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"Lifeforce" (2005)

1. Eternally
2. I Don't Wanna Be Like You
3. Empire of Fear
4. Highborn
5. Blood of Me
6. Dark Side Unleashed
7. No Pride
8. Intro. Deadly Sins
9. Deadly Sins
10. Sudden Death
11. O Nata Lux

1. Eternally

I know, I hurt you now
It's a fact of our past
We can't be yesterday fools
Need to live for today
Many days, many hours
I know how you feel
Many bad words were said
The world is like a wheel

Your heart is like a stone
So many words of hate
You can feel alone
But you can't run from fate

We are not eternal
And who wants to live forever?
We are not immortal
We can't stay together

There's no endless pain
There's nothing inside you
Look around and you will find
Another reason to live too

2. I Don't Wanna Be Like You

Why do we go with the fashion's flow
What we wear and do
I just hope you know
It can be different to you
It's hard to believe
I can understand
Five you a chance to live
It's in your hands

I don't wanna play this game
I won't feed the flame
I don't wanna be like you
Just another fool

What do you think
About the existence
Only buy, work and eat
Have you ever had a chance?

Don't hear what the TV says
Just do what you think
take your way
And follow the pure human instincts

3. Empire of Fear

Just another crime
I see in news today
Tears are falling
The fear crosses my way
Nobody knows
And nobody sees
Lookind the blood flows
With no guilt or sin

Too blind to see
They're masters of our times
Empire of fear
Master of our lives

Walking on the streets
I'm looking around
Slaves of their need
But who are they?

Sometimes I feel
There's no justice
I'm on the battlefield
Where nobody wins

4. Highborn

My father was a renegade king
Alone in the unknow, I remember
In my intimate thoughts
I know what's coming
I was born to immortallity
Divine arms, embrance my land
Blassing to us all
I know that is the law
Anyway i look...
I look at it now

Highborn, pure guy
I lived my life to complete my mission
Highborn, with a short life
I paied the price to live on

(To keep my dinasty)
I was married to my sister
I was made a king at eleven
Secret reasons, hunger for power
Carry me to own funeral

At the moment of my death
I smiled
You felt my heart beat and
Know is true
Rising so proudly to eternity

5. Blood of Me

So all alone, I could feel
Just another land of unsolved dreams
Oceans of pain tower of glass and steel
Jungles of stone and places that i've never seen

Light of my day there's no more to say
I was living on my way
It was just a game to play

When you arrived everything changed
And the daylight i could see
Together forever, this will never end
You're my daughter, blood of me

6. Dark Side Unleashed

Do you think you know me
What i feel about you
When I come in to your room
And you watch me
I can use you, I can hurt you
You think you're my girlfriend
I'm sorry, but you're wrong
In the night prepared for attack
In my thoughts, no turning back
You will die according to plan
Screaming in pain

Now I just wait your life in my hands
No one can help you, please don't cry
Time is right, here I stand
I swear you will die

It isn't personal
This is my destination
Stay where you bound
Blood and emotion

You still think we are all right
Much more i'll be your man
But you are wrong, you're in my sight
Contracts to realize

Into the eyes of the night watch me go
Like a wolf in sheep's clothing
Onward you come, you'll never know
Why can't you live on

7. No Pride

Could I be wrong, but it's so all right
Pride is the prison for ourselves
The same pride makes you fly high
And may hurt ourselves

Makes you feel life's so empty
This sensation of power and pain
Just fantasy you will be lonely
I let you alone, just close your eyes

God take away your pride
Before it's too late
Together side by side
Protect us from this fate

Believe in me, pride is guilt
You have to try and observe why
Hungry children, this isn't funny
Pride makes you close the doors of your heart

So die with your pride
Forget your brothers in arms
Die with your pride
With your stone cold heart

8. Intro. Deadly Sins

Narration: "... a long time ago... I felt
the mankind's brutallity. I still recall my pain.
It thaught me about my past and my future
that will be infinit. The summer of my life came
so fast..."

9. Deadly Sins

I know what is right
But sometimes, I want to do it,
Lose this sight

Lesson of violence
We can learn on the streets
This is evident

I try to follow God Commendments
But it's insane in this world
Deadly Sins, innocent blood
But it's the same in this world

God wins Evil
But I'm not bad, I'm not good
I have more to show

Until my final day
I'll be strong, follow my path
I won't go away

10. Sudden Death

Surviving by tears and disapointment
We open our way by strenght
Trying to find the truth
But there's more that we can do

People moved by greed
More than they really need
Just a strange illusion
Among ourselves, desillusions

Many people die
As they're living brothers are hurting
Others'cos in self defense
There's not to live for vengeance

Differente ways to die
We can choose, take your time
Fast like a suicide
No turning back

But there's a time to live
Just believe and make it believe
It can't be a false sensation
Or just imagination

Alone nothing can be done
Past lives there's a future to come
Maybe we can't turn back
Living, loving, until sudden death

11. O Nata Lux

O Nata Lux de lumine
Jesu red emptor saeculi,
Dignare clements supplicum laudes
Preces que sumere
Qui carne quondam contegi dignatus es pro persitis
Nos membra confer effici, tui beati corporis.


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