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Medical Cannibal

"Medical Cannibal" (2007 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Boiled Bloody Mess
3. Gore-Olympics
4. No Halo in our Logo
5. Swallowed a Rat

1. Intro

2. Boiled Bloody Mess

Blood is dripping slowly off your face
Killing made you live life in disgrace
Other people make you sick and puke
Theyre facing what I will do to you

Ive come off my throne to see you fall
I enjoy the pain, I like the smell
You got some rotting flesh, give me a call
Cause I know how to cook it well

Parts frozen and locked in the freezer
I keep her eyes, so I can see her
Im no cannibal, just wait and see
Till you feel my rusty blade

Blood gasping on the kitchen floor
My neighbors screaming at the door
I invite them in of course
To be my meal, the main course

Microwave flesh
Boiled bloody mess

3. Gore-Olympics

Welcome to gore-Olympics, the game has just begun
The first sport of the day, the first casualties have fallen
At the hordes, a runner breaks his leg
The bone is sticking out, oh what a bloody mess
Blood and pus on the floor, he cant go on anymore

And now the second sport

Back here at the gore-Olympics, the swimmers take their turn
They dont know that the water, is changed by a chemistry set
The men soon start screaming, their flesh is rotting swift
No use for the medics, theyre all contaminated

We have here, a new product, a new thing
Kills all around you in a swing
A little drop of this ooze
Will make all hearts stand still
Back to you john

the final match, a nerve breaker,
the football players, on the field
the grass under high voltage
burning skin, smells so bad

That were the gore-Olympics

Were back at the studio, we wish you all the worst
Next year well be back, to crush more human souls
And burn more sporty fools, and slay

The gore-Olympics, the evil sport event
Sponsored by the Limb ER

4. No Halo in our Logo

Patient, thirty-four years old, with a
knife ripped through his heart so cold
Screaming for a sexy nurse, to
ease his pain before he rots
Maggots from his open wounds, the
doctor trying not to puke of course
The bleeding won't stop it's over,
nothing more to do

Dripping, spilling, a rusty disease
Infecting all with my pain
Coming to hospital every week
To drive all doctors insane

No medication, I have my own drugs
Or I'll blow my head off

All this wicked people thinking
we will save their souls. We're not heaven,
no halo in our logo

All this wicked people thinking
we will save their souls. We're not heaven,
no halo in our logo

We're just here to satisfy
our cannibalized hobby
We just to like to see people
when they get all bloody

Patient, 22 years old, a
student girl with golden locks
Asking for some plastic surgery,
she wants some bigger ..euhm
Not our field of expertise, still
eager to learn, eager to please
We try with rusty tools,
it gets infected, she'll loose

The way we do it
At Limb ER

5. Swallowed a Rat

Hey john, I think I've swallowed a rat
How the hell did you do that
Don't know but I feel it crawling inside
Eating away my organs

I bet it hurts like hell
No shit, I'd almost kill myself
You know rats bring diseases
Well, that explains those lumps

Eaten slowly from inside
I drink acid to drown him
Give him a post-it message
Next time I'll shoot a hole in my gut

Lying on a wrench trying to
force the wheel with my toes
The little bastard moves his way out, so


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