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of Bards and Madmen

"of Bards and Madmen" (2005)

1. Welcome
2. The Bards Alliance
3. Moriality
4. Another Tale
5. The Dark Flames (of Madness' Queen)
6. Someday
7. Ruins of Fantasy
8. Elfic
9. There and back again (bonus)
10. Namärie (bonus)

1. Welcome

Welcome to my lost dark memories
Welcome to my home - insanity
This is my own den of bards and Madmen
From here you will can't return

2. The Bards Alliance

Sometimes I think in old things
So I fly far away from (this) darken skies
In a flash I find myself
In a place between my fears and hopes
(in) Lorien
I sit down and play my old pipe
And my anguish fading for a while
My old friends is all around me
Together we all sang the song of my old twisted mind

Bridge: I lost my memories
In a single bottle of wine
(And) I don't want return (no more)
From my dreams

Sometimes we need a few of
This magic that make us wonder why
And if we really need
Carry on (with) our fools causes
Or must change our mind

Bridge2: I find me in a Battle Field
But I see the bards around my eyes
And so I Sing

Chorus: (I) Can Lost the battle
Lost the game and don't return
But I stay in the Bards' Alliance
Cause I know that coming home
I don't go
While I can live in this mystic dream

Coral Voz 1: (I) can lost the battle
Lost the game and don't return to barren lands
Forgot the past, forgot my name
And don't return

Voz 2: I'm lost in Lorien but the bards will come
To play my song

Voz 3: Don't return, don't return, Don't return
I'll don't return

3. Moriality

I'm lost in other time
Beyond the fields of glory
The sad and gray moon rise
And driven me insane

Another tale is lost
Another bard in silence
Is just a void of light
The blindness of the faith

Bridge: The Madness touch me and shows me the other
Then bring me wisdom to be free
Above the high gates of the land of Moria I sang

So dark and silence reigns again
While the last tears plays my requiem
Gray heart seeks something in my dreams
Something lost in me

Bridge: The Madness touch me and shows me the other
Then bring me wisdom to be free
Above the high gates of the land

Chorus: So I fall into the void
To release me from the storm
To see the moonrise again
And the old Time comes the end
To be free a new time will come
From the dawns beyond the sun
And then the black bard will sing again

So I fall into the void of light
To free my holy dreams – and fly forevermore
To be free a new time will come
From the dawns beyond the sun
And to release my only ways
To silence and dark of another day
Into the forest of my mind
When the black bard will sing and live again

4. Another Tale

Men: just dark and silence
Another dream is died
The Eldar cries for my destiny
Still I reach out for the Gates but I don't know if I
still believe
Cause all were gone
Elv: Take my hand my friend
Men: i captured inside this real land
Elv: from secret realms I came to wash the silence
If you dream and believe so we'll are live
Cause I walk in the dark and I cry for your tears
Now and beyond, come with me
Take my hand my friend
Men: your light will take me to home
Men and Elv: and we'll be another tale in this mystic
To feel it just close your eye
And fly with your dreams to our land
We'll be a little song by the bards and men
Lost in a while
Somewhere in Insanity (Ruins of reality)
In your mind

5. The Dark Flames (of Madness' Queen)

Forever the sad tears of dawn
In darkness claim for liberty
In never no sign of life
To our dreams

Illusions comes from the other side
To take us all in flood of tears
The hope's lost while comes the pain
In flames of fear

Bridge: The Darkness claim for liberty
And the light in your eyes (that) blinds me
Shows the black face of all this farce

The brave kings – just a side of the mask
In a lost land full of holy sins
The shine of flames unmask your eyes
And kills my thoughts

Bridge : The Madness screams insanitly
In fire of this holy scorn
The hypocrisy smiles with no regrets

Chorus: And flames in your eyes I see
But I can't dry all your tears
While hands of madness still rules in all this land
The king of kings and his pride
Sits down on his throne of lies
While the Dark Flames of Madness' Queen still burning

6. Someday

Just pain goes on
Breaking on through the dark
Time stands beyond
Silent and alone
Walking to the black hole of light

Then there is the fear
(and) Loneliness calls for my name
Lost in her eyes
From where I belong
Chained for dark thorns of past

Bridge: Here I am now
Taking the pieces of light
In my soul so dark
Silent screams of pain

And echoes that now I hear
Come from a lost somewhere in time
Diving in the flames
Of this mystic lake
I stand plunged into secret signs

Bridge 2: And I see the strange face of dawn
Reflecting all the dark side of this long way
But now I know
To see I (must) just close my eyes

