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Sitting By The Fire

"Sitting By The Fire" (1998)

1. Dead But Free
2. I'll Never Betray
3. Smile
4. Return of Deads Thoughts
5. The World is Full of Lies
6. Ocean of Hatred
7. Echoes of Sadness
8. Sitting by the Fire
9. At the Threshold of Life
10. Irreparable

1. Dead But Free

I used to fear, i used to cry
I used to wish never to die
but I've changed my mind
life can't be survived

now I don't fear, now i don't cry
and what I wish is soon to die
because I see
only dead I'll be free

life is a prison
death will be release
just after death
all trouble to die

day by day
I had to strive
now I want to end it
I want to die

this fucking life
is a fatal disease
so why should I struggle
let me rest in peace

come on, come on
come �n' die with me
death is the freedom
is suicide the key?

2. I'll Never Betray

mania - all people want the same
mania - for money they go insane

money is all what's on your mind
for money you're deaf, for money you're blind
you are the boss, you respect no laws

if there is a change to gain more
you fuck the rules, you act like a whore
and you don't care about what people say

asshole - my soul is not for sale
bastard - I won't be your next prey
fuck you - I don't listen to what you say
eat shit - for no money I will obey

money - causing a mass insanity
money - destroying humanity
money - trying to lead astray
money - but I will never betray

3. Smile

hey man you needn't cry
your face can give a smile

don't wait for your darkest hour
cause happiness is coming to you

you enjoyed what life was giving
but your smile has been stolen

you have found your face
and the feeling of happiness is gone again

so how much time have you got?
as much as you'll give yourself

stop frowning - only the life it self
will show you, you aren't alone

you live differently - than you lived
you're searching on your own

that smile there - even if you are alone
the smile has come back

4. Return of Deads Thoughts

5. The World is Full of Lies

the world is full of nonsense
the world is full of lies
I'm sick of your Satan
I'm sick of your Christ

belief makes you so blind
truth you don't try to find
you think that truth is there
only on your side

there is no king of darkness and evil
there is no Satan, there is no devil
there is no god of love and goodness
there is no one who can stop the madness

belief - just for the week - minded
you don't understand it
truth - you can't find it - where
you don't understand it

if you believe in Satan - the ruler of hell
why don't you follow him - go to hell
kill yourself and - stop bothering me - die

if you believe in Jesus - the lord of heaven
I can send you heaven-ward - right to Eden
I will crucify you - like your idol - die

6. Ocean of Hatred

my love is lost in the ocean of hatred
the girl whom I loved is dead and violated

I've stayed alone
with the pain
deep inside my heart

mother fucking bastard
raped and killed my sweetheart
satisfied his morbid lust
I've lost all my dreams

rage is burning my soul
It's getting
out of control
locked in this hell I'll be
and the killer stays free

7. Echoes of Sadness

can you see
my world is dying
now I'm drowned
in the sea of mourning
since you have gone
there is darkness in my soul
I live on the edge lost in the memories

all the roses on your grave
have faded away
you left me locked in this prison
where I don't even realise
that life is passing me
I see me self in the mirror
of sorrow and pain

can you hear the bell
tolling on my way?

you've been sucked dry from your energy

why must we die
and pay for this existence

you can't struggle and set yourself free

8. Sitting by the Fire

sitting by the fire
thinking how you're gonna change
the world

just have a look and you'll see
how the world's changed you
and you didn't care
only strong will survive

sitting by the fire
thinking how you're gonna change
the world

sit - by the fire - and think
about that - the strong - will survive

crying - you don't belong - to those
who are strong - you can't find - that power

sitting - by the fire - thinking how
to change everything - but you don't
know how

you're looking at stars in the sky
which one, which one is yours
you're waiting for help, it won't come
you aren't lucky, you are hopeless now
the fire is burning out
you don't have the power, any feelings
the fire has burnt out
the kiss of death on your mouth

9. At the Threshold of Life

silence - at the threshold of life
can you feel - that empty body
do you remember - the way you lived
you are dying - all the years have

why - did you live - wasted time
you - lived this way - you don't know why
you'd like - a few more days - though
there is no time
time - you wanna turn back - but don't
know how

everything - you are willing to give
you'd like - for the last time
to see - what you didn't realise
the wonderful - sunrise

you don't have a clue
everything you had - is lost
so many deceits
you went through - no more
cry - over the way
you lived - all the years - disappeared...

pain - you'd like to feel again
pleasure - you'd like to laugh again
to live - you'd know another way
you'd like - but there is no time

10. Irreparable

they kept telling you: "don't go" and you did
there was nobody to stop you

you kept doing what you really wanted
you're irreparable, irreparable

you're going your own way
you're irreparable, irreparable

you've been living - free as a bird
irreparable - always first

you've yourself - and found vanity
unjustifiable - irreparable...


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