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"Demo" (2004 Demo)

1. Braindead
2. Hellooser
3. Born to Pay

1. Braindead

A bad disease, a dirty state,
there's something weird, situation i can't escape
I shoould be dead, just a load,
A pain in the ass, see my face i got no class

I scream, i'm mean,
i'll drive you fuckin' nuts and i don't give a fuck !

They put me down, they locked me up,
a strait jacket, a shock treatment is what i get
Inside these walls, i lost my soul,
just want to get out of here, feel the nervous breackdown near


I scream, i'm mean,
misery, no pity,
i think i'm going mad,
you know it's not so bad,
confine me, do your duty,
confine me, don't worry

2. Hellooser

Wake up this morning, a headache is rockin' me
can't stand on my feet, a big jumble is what i see (oh no)
(can you feel what i mean?)
inside this confusion, i try to realise
no more money, nor weed, is it a surprise, i wonder why
(am i really surprised? i'm a bloody fool!)
last night comes to mind, my nice performance makes me smile
came down late to the pub, the right moment to start me up (oh yeah)
(ready to party, need more poison)
sit down and have a smoke, feeling weird, no fuckin' joke
she came to me take it easy, devil woman don't lie to me
(don't trust a chick, need more poison, think twice, uh! )
no need to make a drawing of how we spend the night
alone this morning, something ain't right, yeah it's not right
(something ain't right, should have to know)
that bitch just fucked me up, that's all that i deserve
next time i won't be sucked, just don't play with my nerves (oh no)
(don't let me down, hellooser, do i really care aaaarrrrrrggh!)

3. Born to Pay


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