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Thorns Of Impurity

"Thorns Of Impurity" (1997)

1. Crystal Lakes
2. Hall of Sorrow
3. Golden Winds On Red Streams of Ocean Lightning
4. Freezing Ornate Throne
5. Dark Tower of Immolation
6. Under The Darkest Shade
7. Red Sky of Angels Dying
8. In The Icy Realm
9. Fountains of Impure Essence
10. Thorns of Impurity

1. Crystal Lakes

Moon light, nocturnal visions grey and white
Grows for the night more fruitful
Cascading mountains, with the whiteness of snow
The dark warmer than the dryest summers

Beasts of nocturnal being, foraging without enemies
Wolves howl, of the darkest day
Divine Eve, before my eyes
Crystal lakes, sparkle their silver ripples
My eyes glow nocturnal
Evil within the winter breeze

Ice beams of glaciers, water droplets of pure flow
Smell of all night and day winter breath
I walk the path, the forest dark guides me
Without sunlight, disciples of day, wither within the blackness

Storms of white hell, steps do not appear
Sounds of deception and confusion
Mystical pensive mood hordes of black cloaks
Gathering always
Burning the brown woods of the neverending
forest of Gehenna. Ritualistic offerings

For crystal lakes the moores of life (earth)
Streams of sparkling wine. Swallowed by the
thirsty fields of Nephilim. Shadows within shadows
Reflect off my nocturnal throne

Off the future, mine endless
Visions of castles, kingdom deep and dark
In the ravine, trees of spikes cut the morning sounds
crustal lakes flow within my reign

2. Hall of Sorrow

A whisper for all eternity, empty thoughts for The Frail
You weep for the tears I do not have
The black blood that feeds your frenzy,
For your lust is your sin.
Lost within my world, despair the hopelessness

My memories your grief, no dawn, only moonlight sun
If for you who knew my motive,
I reach down into your deepest pulse
Dissatisfied with sunlight,
Frozen your heart is

Asleep you are inside, sink to the might of my delight
A black winter hole to taste the honey
Night descents their in for obsession
White faced God who never shows mercy
Black winds she now flys

With the edge of the sword, beginning of your visions
Giving yourself over, to the darkest vision
Fall into the hands of the uncircumsised,
You'll be my bride queen of shadows

Reign of my spawn as you take my last pulse
For sorrow does not reap the whispering cry
Taste the blood on Nazarene's holy day
Drink the wine as you feel morbid with power

3. Golden Winds On Red Streams of Ocean Lightning

Thunder which is not heard
Rain which covers the underneath grounds
The creation of night
Image that transforms with gazing of sight
Leaves that break after they fall
With the sorrow at the broken skin
Abyss that is dark and moist

I travel where colours do not appear
I see the realm from where it stands on its own image of before
Through the gates, charms of howling sacrifices
Tortured from the soul that is not there
The warmth of the winter flame
Mesmerises the sleep mortal as the Golden Winds

Blue visions of protecting
Who's strength has not blossomed into a black powerful flower
Kingdom for blood that has shed blood
Grey nights surreal as the red stream
Of ocean lightning that surrounds it
Turmoil at the scales
Which it protects blackwinds hades of spirit
Music that mortifies every feeling of that I have always been
Guardian of the third night where Raven fly
To the greater form of evil
Red in my eyes
Closed as the being of not born in fire

Cathedral of light, which looks within itself
Before the dark it creates with its wing of serenity
Tide of towers, the gift of night
Ride the oceans of red tide
A vessel through the womb, it takes your orchard
Petals fall for the hunger
Sings of weeping light as it is swallowed by the mourning bells
Ancient unsilent

4. Freezing Ornate Throne

Freezing ornate throne
Inferior motion of duration
Tranquility valley of cold seasons
Bleeding the miserable whites
Ceremonial armour
Sunlight creeping across, cold and clear

Grind stone, pools of grey flesh
Liquid that filled my eyes
Chipped idols in beds of ashes
Ice reflection of black satin gowns
Gargoyle faces of gateway

Glistening silver river, abandoned grace
Fog shrouded valled, gloom of gathered night
Enter the tree rimmed darkness
A red moon, green topez aura
Floating clouds of mists, burning the midday sun
Pillars of ice bubbling streams
Frozen death, flames of life for false gods
Chants for the leader of iron
Orchards of grievance, before my eyes
Priests hung on golden stakes, crimson flower
Figures of four dimensions
Through the passage of winter time
Crystal tunnels to funeral urns
Burning of rosary, ringing of the mourning bells
Saints bleeding from their wombs
Blue powers, the freezing ornate throne

