigmas
And for that angel that stole my breath
I walk the earth by the hand of the death
Melted with the diabolic chimera of all nocturnal desires forever more

Across the pulse of blackmoons
I ride the scent of massacre as true lord of all dying lovers
As one with the hatred bastard beasts and nightmares of darkside
And with the bloody countess sent by�.


Beloved darkgift
The present that darkness grant me
Baptism through the languish of fire
Luzbelia trident took me

At the perpetual cradle of exhumed hearts
The crown of divinity get drown in lakes where snakes swim in night�s lava
Dismembering the light endless in agonizing deity
Hell�s madams rest on the chest of penumbral sands of atrocity
In forests constellations of nebular decrepitude alone me as leave of the cold winds
By the very cinder of my wrath
From where limbs born

The blood is life

Eternal life
An immersed dream upon the funeralia whispers
This marriage with night prevails since past shadows can predict
The bane of autumn lay exactly at my throat
Carnal abysmal destruction as my devote witch scratching me deep
Until death�s mellow speak
Through the olden shadows across my veins
By the prism of twilight im awaken
As I conquer night as a king
Im the chosen of evil flowers
In chains of crimson vanity
I domain the flows of wine�s labyrinth
And running to madness by red gardens
My paradise

Empire of lust
The crawling claws wishing bleed in sunset
A darkness closing seas
Blinding a moon petrified in cold scream
Queen of thirst
My battleshield is your breast when you adore me
Sickly aurora, ebony candle of my resurrection
In the condemnation relapse of black romance im with you
Forever more

2. Undead lovers letany

Undead lovers litany
Lyrics: NLRAM Alemsahim / March 2002

We lost our lives
Spilling from our necks infinite branches of red flowers
This pagan weeding darkness has blessed to eternity
Our love never dies
For we flow high as maelstroms by the nightskies just like�.

As blackseas
Rising above abysses of misanthropic winter forests
Where as sons of satan we walk as nocturnal beasts in zeal
Under Wallachia�s languid tongue
Night of blue infernal
She�s the dusk in flesh and bone
A menace for mortal sunsets, im Gelal prodigal son
Satanic vampirism shall prevail beneath our lust

We hunt and drank of the vigor of life
By Diana�s arrow our romance bleed wild
Defleshing obsessions upon red wine
Tearing down those teardrops so sweets to our hung
As the nature is on knees dying behind your steps of lilith�s masquerade
We sail with savagery the waves of crimson angry forever

Oh, Drakul lord
Send us the shelter of your impaler honour and sword
As we copulate on your velvet snows
Damned erenias bitches of black get cut Persephone�s heart once and again
And let we drown in pools of medusa�s saliva of fire
To made them all enslaves

�My bleeding bride

Dismember me by your Transylvanic kisses of ice
Embrace me with your dark wings as a child
At the haunted realms of lemurian thrones
Our salvation is the candlelight fever of every human
We command the untamed world
Of the vampiric dominion

As the moonshine gather us in rapture
In the temple of our orgasmic sinister silence
The nectar of oblivion will make of shades our home for years and years
And your pale skin of carnivore siren will make me cum the deepest red orchids
For years and years

Et osculos inferis
Et obsculus noctis
Nostri nosferatum amoram

We domine the furious winds
With our passion stars die
Until the last drop we consummate
Until day shall turn our hearts in one grand blasphemous spark
We are the bleeding aeon upon all dark glory and sadness
Together we are the black roe
Eternal flames burning in delicious sin

We shall drink eternally of thee

3. Vampiric Majesty

Vampiric majesty
Lyrics: NLRAM Alemsahim / March 2002

Black vampiric order has arrived
And our vulgar amazon approaches
In compelling trembles of battlelore fro attack
Astarte for domain the lands exhort

In her satanic utophy im poet and master of her serpents crowning death


Vampiria bloody thunder over my tongue consumes my hung
In delictive sacrifices for the triumph of moonlight fire we march by her side
At temples of high necrokali exoticness we lay
Watching through the eyes of night with wrath
From the dagger of unnatural redemption
We spill the very doors of hell for bring the true light

Ereshkigal grand malicious goddess of ebony
You purify all my way
Queen of lilinas mask
Herodias dancing on lagoons of my ghoul
Sister of the nuptial jugular embrace
I am the one who feed you until banish my existence
Nothing else care

At arms we defend your dark faith
Evoking your nocturnal requiems
Warriors of funeral awakening pray drinking or your tears
Licking your infernal vulva
We are knights at service of Luna luciferia

Cripple siren sings
Above the obsidian shrines to open the gates to eternity
Seduced are mortals by the ax of dark eve
Flesh turns to liquid, in the combat of the blood rose life fades
Kill, fuck and cum
To conquer all

Verses of the perverted opera of midnight
Erect the figures and portraits of her diabolical diva
The immortals worship and hail as infinite beholds the clandestine sanguine orgy

My maiden of darkness lives

Waiting for the embodiment of final night�s fortress
Our tombs are always open for the call
Of our vampiric majesty

4. Making the Love with the Death


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