Chorus: Someday the life wash away all this fear
And someway maybe I find
Again the hopes will revival beyond a dream

Fading my last tears
Leave my fears behind
I'll follow the signs again
The silence will lie
And in my dreams it calls my name

Finally the darkness will go away – to black hole of
The shine in her eyes will remain – will remain
My soul (will) enlighten her dreams – fading the pain
And then someday I'll be free

7. Ruins of Fantasy

And then silent
He's waiting
Watching in darkness
Seeking another reasons to dare
Himself beyond the walls

Almaren – just ruins of Fantasy

And now
He is going
Alone in the dark beyond this time
Makes his song

To understand his dreams
And just to try to keep
The flame of magic in the air

While the madness still goes on and on

Chorus: Close my eyes for a while
Then I feel all his pain
The fear and the sadness (grow)
In the deep of my mind
The regrets of a bard
Lost in oblivion

For ancient times
The poets cries
And bleeding are their rhymes
No one lighter's sailing
No more fairytales

Is this will be
The end of the dreams?
Avalon is died
The mist are no more for me

In silence
He's still waits
To break all the chains
And bring back
His song to the light

So I understand
Finally what he said
Believe in me
And I will be

8. Elfic

Cast of characters:
The conscience
> The Bard
* The Elves

Part 1 : Discovering Secrets

So Hear the Whisper of elves in this dark ancient
* "Don't be a fool, feel the mystic in the air"
Straight to insanity, strange twisted thoughts in your
> Where are the secrets that one day I knew?

The dreams that I lived lies down in my dying heart
(Can you see them now?) In a cold hall of hope
Reality is turned my silent dungeon of cries
follow the madness to break all my pain

So let me try again
The barge must bring my light
And while elves take my hands
The distance was left behind

Memories has gone
But I keep my talisman
That shows me another way to believe
And reasons to dream again

I lost my pride when my journey starts
And in oceans of tears i was sail
But my mystic heart in my pride I found
And wash my tears away

So I remember my name
And the place from where I came
I'm just a bard with an elfic heart
That I leave in Lorien

Now and Beyond
There are secrets to find
But I just want to dream
So I'm coming home

Part 2 Elfic Manifest

I walk into this new world
For long ways
I can see, I can feel the dark thorns behind
And hear my old friends calls my name

The smells of mists and wine
The voices: "Do you see, do you feel the Kingdom of
This is all that the mankind lost
When the innocence has gone"

But we live in a place of liberty
There's no tears or false heroes
(Just) open (the) doors of your real Insanity
And you will find the answers
This is a new dimension

(The) Lost sense in the World of Sanity
(Is the) real sense in our realm of Fantasy
Most real that men reality
The peace is all that we try
And wars is all that they find

Innocence is all that we need
The only way to hear that we sing
(And) in your heart the feelings you'll keep
The wisdom there's in your mind
(Is) the only key to can fly
(So) the answers that you can seek
You will find

9. There and back again (bonus)

Into the eyes of dawn
The dark silence of the land
Take me end of storm
And me just insane

Waiting for the time
The time will never be the same
Lost in other life
And me just me

Follow the line of nevermore
To come the center of it all

Back to eternity
A place beyond my mind
I will find myself
So I'll go

Like another fairytale
Cause I see beyond the light
That keeps the answers
Lost in space and time

Into this light there's a dark
Grey hole of hopes

To where I'll go
To realize my frozen dreams that
I lost in time
Fly to the land to dragon's den
Cause one day I'll meet you
There and back again

In darkness I'll meet you
Together carry on
To out of oblivion
Till dark night of my soul

We'll fly high to the kingdom of Freedom
Yes we can fly
So try to understand that we'll return

10. Namärie (bonus)

Now I'll runaway
Out of darkness where my kingdom stay
Live hidden behind Moria

I need to find myself
Dive in madness to reach all the ways
That I forgotten in my dreams

So I must runaway
To beyond this dark barren lands
To find the answers that I lost in the time
Endless stairs
Until the unknown but I know

(That's) Time to go to the land of my soul
Where I'm still king
Time to coming home
And so say Namarie

When I close my eyes
Time has gone beyond
When I see the light
Blindness hurt my soul
Cutting like the tears
Burning and banished the dawn
In my darkest days
Memories os promissed land

There's a voice on my way
Tell me where I must runaway
And finally I can find the answers that I seek
Insanity to think is my only way

Take me away and wash away all my pain
Is not too late to find my way
All that I must to do is carry on

Take me back to Lorien
There where my soul can fly
Take me back to Lorien
To the memories of a forgotten time


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