5. Dark Tower of Immolation

Ancient countess, chills of frozen fog,
her eyes blood red wine
Stare through my human form
Your soul impure of thoughts
Gothic castle, morbid red lightning glowing the sky

Hell spawn storm, the moon swallowing
Thoughts of demonic ice plains
As I touch your coldness of touch
Water so black with death, I drink from the murky depths
Feel the cries one level not lost

Wicked summoning of demons, black occultism
Prophetic dreams of immolation
Holy men placed on burning pyres
Burning their sacred cloth to ashes
Desecrate halls of being, release their life
Hail to my black witch of the morbid lake

Shrouds of virgin born skin, so white as the moonlight sky
Pure as your touch, fingernails so dark
Sign of evil within my hands, you scream the pain of daylight
Enter the last creation
Black alchemist as you are
Opens the hellhole to the dark lords infernal domain
Entangle me with beauty and misery
Pantheon after death
Dark tower black and mournful

6. Under The Darkest Shade

Black velvet the milk film
Skinful of dust, abominable vapour within me
My soul drowned mistress
Flowers of virtue the force majeure

Razors trickle my breath of life into hers
Sweet rainfall the unknown destination
Clank of the chain, eroded seamstress
Trail of tears from under the darkest shade
Hollow surroundings, a vulture in a fountain
Draped in crimson cloth
The haze burned away, harking to inner voices

Sweetened to my tongue,
She of lotus blood of her twilight,
Undressed the gaiety of morning
A deep sleep prophet to come, haze of grief
Cold darkened mud, I scream for the beast
Virgin blood, tasted sweet fruit

Angels pouring out the vial of wrath
Gnawing their tongues for pain
Women arrayed in purple scarlet
Groaning for the pain melancholy

For they under your power
Let me spill your wine and taste the fruits
So deep within your skin
For uncut jewels are yet to be caressed

7. Red Sky of Angels Dying

I await the moon of death
The blackest night of the fifth moon rising
Ride closer to the heavenly gates
Warlords deep as the furthest realm
The white light blinds me

Pillars come closer, the night mist
Sounds my horn for the night eclipse
Where I will destroy the loved ones of god
who must die

Angels to be hung from the gates of heaven
Wings slain off, red will the sky be

My pain is my knife, the moon casts a spell
All that is dark comes to me
in every thought they wait to die
As blood spills from the red sky
Death washes ashore

Smell of roses... great dark
Armed with jagged Edge, a dead sleep forever
Conquests on riding moutain shores
For these Waters red in the moonlight
I wash my body, of blood dried skin,
Impurities I wash within me
Cobble stones of death, lead from the water edge

To my thonre, unchallenged by christians (dead)
I strike my sacred sword and bleed the ground
So fertile with its new kings
For immortal I will always rule with two
Visions of the coldest on nights

8. In The Icy Realm

Drawn from the mountains I fade
As the vanished woods return
Ring of demons, desires like famished wolves
Wheel of sorrow, never ending abyss

Deep ravine wild in greyation
Shades of violet, as the air grew dark
Demonic gladiator, filled with evil
Opaque reflections of his untold world
Dusk with flames, desolate sounds of battles

A ghastly circle of light, altars of heaven
Vomit back the blackness to drain the warmth
Drawn to the setting sun
Stars grow dark within the sky

Kiss the dreamers of death
let the black Winged beast guide me
Painted flesh, amen in my closing darkness
Shadows of dreams

Harvest the leaves in harrowing streams
In the icy realm
Emperors warlords across the sky
Spirits of the dead
Warriors as they ride a cataclysmic storm
A skythe-pike lay in my hand
Ancient beauty of colour visions

9. Fountains of Impure Essence

You will all burn in the sunlight
For the immortal chest before me
Cannot find your god, inferior white beams
Ride to the dungeons of heaven
Lies to keep you in mortal reality

As I spit in the sun, shadows scar the landscape
Chilled by ethereal winds, mists of ancient tree
Aura of the darkes sea
Evil tunes from a breeze hidden time
Desolate sands drain the water tower
I now walk, where the light cries

Grieving red roses wither away
White doves scatter the earthly ground
Crying blood from their eyes
Wings that cannot fly - screams not heard

Elders of the lands of ancestors
Fire breaths of living gauntlets
Throne, white petals covering
No more - fountains of impure essence
Flows from the streams of vaults within the earth
Black and misery ladened place

Night sounds my thoughts as my world grows
Opened to the grandest of visions
The beauty is my bride, real in the coldest dreams
Invoking the extension the passion
I become more deep within death

Winds of phantom tunnels carry me to the place I was told
World within my world
Temptation and lust so I take them all
her touch bleeds my skin

10. Thorns of Impurity


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