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Diamond in the Dust

"Diamond in the Dust" (1994 Demo)

1. Diamond in The Dust
2. Fire In The Winter
3. Weep

1. Diamond in The Dust

As those scenes swim up
Into my mind's eye
You took all, but not my pride
Again 'n' again, lie after lie
Oooh babe, you wished you tried
Never took time to discover
Only judged me by the cover

I, I'm someone you can trust
I'm a diamond in the dust

Things you said, lies you told
Thrust deep into my mind
One day, the truth unfolds
Yeah tonight, I'm gonna ride
You never opened your eyes
Am I grating on your nerves?
You just get what you deserve

2. Fire In The Winter

On her knees
A little girl, on her own
Scarred for life
Trauma stricken, so alone
Cryin' in disbelief
Misery 'n' endless grief
All the tears she cries
I see confusion in her eyes

There will be no tomorrow
Only pain and sorrow
She cries out for comfort
She needs Fire
Fire in the Winter

A requiem played
Beside a shallow grave
Scraped in sand
She doesn't understand
Vanishing memories
Of things one said
A silent scream
Inside her head

Roses for the dead
Salty taste of tears
She cries, but she tries
To hold her head up high
Her soul a battlefield
Can't you see
She can't find the world
That ought to be

3. Weep

Battles come
Battles go
Be the hammer
Not the nail

Watch the sky
Eyes without pity
No sound but the cries of ravens
And the buzzling of flies

Weep, for the loss of them
Weep, for the loss of their blood
Weep, for what's lost forever
Weep, if you have a heart

Men killing men
Reduced to beast
Dogs of war
Weave the web

How many battles lost
How many cities burned
Hatred and the taste of blood
Hatred, blood and ashes

Blood feeds blood
Blood calls blood
Blood is, blood was
And blood shall ever be


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