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Fist Fuckers of Gods

"Fist Fuckers of Gods" (2003 Live album)

1. Golden infernal Mother Rose
2. Dawn of defecated love and beauty
3. The Raven and the death dressed of white
4. Lascive Paris latex metal war
5. Santa puta resurrecci�n

1. Golden infernal Mother Rose

Golden infernal mother rose
(Thelemic warlore ov cantus pag-anus)
Lyrics: NLRAM Alemsahim / August 2003

This is the first daylight before final wargasm
As my beauty arise death
By the fire from my eyes
Thelemic dolls so pures in tribally macabre ions
You virgin girl never had know the touch of my sickness
Fiercing cock-phoenix so black to get you excite whore
My mars elevate his bloodied face with pride
Ares empire bleeding hard in tartaric cum
The madonnas of my desolatest nights intern names to exile me
In their asylum as a flag of falling grace marching as dark miracles

Through the enters of no return
Into a womb of fire
Upon solstices of light executions
My fucking blood stands

Oh! Heavens so black
In the necronebular nights i go unstopable as a long time ago
The kindom from the realms of satan teach me how to rebirth beyond good and evil
Beyond life and death i rule

As i mix my tears with my blood
I am a perfect rose among flames
Past and future all severance mimics
Versum cadaverum ov death absolutism
I carry the seek of desires and fortune

�I shall receive the tragic spirits in my sorrow
When the impotence of divnity shall loose the the judge
Among the childrens of charon sailing forever
All that i am is in the other side enfolded in the expresion of muds
And thoseworms consumating the sarcophagus from living ones

Hear the cry
From my mutilated sons above my hands
I habit behind the shadow of god and everywhere
As the yaculo flow upon my dark yore
In odes to your dead rotted lusting woman
The childrens of the living dead
I crawl my cabaret among the serenity of your whitest flowers
The hand of a whore is the hand of god

Im the secret of secrets
Im the blood of bloods
I will never die again
A love colder so fucking colder than death
In underworld terrains
Im horned sorcerer of quiron�s bow
In the diounisious sonata the desire of flames get me
I will cross the seven gates wearing purgatorial wings
Destroying all your fake skies

This is the revolution of shadows
My tongue is the oracle from the rotted god of doom

My will be done
My sempiternal youngness
My smile of flames crowned this power
I�ll enclose the sun in my fist
Im last wave of red purity

As the first one of light created
As the first one of light repudied

Im the mother whore�s son of babylon
Invoking winters in springs
I will kill all weak mankind
One by one

Until the blood shall spill out of the nile
My lycanthroat lips taste eternally
Vampire of the cosmic dawn upon the sands of exile
I am the shit of god
El beso de la tirana

Cause expulsed i was from divine
The night received my poorness
I am the hero of darkness
The tongue of night
The son of chakal
La tragedia en musica
Agains the minutes of time forever
Cause forme the time die
By the sanguineal moon i can see
My watch caress now
Satan dance with me by the red moonlight abyss

2. Dawn of defecated love and beauty

Dawn of defecated love and beauty
Lyrics: NLRAM Alemsahim / February 2003

Erichte arose her castle erotica in shadows
Where the impious flight of her dark angels flows rott
Im playing the arcane compas of the fullmon that spill their lust over my tongue
Near i come to Niringizidah eden where i reveal the mask of thee
The satan caresses passing b her petals
That beeding rose kissed me with her poisoned thorn

Mandragora scream
Akivasha�s shine
Gitane demon wich spell did you cast Yemaya ?
Im dancing with the nymph of midnight through mischievous shadows the lucifer waltz
Im enamoured of her pale cold body and tender skin
When teras of passion rolls as comatose fevers of summer falling
Dominatrix of all shades your comndenation covers his price in promises of promisques fantasies
As satan is your lover and your bride is darkness

Divine whore from dusk
The crows and the bats are massage to your necrotic dressing
As i deflesh the gorgona�s head and stare at your desire so eternal in death and sex holocausts
Ice will be forever in our fucking souls

Atresouring erotism as a religion
Hecate�s fate laid upon your glance
Running through gardens of ancient ebony and hedonism

Arachne built these chains of total despair to my eros of inferno
In drama of sinister vicious frosting my zealing echo
The death in herself call me
Lividinous satanic queen whisper a kiss
Her mortuary immortality catch me apart

Im the black christ of oldest venom
Teeth of pure evil and pain
My blood will not be the same anymore with this cursing urge
The sining fara
Angel with demon soul
Raper of me and hunter of me
Castrating me every time
Forever dry me every night
As i penetrate her im going straight to hell

3. The Raven and the death dressed of white

4. Lascive Paris latex metal war

5. Santa puta resurrecci�n

�Santa puta resurrecci�n!
Lyrics: NLRAM Alemsahim / September 2003

Peur tu
Hominis nocturna
Force redempteur de Erebus fantaisies
Eveille son hereditaire masque de saigne etoile
Ejaculer sang dieu convoquer toi art
Nos frissons resonner au dessus argenterie cieux

Homicidal lovers
Lies brokenness at their grey weeping
Virulu�s childs disguise in pestilent agony to them
A hand of pregnant malice rise his hand of eerie swing
I burn in incandescent sin cinder lusting for bleed
Im burning with thee forever with thee
To the architect of coldest passions
A velvet prophanity
In bestial rapture for fuck me

Sulphur the corridors of my begs as humans die one by one so fast
Master satyr maniac of the chemical legacy take me beneath the corpses
The legend of that sin shall bleed free and deep in me

Vampire apocalypse call my veins
As i wail the laments of graveless atrocities
His nocturnal severance my sex kills

Odorat mon sang oh satane
Ainsi chaut glisser duvet le muraille
Et divine cloche sourdine baisse a deplorer
Minuit trop longue
Je avoir attente pour poser en l couche de mon seigneur
Invernale baronnet
Infernale baronnet
I kissed devil�s cunt and so i became
Witch of witches
Tear the pulse of my unraveling crazy nights away
Stroke of erotic dismembering warlord fire

Je suis oblivion fruit dans nuclear Gehenna jardin
Au sommet haggard lune je dedicate mon bataille
En larmes du sang a il implore
Peur sodomy et mon amore Satane


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