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Cognitive Note Of Discord

"Cognitive Note Of Discord" (2004)

1. Relationship: Erased
2. Ronin Revolution
3. Double-Edged Razortongue
4. Cognitive Note Of Discord
5. Go To Blazes!
6. The DreamCatcher
7. 1st Division Triplehorns
8. Apocalypse
9. Under the Banner of the Unholy Spirit
10. When Rain is Pain...

1. Relationship: Erased

I can't longer run away from me,
it's time to face the challenge, this is the place to be!
'Cause I can't longer lie to me,
I feel like I am living in a fucked misery!
No! You have forsaken me,
now you're far away, that is what I see,
But "Go!" was the last word you heard from me,
'cause you gave me no chance, so you had to leave!

Finally - I can see - there's something changing in me,
I go out - and I shout - I say it really loud!
No longer - I will grieve - that you bitch had to leave,
no more tear - no more fear - I'm back from hell, I'm here!

You thought that you can cheating me,
and you really thought that I would not see?
You tried to fuck with me,
don't you mind how I do feel?!
I felt like someone smashed my heart, down on the ground,
tear it apart and made me die!

You really thought that you can cheating me,
fuck with me and I would not see?!
Fuck off! You dirty whore, I don't need you any more,
not for one day longer you will hit me down!
Till now my rage has grown, I know where I'll find you,
and I know exactly what to do!
You'll die! You fucking bitch, I'll come to kill you soon,
and you fucking can't flee!

2. Ronin Revolution

There was a time warriors rose,
and slowly turned around.
They sought new opponents -
That was the Ronin Revolution!
"I am a driller, a killer, I'll never get a chiller,
no longer I'll take care that you survive.
Now you are my enemy -
That's the Ronin Revolution!"

No one ever will be safe from my endless power,
I'll never fall, I will survive.
No one can stop me, 'cause I - I am a Ronin,
I'm here to stay, I just will stand.

Now the fighters fought against
their own and supreme sovereigns,
Then they'll search a new ruler -
Let this game begin anew!
"I'm a winner, the bringer, I'll never get a sinner,
I will take care that you survive.
Now you are my new master!" -
Succession of the Ronin Revolution!

3. Double-Edged Razortongue

He speaks to me in pieces and I do not know what he says.
What the hell he talks about? He just spits and shouts.
Confusion! What does he mean?
He is not able to make up his mind and say that what he thinks.
No one can follow him because his thoughts are perplexing.
I'm getting crazy! His world's so sick!

He's got (- He's got) the Double-Edged Razortongue!
Yes, he's got the sore.
The word becomes a weapon,
and it hurts us all.

But I've to get away from you,
'cause I'm gonna wound you all!
My mind and my tongue are my enemies,
and I'm no unity.

Due to his rising fuck-madness some people getting hurt by him.
No difference between enemies and friends because his tongue is blind.
It's a weapon - The Razortongue!

I'm bright - he's dark,
I'm coloured - he's black/white,
I can't follow - he's hollow,
his mind's - too sick.
He is - the sore,
infects - us all,
'cause he - has got
the Double-Edged Razortongue!

4. Cognitive Note Of Discord

No longer I know how to act.
This motherfuckin' situation gonna make me mad!
"It's up to you: You just should leave!"
I tried to but I couldn't go!
"Don't stay with her! Now let it end!"
My mind says 'yes', my heart says 'no'.

Cognitive Note of Discord,
My mind says 'yes', my heart says 'no'.
I'm so - I'm so confused, what shall I do?
Cognitive Note of Discord,
What have you done? You've simply come,
you took - you took me up and hit me down!

I'm getting crazy 'cause of you.
I don't see light and I really don't know what to do - So: Fuck you!
"Come on! So please make up your mind!"
No wise ideas I can find.
"Then try to listen to your heart!"
Sometimes I want, sometimes I don't.

She's sucked me in, and spat me out.
She has taken my last proud.
What's going on? I cannot see.
Cognitive Dissonance in me!

5. Go To Blazes!

You're standing there, with your bright blond hair.
I don't know where and when I will it dare,
to speak to you - but that I cannot do.
I wonder who're you - My Goddess - that is true!

I tried, I failed, now I feel insecure.
I did too because the temptation was so pure.
Are you surprised? She's too good for us… and that's for sure.
Fuck yourself and die!

Babe, I want to brush your hair with a razor.
I still adore you, Baby, but you are cold like a glacier.
You were going too far therefore I want to erase'ya.
Come on fuck yourself and die! Go to Blazes!

I wonder why we have ever met,
or why it's you I cannot forget,
and why you are so cruel to me now?!
Don't you know you have taken me in your tow?!
You think you are too good for me, my Dear?!
But you're just a conceited whore, can you hear?!
You should not make this old and dumb mistake…
Hey you! Go to Blazes - for god's sake!

I cannot stop the rage-flow in my head!
I get insane, and my eyes turn red!
I can't hold back the error I will make!
The fucking bitch should die, that's the revenge I want to take!

