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A Personal Journey

"A Personal Journey" (2003)

1. The Dreaming
2. Footsteps In The Sand
3. Reflections
4. Freedom
5. By George!
6. The Richest Man
7. Journey Through Hell
8. The Traveller
9. One World
10. Behind The Mask
11. Rainy Nights
12. Last Rites

1. The Dreaming

2. Footsteps In The Sand

Tonight - my spirit dances like an angel in the flames
While my body lay alone
I can fly outside of time
Where we all exist, all free to roam...

Seeing tomorrow today
Every step of the way
(Is this) just a role that we play?

Like footsteps in the sand
It sometimes seems we're following
A destiny that's planned
Predetermined lives...

I see the choice is mine
A million ways, a million dreams
A twisted path through time
The story still untold, the future now unfolds...

Like Deja Vu and future dreams we have in stranger days
Icy fingers rake down your spine
The answer lies beyond our reach
Lies within subconscious minds

Thousands of ways yet to go
So much more left to grow
Leave this path that we know...

3. Reflections

4. Freedom

Betrayer, you've had your last chance
So enjoy your tainted prize
On a night such as this
When the moonlight's kiss means goodbye

The tables have turned and the rules don't apply
And you will know sacrifice
Now we've come to the time
When the lion becomes the lamb

No more control, no judgment toll
My life is my own
No more "can't see", no more "can't be"
Now I'm free...

We know these are magical times
Creation that begs for release
Now I wander the world
And I walk through the fire alone

The choices are mine, my voice is my own
The secret revealed - mine to know:
Belief in yourself is the key
It keeps your heart strong

Call it ego, I call it self-respect
I believe I deserve much more than this
That place that we know deep inside our hearts
Follow your dreams and forever you'll be free...

5. By George!

6. The Richest Man

Old eyes stare beyond these lonely walls
Out toward the sea
In a darkened room, he sits and thinks of
All that might have been

Sure - there's regrets
But he wouldn't change a thing

He had it all and lost it all
But the memories remain
To you and me he may not seem a wealthy man (but)
If this is what we're really worth
He'd be the richest man on earth...

A young man so long ago, so full of hope
Of what he may become
Never scared to take a risk, a life so full
Would someday come undone...

So, roll the dice
'Cos the future isn't clear...

7. Journey Through Hell

8. The Traveller

He lived long ago in innocent times
When all seemed clear and right
A singer of songs, a teller of tales
The bringer of light

But he was shunned
Betrayed by the ones he once called his own
As once they did he
They promised him love, they offered their gold
Then turned him away...

In the cold - They turned him away
Far from home - He's travelling far from home...

He left for a land to follow his dreams
Far from his home
A stranger he was but they still took him in
Like one of their own kind

Where once was seen as a curse
His difference was praised, a gift loved by all
Small minds in his own homeland
Hypocrisy burns
Forever he's turning his back on them...

And the story goes on, it's not just a tale
It's happening now
So open your eyes and open your hearts
And embrace what is yours...

9. One World

Our world is crying
Our children die in our arms
A life of hunger and disease

So are we trying?
A million miles away
Another day and no one cares...

If we see beyond illusion
We'll see we only have one world...

Our world is dying
And we watch with jaded eyes
This silent cancer, apathy

Turn your back, denial
'til the day we pay with our lives
Wake up - it's real, not some crazy dream...

If we see beyond illusion
We'll see we only have one...

One world, one life, one chance
To make things right
One heart, one mind - stop and think
Don't leave this world behind...

So rise above your scandalous lives
Rise above your greed
If we open our eyes to look beyond ourselves
One day we'll see.... We'll see there's just one world...

One world, one life, one chance
To make things right
One heart, one mind, so be strong
Don't ever stop the fight

One world, one life, one chance
To make things right
One day we'll see - we'll stop and think
We won't leave this world behind...

10. Behind The Mask

Now night time is falling and I sit here alone
With the sound of the waves and the setting sun
Walking the long mile from the sand to the sea
A personal journey of childhood dreams

A lonely road
So much more left to see
Hoping one day that this road leads to me...

I walk alone on the beach in the night
Feel the wind that whispers memories
Sometimes it feels like you're not in control
Of your life, but you live each day like nothing's wrong...

So what can you do
When your dreams all come true
The future's bright, but you're dying inside...

Behind the mask is where you'll find the real me
It's true for every one of us
Behind the mask you'll find me crying in the night
Shut out the world, I close my eyes...

Living the lie - it's so easy to do
Only to find one day a truth I always knew
Breaking away from uncertainty's sweet embrace
I wipe the sand now from my eyes...

In a blinking eye
Ten years pass us by
And all we're left is wasted time...

Facing my demons here alone
Down on my knees I shed my skin...

11. Rainy Nights

12. Last Rites

One flash - I see my life in front of me
One crash - it's fading from my mind
A journey incomplete, I was brought back from the light
Is this a destiny of fire?

How can this be?
I'm lying in front of me
Family and friends are gathered around
I scream
But no one can can hear me
Surrounded by people I know but so alone...

I'm watching from the other side
Bound to this flesh that clings to life... To life...

Can't return - beyond the help of anyone
Can't move on - so much is left undone
Can't break out - set me free
So do what must be done - How can I make you see?

So many days here by my side
So many nights I sit and cry
Can you see me?
Can't you hear me call your name?

Sometimes I'm sure that you can see
It's like you're staring (back at me)
But you walk away, walk away...
Oh, can't you hear my cries?

I see the world in a different light
I hear the words of those that think they have the right
The right to make a choice that isn't theirs to make
Playing God
They can never hope to ever understand...

Pull the plug, flick the switch
Let me leave this life of hell
Let me die in my own way - it's my right

They say it's wrong - they can't see
They'd do the same if they were me
It's time to set me free...

It's time to go
It's time to leave - it's time to say goodbye
It's time to go
It's time to leave - and walk into the light

It's time to go
You will know I'll be waiting for you on the other side
It's time to go
It's time to leave - goodbye.....


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