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Blood of the Wolf

"Blood of the Wolf" (2005 EP)

1. Nocturnal Eternal
2. A Vicious Cycle
3. Spirits of the Native Warriors
4. Serenity
5. The Hunt
6. Reflections
7. Blood of the Wolf

1. Nocturnal Eternal

2. A Vicious Cycle

Detached rationale
Decaying morale
Divorcing ourselves from remorse

Mercy’s decay
Rotting away
Compassion snuffed out at the source

Victims of a cold indifference
Are they so much less than we?
Nurturing a deficiency of conscience
Lost in our grandiose reality

Condoning through silence
Unwarranted violence
Against those that we should defend

Compassion rejected
Humanity neglected
This cycle must come to an end

Turn a blind eye
So quick to deny
The suffering of those with no voice

If it can happen to them
It can happen to us
It’s only a matter of choice

With lower forms labeled expendable
A terrible lesson is taught
The value of all life is lessened
A departure from rational thought

When acts of viciousness go uncondemned
Our minds become warped and jaded
The value of life in our clouded eyes
Is slowly minimized and degraded

Morality and mercy deferred
‘til their notion is all but deceased
An ignorance born of vanity
Denying the pain of the beasts

Exploited for simple amusement
Cruelty for cruelty’s sake
Desensitization transcends
A connection that we simply cannot seem to make

Spiraling out of control
Seeds of violence will grow
Morphing into an ugliness
Upon which reason cannot be bestowed

Conditioned by social acceptance
The perverse becomes common place
Brutality rotates in full circle
A monstrosity we all must face

3. Spirits of the Native Warriors

Across the plains the echo blows
Whispers of battles past
Of genocidal bloodshed
Resisting to the last

The whispers speak of courage
Of dignity and pride
Defenders of their culture
Of family and tribe

Warriors of honor
Fighting to the death
Defying the invaders
‘Til they’d taken their last breath

Expansion of brutality
Manifest at any cost
Murder of identity
A history is lost

Hold on to tradition
Passed down from ages old
Learning of the heritage
From tales the elders told

Fearless in defiance
The warriors stood their ground
Gathering strength from the spirits
To cast their enemies down

They came in greater numbers
Shooting fire from their hands
An overwhelming wave of force
Too powerful to withstand

Honorless opressors
Hunting them like game
An enemy that knew not
The boundaries of shame

4. Serenity

5. The Hunt

6. Reflections

7. Blood of the Wolf

Shroud of night
Awakens the pack
Sharpens the senses
Renews vitality

Moonlight lament
Song of a dark catharsis
Nocturnal chorus
Pierces the placid air

Ritual of rites
Exudation of strength
The weaker submit
Establishment of dominance

To run with the pack
Is freedom defined
Feel of cool moist earth
Beneath my eminent feet

Brotherhood strong
Bonded within
Spirits are one
Carnivorous kin

Standing as one
Staking our claim
We shall remain

Lunar inflections
Shoot from the skies
Shimmers of silver
Glow in our eyes

Children of night
Guarding our keep
Singing in darkness
As others sleep

Forest cloaked in darkness
Is where my kind reigns
Here we are rulers
Kings of unbounded domain

Survival of the fittest
At one with the pack
Indigenous members
Of lupine society

Scent of the prey
Thrill of the hunt
Smell of warm flesh
Nowhere to run

Quickening pulse
Unrelenting pursuit
Closing in fast
Following suit

Sensing the fear
Imminent death
No time to cry out
Take the last breath

Primal incursion
On fallen beast
Spilling the blood
Time for the feast

Clan of the wood
Here is our home
Gaia goes with us
Wherever we roam

On sacred ground
Demons will call
Some will survive
Others will fall

Taking what's ours
For their desires
Filling their needs
Feeding their fires

We will persist
Decree of the breed
Though we be diminished
We shall not concede

Spirits will walk
On hallowed night
Join with the living
Call for the fight

Legions unite
Fight to survive
Only the chosen
Will come out alive

Ancient are we
Bringers of visions
Denied our nobility
Pushed toward extinction

Banding together
Though many be gone
Death will not stop us
Our spirits live on!


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