6. The DreamCatcher

The little child lays down, in its small made bed,
so tired of the day, the mother brought milk and bread.
The Good-Night-Fairy-Tale its father has read,
But then the nightmare starts, he's there in its head!

"This night I have come to extinguish your young life.
You're so weak and innocent - Get ready for the descent!
Down into hell where you are mine when we arrive.
Do not try to defend - You can be sure this is your end!"

Scream - 'cause you can't wake up!
Scream - 'cause you cannot stop!
Scream - 'cause he's so near!
Scream - 'cause he is here!

Can hear you! - My fear grew!
Can feel you! - I can too!
Can see you! - that's not true!
Can smell you! - I can't do!

Can't stop me! - I can't see!
Can't grab me! - I can't hear!
Can't take me! - I can't flee!
Can't break me! - I can't be!

Waiting below its bed, until it falls asleep,
but the fear makes it mad, in its blanket it creeps.
Seeing shadows on the wall, the Dreamcatcher on the leap,
his scythe is black and tall, all dreams he'll forever keep.

I will never let you fall asleep in silence!
No need to run away 'cause you can't escape me!

7. 1st Division Triplehorns

We are the 1st Division Triplehorns.
That's what we are, that is what we were born!
But the fuckin' establishment do us scorn,
like we would do a B-Movie-Porn.
1st Division Triplehorns!
My tongue = Danger, 'cause it is full of thorns!
Is this a menace to society?
'Cause we're ignored by the industry?

We are harmony, we are meLODy,
but they simply do not want to see - Motherfuckers!
The Music which is all in me,
wants to break out - we'll set it free.

We're the 1st Division Triplehorns -
that's what we are, that's what we born.
1st Division Triplehorns -
but the society do us scorn.

We are the 1st -
We'll never stop to shout it out!
Division Triplehorns!
We're sure as hell there is no doubt.

This Contest "E." in 2003,
where they were fucking with me, but no one wants to see!
But I don't give a fuck if they're top of the pop,
because we will rock - never stop - but they'll be dropped.
We don't give a fuckin' damn! -
About those fuckers, 'cause Metal never dies!
Fuck off with their "sellin' rhymes",
their main things are their rollin' dimes!

We are harmony, we are meLODy,
but they simply do not want to see! - Motherfuckers!
The Music comes right from my heart,
since my beginning, since my start.

8. Apocalypse

Cold dark night - I wake up - I cannot sleep,
from inside I'm freezing - it's in too deep.
Outside there is something which is scaring me,
something yet I cannot see.

I look out of the window - what could that be?
It is the arrival of our common enemy!

I am here to dominate your mind!
I am the new ruler - made of the most dreadful kind!
Just try to hide, but I am going to find! (- you!)
Apocalypse Now! The seven trumpets wind! They wind!

This is the end of human being:
Storms of fire and unholy row!
Are you really so blind? You are not seeing?!
Proclamation: Apocalypse Now!

People are dying, towers are falling,
children are crying, humans are crawling,
fleeing - like vermin - helpless and so weak.
No sense to run and hide - The enemy will seek!

But I am prepared to fight until the end!
This is the final battle and now I raise my hand!

9. Under the Banner of the Unholy Spirit

I'm walking through eternal darkness,
I will never see the dawn.
I'm walking through an ocean of sins,
I will never get out of it.
The morass already touches my chin,
no one will ever get out of it.
There's endless hate in my pride heart,
it has been growing since my start!

Under the Banner of the Unholy Spirit
thousands of warriors fuse to one great might!
We condemn the lies, there's just one solution:
There's no compromise, we call out to revolution!

Hypocrisy rules the world,
now for more than two thousand years!
I can see because I am willing to see,
but together with me, there're just a few.
We can gather only a small crowd at our sides,
fighting blade at blade against the enemy "world".
We are just a few, but we are unified:
Not against each other - Together, we fight like one man!

I take my sword and cut your throat -
The might let you freeze with fear!
With my look I take your breath -
Close your eyes and welcome the Death!
The deaf and the dumb,
they line my way.
The blended and the blind
try to cringe into my mind!

10. When Rain is Pain...

One day it started to rain,
and it has never stopped.
Since then it has been pain,
and misery was topped.

Raindrops were the beginning,
and now there is a stream.
But you didn't want to see the signs!
Some told you once,
some told you twice,
but you didn't want to recognize!

When rain is pain,
when children cry,
'cause people die,
but you don't see,
then you are blind -
That must not be!

No - No - No - Nooo!!!

This pain makes me insane, can no one stop the rain?!
What's the name of this horrible game?
Can't you see? - I am drowning to the ground,
I searched for help, but I could not found!
You look away, how can you be so cruel?
I thought you'd help, but now I know that I'm a fool!
Maybe I'll die in this cold and dirty pool,
but you don't want to see me, so you can stay completely cool!


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