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Thousand Ways To The Same Land

"Thousand Ways To The Same Land" (2003 Demo)

1. Prologue
2. Lothloryen
3. Hear the Call Again
4. Neverland
5. My Fairytale
6. There and Back Again
7. Namarie
8. Outro

1. Prologue

2. Lothloryen

Elves are calling me to follow them now
To beyond the runners of mind
Follow them to far beyond
The line of Forevermore
They say for me "there where there's no time
And our conscious is free
Follow us and you do will see"
See on your mind, feel on your hands
The Wisdom heritage for all
The ancients of Golden Forest

To become finally free
Comprehend the essence of your dreams
Following the elves or not
The real truth is on your path
And my truth is Lothlorien

I saw my kingdom, my promised land
And my quest for fredom remain
But I know that it will not be forever
See on your mind, feel on your hands
The Wisdom heritage for all the ancients
Of the land that you want
Tell me why we must be the same
Tell me now what is the way for me
Into my mind I just respect your choice
So I say farewell cause
I don't wanna to be the same again

But I will meet you again
Cause all the ways leave to the same land
I've reach the light
That how blind my eyes and may
Soul fading away
The dawns of my fate
So I see
Beyond the gates
Of this time beyond
Time of dreams
My fairytale
Tell me where do you are

3. Hear the Call Again

Far away a wise walks alone
To beyond the black horizons
Where lies the rising sun

I see a flame burning in your eyes
And your soul
Flame of the angel that echoes in the hall
Of lost memories in dark dreams
From the Holy Gates of Neverland

I take the Wisdom on my hands
So I can see the dawn
Beyond the shadows
An angel calls my name

And I can hear the call
Hear the call again

So far away
The wise and your rings
In land of hopes
Show me the way

So I can see the dawn
Of my forbidden realm
Lost in space
And time beyond
To free the frozen dream of black sea
I'll fly again to my home Neverland

4. Neverland

Welcome to the kingdom of my dreams
Somewhere beyond the real
Forgotten ruins hidden behind the storm

Welcome to the hogher of falling realm
Welcome to your destiny
Beyond the borders of my lost sense

Forever the never waits
Together we will fly trought space and time
Until the neverland a place for you and me
Release your dreams
Somewhere in your mind
So think and stop and will be free

We came from neverending
We came from gates of time
We are the guardians of eternity

All we want is freedom for your soul
For your dreams and your mind
So close your eyes and just believe

That never is the state of your mind
So would be eternity a dream of God
That lies in this neverland
A place for you and me
Release your dreams that
Echoes in your mind
So think and stop and will be free

Lost beyond the nowhere
I want to touch the infinity
On the wings of doom
O just want to coming home
Empty eyes of black hole
Now I know my destiny
In this vast universe room
I'm falling down alone

5. My Fairytale

Fading the lights
That rise so deep in my
Heart and my soul
Burning my eyes
I see my flame
Reflecting on the mirror of the
Kings of the twilight
Living in your own pride

So I've been
Bow down and pray
For the guardians of my dreams
Just them let me
Fly on your hands
To find the hopes all again

Far beyond the rising sun
I will find my way
Far beyond the darken lands
In my fairytale

6. There and Back Again

Into the eyes of dawn
The dark silence of the land
Take me end of storm
And me just insane

Waiting for the time
The time will never be the same
Lost in other life
And me just me

Follow the line of nevermore
To come the center of it all

Back to eternity
A place beyond my mind
I will find myself
So I'll go

Like another fairytale
Cause I see beyond the light
That keeps the answers
Lost in space and time

Into this light there's a dark
Grey hole of hopes

To where I'll go
To realize my frozen dreams that
I lost in time
Fly to the land to dragon's den
Cause one day I'll meet you
There and back again

In darkness I'll meet you
Together carry on
To out of oblivion
Till dark night of my soul

We'll fly high to the kingdom of Freedom
Yes we can fly
So try to understand that we'll return

7. Namarie

Now I'll runaway
Out of darkness where my kingdom stay
Live hidden behind Moria

I need to find myself
Dive in madness to reach all the ways
That I forgotten in my dreams

So I must runaway
To beyond this dark barren lands
To find the answers that I lost in the time
Endless stairs
Until the unknown but I know

(That's) Time to go to the land of my soul
Where I'm still king
Time to coming home
And so say Namarie

When I close my eyes
Time has gone beyond
When I see the light
Blindness hurt my soul
Cutting like the tears
Burning and banished the dawn
In my darkest days
Memories os promissed land

There's a voice on my way
Tell me where I must runaway
And finally I can find the answers that I seek
Insanity to think is my only way

Take me away and wash away all my pain
Is not too late to find my way
All that I must to do is carry on

Take me back to Lorien
There where my soul can fly
Take me back to Lorien
To the memories of a forgotten time

8. Outro


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