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The Primal Event

"The Primal Event" (1998)

1. I Wear Mankind
2. Forever and Ever Alone
3. Moments
4. Sorrowsoul
5. The Other Side
6. Inside My Mind
7. Supernatural
8. Among Those Who Wept

1. I Wear Mankind

Take a look at the confrontation
view of the final destination
take my life to the bottom line
set my heart for detonation
find the way to imagination
travel through the soulway station
karma the meditation

Take me down to the peaceful ground
that peaceful ground I never found
look at the time that spins by me now
the ticking, taking time with a closer sound

Put out my life
step out of my eyes
step out of my sight
all splendid lies
takes larger size
by brand new disguise

put out my life
step out of my eyes
step out of my sight
no rest is mine
no peace in mind
'cause I wear mankind

2. Forever and Ever Alone

I walk lightly over the earth I see
I still keep trying to feel
nothing is left, time to die out again
once you were here but now your gone my friend
nothing is like I once saw the horizon
so lonely and so cold
so lonely and so alone

I absorb what I'll no longer know
this is not what I expected to feel
the time has taken my life away
what I love has been ripped away from me

Ages have past since you coloured my light
I'll never again see shining eyes so bright
forever and ever I'll be a forgotten name in your mind
without you my dear is my existence not worth calling life

Nothing can be as it was my friend
everything withers and grows up again
forever you're gone my friend

here all alone to the unknown send

3. Moments

Come down to me
I'll give you all you need to live
I'll let go, give in, feel free
I don't need to live

Come down to me
stand for the things you belive in
my heart is burning
all doors wide open
I'll let go, give in, feel free
I don't need to live

I just want to leave it all behind
pay attention
emotions no longer bear mankind

Misfortune grows by every moments fall
the irony of my yearning passion
emotions swirl round my coming event

that stops the heartpounding rhythm

4. Sorrowsoul

I feel the call, the eternity I can't prevail
by ages of distress and a life so enslaved
memories from my past crawling closer
can this lonely night come forth again?

I hide myself surrounded by shadows
I'm alone within darkness with deep tearful eyes
I feel so afraid, cold and alone
but she's within my heart, mind and soul

Nothing seems to be worth living for
my end so near and so real
my nocturnal desire must final stand
I can't live through them once again

With no strength left I force myself through the rain
I can't feel my future, only my mind's pain
towards my end I'm crawling
just thinking of her with deep mourning eyes
please forgive my beloved
I must end my life and leave you crying behind

5. The Other Side

Anguish inside is rising
feel the presence of the other sid
I'm your incarnated confusion
the mind that don't need any solution

So I look into the deepest of me
can you see what I once was?
this is what I have become
An insanity to your mind's fear

Dark is the path there I'll be by your side
don't try to run, you cannot hide
You screamed and cried as I revealed you my way
the way that's gonna repay you my pain

6. Inside My Mind

As voices of the night call me
I walk into the eternal flame
I feel it burning me from inside
no longer wishing, forever be alive

Wandering alone within walls of madness
searching for forgiveness in lifeless emptyness
since the day I was taken my first breath
I have been forgotten and lost on a cold path

Abondoned in the never allowed desire
the only thing to whisper me goodbye
inside my mind
I'm surrounded by ignorance and hate
from the chambers of fears and rage

I cannot exept the unending reality
I must end my life, away from eternity
there no spirits will guide me
not enslaved by darkened skies

In a time of endless creams I see myself wither / fading
I feel so small, lost and frozen/dying
wander across the fields of tranquillity
forever I will be chased by insanity
I gaze into the flames of my destiny
twisting and turning towards my journey

All love lost, desolation will not forget me
over the sky I will follow the light
I am gone and that I will not regret
the hour of strange floating lights
the never allowed land now embrace me
the world beyond has forgiven me but not forget me

7. Supernatural

Foolish eyes watch me now
the steel comes in like thunder
with deep wounds I down bow
time to go without questions, without wonder
my trembling body turns silent, turns cold
time to join the land down under

when drizzle turns to rain
when tears from a crying eye slowly turn to oceans
when living is in vain
when bleeding hears comes out in words and emotions

Utopian feelings for a stronger imagination

Supernatural mind and soul
the deal gives me anger
the silent wheel starts to roll
human race another failure
watch out for the misfit factors wherever you go
protect your mind, body and soul

Sleepers used for the higher powers
failing against supernatural man
lurking slowly, heavens towers
life runs out in the sand

8. Among Those Who Wept

When all serene was fading
a theatrical performance
went up before my eyes
a performance where the actors were slaved
under the deceitful God

The land forlorn that never will see light again
it sombre slept behind th eseal
the act kept spinning round its wheel

the sight was getting misty as tears filled my eyes
my mind was filled with thoughts about the people
and about their raging sky
sounds of misery echoed in my head
never again I will feel such a sympathy
that i felt that moment
so follow down this dreadful dream

The confidence that once was built
is now falling to pieces
a confidence that was built by dreams
forever buried in desperation

My soul was filled with despair, my eyes filled with tears
as I tried to gatehr the last of my strength
to seek in the depth of the unknown

The curtain goes up and the last act begins
still so sombre but somehow darker
a goblet filled with blood of thousands
approaches above their heards
the voice of darkness starts to grind in my head

"Purify your damned souls,
drink of the unholy communion
swear the allegiance
and you'll never catch a glimpse
of sunlight again"

The frost that lays on the land where life no longer dwells
is a memory of the one that showed
that life don't have a meaning


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