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"Lobotomy" (1995)

1. The Hate That Breathes
2. Just My Dark Thoughts
3. Soulshifter
4. Depriver Of Life
5. Be Gone
6. Turmoil
7. Against The Gods
8. Nailed
9. Darkened Times
10. Misery End
11. In Bloodstained Greed

1. The Hate That Breathes

The art of death
Slowly towards the end
Stream of thoughts arose
In your intense brain

Chorus 1:
The hate that breathes has no end
A strength so unreal
Draws the soul into pleasure
Seeing pain

A death
That can't be forgiven
But a desire
So strong
Live day by day
And murder after murder

Chorus 2:
Indistinct answer
Having death on your shoulder
For why it was done, you were the only beholder
In your own hate

Air so thick, sight so clear
Sky is grey, you dream away

Floating into coma
Transmit into murder

Towards there's death
You reek of filth
Their skins are wrinkled
So let it go of your soul
Let it tumble down your thoughts
And leave yourself in

Chorus 1

And the murder continues...

2. Just My Dark Thoughts

I'm screaming between inside and outside
Trapped in a black dream
I've lost my roots to the ground where I am standing
I curse the time of my life

I can only watch but not act
Not change the presence of time
What deed has put me to this dimension
To suffer in limbo?

The images I long for are the ones I won't get
Real life that doesn't exist
Every step I once took I deeply regret
Let me taste The Grim Reaper's kiss

A rape has been done to my life
And the wounds are hurting
I pray for salvation but no one can hear me
Am I here for a reason?

A movie of memories in front of my eyes
Give pain an extra kick
Rain of words from my former life
Like art but really sick


(Solo: Belmar)

Fear for the future, a thorn in my system
I just can't stop trembling
Collision of life and death is most hurting
Where am I standing?

I've gone beyond existing in time
And remember the contact
Tissue is melting down in it's grave
I'm in the wrong act

3. Soulshifter

This is a story about myself
I kill me to get away from this hell
To see myself in a hollow soul
Better to cut my wrist from this evil role

Now! I have the soulshifter
Suffer from the soulshifter

Speak from my black soul
I'm blinded with no control
My golish eyes only read the hate
To perish my born soul in fate

I'm changing into someone you don't like
A living inferno inside my skin
Like two bodies twisted into one
To stab my personality deep down


Twin-soul you're hurting me
I am not so strong as you can see
Just release yourself from my brain
I just want to remain sane

I'm only human!

Like chains tear your soul appart
I feel the hunting every time it starts
A massive sick thought existence
But I can't help it with my mind persistence

I mess with guilt inside my brain
Don't know how long I can stay sane
This person I am changing into
Had to be killed even if I die though

Find me the void
So I can clear my soul
Into decay
I leave this demon alone

To feel relief
And see the pain twilight
How do I kill
To unmask my mind

Twisting my brain from moral thoughts
An impostor inside of me
Who underrates my life
And my remedy is to see it deceased


Tear down my wall of flesh
Razor sharp cuts inside, so fresh
In morbid ways I want the gain
All along the road to pain

4. Depriver Of Life

Ripping of your flesh
Causing a fine mess
Blood and gore
Flowing from your corpse

You will have

Inside the mortuary
Where life is so unvaried
Nocturnal zombie life
Revenge will feel so nice


For your execution
Depriver of life
Will be disembowelled

Your head sewn stuck
Searching for that fuck
No way you'll lie entombed
Until he has seen his doom

5. Be Gone

The pain that I shall heal, will never go astray
To witness with my eyes, things I couldn't take away
And with no god at my side, I slowly fade
I have no mercy to sacrifice, the end of my day.

In prophecy
I see the casket burning
Real pain
Can I clear the blood I waste?

As I reach for the dagger, my sense throw it away
With no ideal for forever, I vanish in the haze
The truth beyond my belief, the illusions start to fade
And with death at my side, I can only dream away

In passion
Only love under God is pure
All the dogs that chew my soul

My belief, the icon of pure holyness
Homicide, slaughter of sick damnation
Forsaken, hallowed by my name
Mistaken, am I insane?

Be Gone, Begun?
Be Gone, Begun?

The sound, that pain roars with murmur
Sick pleasure, it tear my soul apart
Forsaken, hallowed be my name
Mistaken, am I insane


The bones that carried way, 'til the end of my day
The core of a perfect sin, is now my pray
I melted the surroundings, and followed the waves of the world
I recieved the forgiveness from Christ, and spilled the blood for lies

In blasphemy
Self-destruction is at hand
I suffocate
In Gods creation

Deceased, I devour blood from my heart
Sanctuary, nail my hands like the Nazarene
Forsaken, hallowed be my name
Mistaken, am I insane?


