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Watching the Christians Burn

"Watching the Christians Burn" (2000)

1. Burn the Soul
2. Watching the Christians Burn
3. Copulate the Cross
4. Scapegoat of a Thousand Young
5. 13 Victims
6. Begotten Christian Bastards
7. Rotting Minds
8. Cries from the Cemetary

1. Burn the Soul

Burned alive,dead on the stake
condemned souls are mine to take
brimestone smell,the stench of hell
the horror burns in their eyes
the corpse burning in their mind
save your prayers for those who care
burn the soul in hell

burn the soul theres no escape
tormented soul are mine to take
they sinned in life,now there dead
burning there souls never ends

chistianity once more fails
the christians bastards burn in hell
remains decaryed now you learn
in hell your soul forever burns

drowend in a lake of fire
christ is dead the cocksucking liar
burning souls feel the fire
burn your soul no escape
tormented soul were mine to take
feel the pain of burning souls in hell's flames

blackened gates found here
burning the soul's of christian queers
two face christians soon will learn
in hell their souls will forever burn
stolen there souls,taken away
there body's lie in decay
burning their souls in hell there souls
forever burn

stolen their soul's taken away
thier body's lie in decay
burning the soul's in hell
burning soul's are what you smell
feel the flames
feel the pain
burn the soul

2. Watching the Christians Burn

death from the sky you won't survive
darken clouds fill your eyes
vaporize all mankind,burning thier flesh
burning alive,burning your flesh as you die
a funeral held for all mankind
all humanity will have learned
that jesus christ will never return

watching the christians burn
laughing watching them burn
watching the christians burn
laughing as i watch them burn

final judgment of christianity
leviathan rises from the rageing sea
day of judgment lucifer calling
the sea's are red from blood of the dead

bodies lie burned and decayed
no one left to cover the grave's
undead eat the chared dead flesh
nothing but the bones are left
river's flow with death
roting is the smell
burning of flesh for eternity

warhead's the last ones dead
the dog's of war,satan's little whrore's
day of judgment for christianity
levithan rise's from the raging sea

I lucifer,stole the earth
condem your soul's for all your worth

3. Copulate the Cross

clinging to the holy cross,all salvations fuckin lost
bible in hand idoicity,the total cost is sodomy
blackest black redest red,the church of god burns again
rightous minds fuck of christ,jesus flock sucking cock
oral anal holycross ,up your ass is what it cost
in your ass sodomy,the fee for christianity

i am lucifer,murdered your pathetic lord
killed him in the name of sin,this war i've won
unholy zombies begun,to rise from the grave

copulate the holy cross,up your ass is what it cost
here is the church of the feeble
spreed wide your asscheeks for all the people
sucking the cock of christ
swallow his load for eternal life
enter the pearly gates,perversion beyond them await's
chistianity,sodomized,born to die
suck jesus dry
holy cross in your bowels,deep inside

in your cunt the holy cross your feeble soul is what it cost
up your ass sodomy,the cost of christianity
copulate the holycross,eternal life is what it cost
suck the cock of christ,swallow his load for eternal life

[2nd verse]
cunting christian whore's the church of christ burns once more
in your cunt the holy cross,your sanity is the cost
bible in hand idoicy,the holy wrath of sodomy
sucking the cock of christ,swallow his load for eternal life
copulating the holy cross,deep inside

christian lust are filled with sin
the church of god burns again,copulating holycross
your ass is what it cost,bible in hand idoitcy
the holy wrath of sodomy,the cost of christanity
so let christ fuck you
let him fuck you...let christ fuck you

4. Scapegoat of a Thousand Young

sterle crucifix, represents incompitence
holy lie's of jesus christ
false prophet of eternal life
holy fuck pompus lier
belial laughs cast him in the fire
burn in hell for sexual desire and blasphamy

god no longer exist's, his ass drowend in the watery abyss
leviathan rises forth, hunger satisfied by jehovah's corpse
open your eyes you will see
get the fuck up off your knees
burn your bible in vain
lucifer forever reigns

traval the path of the left
beyond the curtain of death
into the divine abyss, mayhems always amiist

slay the begotten lamb, his flock is the dust in the sand
praise the black goat, his blessing we have invoked

satan lives forever,on the gillotin christ ghaed is severd
castration of your soul, your body rotts inside a hole
decomposed inside the ground, ressurect from black sorrsey
lucifer laugh's as i do his bidding

baphomet black one, scapegoat of 1000 young,grant me the powers of thee
power of black sorcery,18th enochian key'summons lucifers blessing
unlock the gates of hell, blackest unholy spell
amon the god of desire, Satan the lord of the fire

5. 13 Victims

13 slut's deep inside the ground
scattered remain's never to be found
victimes of my black axe
raped and murderd raptured inside
skull eyes weep tears of blood
naked sacrificed dead
stole their soul's blackest of night
power stolen from their live's

their life force surges thru my veins
black magic sacrificed remains
i wrote these words with their blood
my missions completed
the holy church burns defeated
the blood on my hands
granted me the powers of with i speak
of 13 fuckin slut's now deceased

mortal remain's burried in lucifer's park
don't go there after dark
raped slaughterd decomopsed
the blood on my hand's

6. Begotten Christian Bastards

begotten christian bastards their death sentence written
evil stares thru my eyes all thats evil survies
taken their lives jesuc christ been sodomized
begging for mercy no repreve the midnight hour on hollow's eve
i'm laghing they cry watching them die wittness god's demise

god's word are lies,filed with deseat,making you kill
for religous belief's

enter my life dark one,the anti-christ satans son
piss on the cross darkness,my soul lost in the abyss

preach the gospel sunday,cullingus with a prostitute monday
power over the weak to make pray
went to church caus they say
weakling fool's i've got the new's
it's to late he'll never rise again

weakling minds they are blind,weakling minds destine to die
weakling minds no repreve,weakling minds wipe out their disease
christian mind's will never rise

7. Rotting Minds

rotting minds of the weak,continued to spread their disease
i've done my masters bidding,summon lucifer from the east
ending their plight,taking there life,taking their lives
ending their lie's,rape and murder their wives
destroying their pathetic book of lives

move forward and appear,my lord lucifer
my kingdom await's for thee

go away son of god,stay burried in your grave
thy church is cursed and you are to blame
dark worship in lucifer's name,christian bastard's
panic struck in this hour,kill your self and get it over

evil burns deep inside of me,
destroying the alters of christianity
burn the book of lies oohh blasphemy

jesus christ sucks cock in hell

8. Cries from the Cemetary

crying out from the grave,her murdered soul enslaved
voices from the grave,forever haunting me beging reanimation
powers of darkness encircle her grave as she rose from the coffin

the sound of her voice from the grave calls to me
releasing the undead (wipe out christ disease)

black magic working evil spells cast

rise forward from the grave,you will rise
evil in her eye's blasphemy church of christ
never to die satan survives

rising again power in satan's name
christian killing whore from the grave
christian death is what she craves
taste the sin's of human kind
the blood it flows so divine
your soul is mine


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