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Nailed in Misery

"Nailed in Misery" (1993 Demo)

1. Misery End
2. Nailed
3. Instinct of Brutality

1. Misery End

Lies are built upon us
As we live in this sick world
Devour all the pain inside
As we face this silent life
And leave in misery

Tomb of blood
A dying body seeks
To the burial ground
To leave the grief behind

Left to die
Deep in your mind

Truth faces the eyes of loss
Rot in maimed sleep
Grasp the dying sin
Let death win


The closure enters the mind
And the thoughts being blind
The way it is done to die
Letting the sick ones die slowly
It ravages the soul in your anger
While your mind is throbbing with pain

A pulse of depression
Soon to cease in misery end

They dwell in hate
Can you choose your misery fate?

And rot away
A coffin
To rest in lies

2. Nailed

The chill freezes your soul
When fear gets a grip in your blood
As you start to feel total relief
The pain has drawn a shadow over you

Entrance the sufferage in torment
You fall into madness

When the eyes closes, the terror begins
Can't awake for the dream sake
Will you live tomorrow
Or be lost in eternal sorrow?

Your life has been affected
With needles cut into your skin

There's no trace of insanity
But a suicide used for humanity
Addicted to relief in pain
Sorrows deprive your mortal soul
Nailed to abuse your mind
So real in your eyes... so real in your eyes

(Solo/Lead: Jelleryd)

Slowly you will fall apart
This is your life, life is hell hell

Left alone in deepest concious
And only you are the way out... way out

Illusions of madness
As images starts to appear
And horrors looming ahead
Corrupted by the claws in your hell

3. Instinct of Brutality


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