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Where Groupies Killed the Blues

"Where Groupies Killed the Blues" (1972)

1. Hobo
2. Rose in the Vine
3. Mother
4. Where Groupies Killed the Blues
5. Prince of Darkness
6. Summerdream
7. Burning Ships

1. Hobo

Don't know where I'm going
Don't know where I came from
Just can't seem to find a home
Can't seem to settle down
The life of a Hobo is no fun
I'm just a Hobo on the run

One day of sweating backache
One day of freezing rain
One year of breaking hard rock
Six months jumping rail
The life of a Hobo is no fun
I'm just a Hobo on the run

What can I do, what can I say
Don't even trust the length of the day
Only the witness of Southern Jim

2. Rose in the Vine

Rose in the vine, there's a holy man drinking my wine
Hole in the line
Old Sunday morning is raining and shining my way
Rose in the vine, drinking my wine
So good day - -

Is your grass so green and do you� like people say?
A dream came by my way
Came falling through my door
Do you love me?
Or are you
Lying in an anarchistic folderol
Hydrogen Joint - La, what is the point?

Susan burned her mind out yesterday
Men came down from town took her away
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey

Pills in the jar, let them tell you how lucky you are
Leapers for two
Eggs in one basket Immaculate conception
How do you do?
Rose in the vine, drinking my wine
So Fug you

3. Mother

Please forgive me mother you said I'd never survive alone
Swimming in and out of dreams that you could
Never piece together in the silence you lost
You bore the cost - for this the ring on you finger
Happiness was a Sunday afternoon

Mummy and daddy are fighting next door
The neighbours complained to the wife of the landlord
The small hand's on nine and the big hand's on ten
It's time for the children to go to bed again

(Good bye mother, forgive me and all my sins - say
They are forgotten - and so ... to bed!)

Pull down the blinds and turn on the music
You gotta roll off - I'm gonna roll on
Turn off your mind and roll to the music
I'm gonna go POP before it's begun

Please forgive me mother if I appear to be far away
Slipping in and out of arms that try to
Hold me down forever till the dust us do part
Hand on my heart: It's true
A light in your window
The shipwreck of your life!

Poor little Dinah, she's leaving home
She's going to marry a man in a hurry
Monday and Tuesday still on the phone
And mother can't work for a while though worrying

(Goodbye Mother, You tried so to put the blame on
The world around you and so ... To bed)

4. Where Groupies Killed the Blues

Onward marching to the "Rock of Ages"
Torn-off pages from a magazine
Soldiers fading from the Earth - degrading
Sun's lost out to margarine

Kingdoms, empires read in tea-leaves
Everybody fold your hands upon your heads
And hear the news
Somebody somewhere somehow sometime
Looked behind the Arass
Where the groupies killed the blues

Heavy sounds in the summertime - ooh -
Chicago learns that black is black
Heavy ground all along the Berlin line
Humpety Dumpety won't go back
Poni mai

Classrooms and Sunday school
Where Jesus saved the world
Kingsize and extra cool
And when the smoke unfurled
Straight lanes of lemon trees
Where Palestine prayed on its bended knees
To mankind

Subway moonlight for a flight of fancy
To a smiling face gone underground
Advertising 'stead of law revising
Pay your money, stick around

Pilgrim soldiers on a trip to nowhere
With a one-way ticket in their hands
Soap Suds Sliding to the Foam Crest Riding
Palestine: whose promised land?

5. Prince of Darkness

Hail the black redeemer, how long you been away
Caliph of the darkness, I miss you every day
I got this terrible feeling and don't know what to say
Show me how to face the morning, teach me how to play

The bad man keeps a callin' - He's hungry for my soul
But down to you I'm coming, When death collects his toll
The symbols on my door are changing every day
So hail the prince of doom and darkness - Help me on my way

Down to your world go I
Into your flames I fly

Master of the Moonlight, visit me this day
Tell me what I want to know and help me fly away
Let me feel the fire melt into my soul
Send the baking desert wind from pole to frozen pole

With your breath of fire fan this deathly mask
Let the needle kiss my vein and give me all I ask
Please don't let the dealer's heart grow hard if I can't pay
Hail the prince of Doom and Darkness - Help me on my way

Down to your world go I
Into your flames I fly

6. Summerdream

Summer dream you killed the Queen
And all the sea's a'fire
Where is the sister gone again, oh father?

You stole the tarts and joined the queue
To cool a fool's desire

Oh won't you stop the clock
Eternity can wait for ever

Whe the room around the fading shadows of a lifetime
Where is my heart beat been and gone, oh mother!
Life was just a port of call - a paranoic pastime
Where's the joke in being me at all to face
The grave now

7. Burning Ships

To think that I once called you friend
The changes that you put me through
And now it seems a change of plan
Is all that I could do for you
Though your thoughts are on the ebbing tide
And you'll whisper at another stranger's side
Remember I'm the one who brought you your lady
Leave your burning ships to die

Maybe you'll wonder in your time
And see the flame of mighty land
The treasures of a thousand kings
Lay buried in the drifting sand
But you will go on your way
Out of sight with nothing to say
Remember I'm the one who brought you your lady
Leave your burning ships to die


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