(Solo: Belmar)

Forsaken, hallowed be my name
Mistaken, am I insane?


(I burst into flames like the silent fire)
As I feel my soul in heavens desire

6. Turmoil

Decayed by fear
A mould world with violence

Crushed believes
Infected by sheer hate
Reality unfolds
Life has no leash

Barriers obliterate
No agitator of hope
Virtual corrosion
A haze blood-red

Fiend for life
An anger for the dead
Mission to survive
All that remain

Promise to build a better world
Turn their backs with laughter
Behind a thought so miserly
Opens the land of chaos

Toxic warfare shed the fields
As the terror begins to reign
Forsaken by the trustful
Time to eat their own fault
The rotten stains of humanity
Deception to bloodspill

The damned cries
All vanished in tears
Open wounds of bitterness
Never heal in mind
Repent to listen
The words of hope
A yell for security
Only the lies will answer

(Solo/Lead: Jelleryd)

Dwell in a paradise

Visions never become true
Dreams to cover the sores
To leave the sins and sorrows

In the grip of fear
Shivering to be gone
Is this the day that is left forever
(Or) the beginning of the end?

A tyrant whipping their minds, promise to build a better shelter
To blind to realise the truth, the eyes see no lies...

7. Against The Gods

I'm settled to be against the gods
Scorn as an atheist and forever I see
Neither might or law
My faith is in me, a belief that no one else can see

Against the gods
Which I still can't see
I deny the mourner to Christ
Against the gods
Which I still can't fear
Detest is my personal thought

I can picture my own thoughts
Nominate my own master, but as God I'll never be
I pay tribute to my soul
Not a follower to any sign that I can't see


Blasphemy for the insecure, that's why I am
Against the gods
Collection to the dead Christ, that's why I am
Against the gods
Holy mass, true hypocrisy, that's why I am
Against the gods
The holy culture taste your mind, that's why I am
Against the gods

(Solo: Belmar)

In the bible they told us to pay tribute
Suffer a man with thorns but I know they told shit!
Mind-resistence to the begging lies
Lobotomized by words, that's why I deny Christ!

8. Nailed

The chill freezes your soul
When fear gets a grip in your blood
As you start to feel total relief
The pain has drawn a shadow over you

Entrance the sufferage in torment
You fall into madness

When the eyes closes, the terror begins
Can't awake for the dream sake
Will you live tomorrow
Or be lost in eternal sorrow?

Your life has been affected
With needles cut into your skin

There's no trace of insanity
But a suicide used for humanity
Addicted to relief in pain
Sorrows deprive your mortal soul
Nailed to abuse your mind
So real in your eyes... so real in your eyes

(Solo/Lead: Jelleryd)

Slowly you will fall apart
This is your life, life is hell hell

Left alone in deepest concious
And only you are the way out... way out

Illusions of madness
As images starts to appear
And horrors looming ahead
Corrupted by the claws in your hell

9. Darkened Times

Brought before the altar
It's your time to die
Conciliation with the gods
Craving a life

And as they cut into your flesh
You're screaming out your last breath

Fill the chalice
With your blood
Evoke the gods
Their wish is done

And as the sky grows darker
Nocturnal spectre appears
Revel in the remains
Of the human offering

Take the soul
Be pleased for time to come...

(Solo: Belmar)

10. Misery End

Lies are built upon us
As we live in this sick world
Devour all the pain inside
As we face this silent life
And leave in misery

Tomb of blood
A dying body seeks
To the burial ground
To leave the grief behind

Left to die
Deep in your mind

Truth faces the eyes of loss
Rot in maimed sleep
Grasp the dying sin
Let death win


The closure enters the mind
And the thoughts being blind
The way it is done to die
Letting the sick ones die slowly
It ravages the soul in your anger
While your mind is throbbing with pain

A pulse of depression
Soon to cease in misery end

They dwell in hate
Can you choose your misery fate?

And rot away
A coffin
To rest in lies

11. In Bloodstained Greed

See ways beyond reality
You bow before me
I'm a mourner in solitude
But a lust for shred

With lust I gather our thoughts in grace
Open inside with strength
I touch your lips with words
No lies have infected this skin

No boundaries will lock our way
The path that leads to the dead
I would like to do it again
But my greed overwhelms me

See the open gate
Follow the line
See the bloodspill following sign
You heard all filthy lies
The passion I had cut inside
You do it now 'cause I'm your guide

Can you feel the strength inside me
The lord you obey

(Acoustic solo: Belmar)

The dark is calling you
Picture the work
In pieces there is
The skin you carved

Reveal the deeds
A work of art
Like serial ones
We are the lords

Mortal, the filth shall cease
Innocent, in your dirty need
Blood, flows for passion
Pictures, of a human sacrifice

(Solo: Belmar)


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